Proud American? Take Some Action!

A friend sent me a link to this, and by golly is this guy on fire! Houston radio host Michael Berry is fed up and he isn’t taking it anymore.

Spaced through here are some good signs and images among Berry’s spot-on commentary. The one you see to the left is the one that got me. It’s based on the movie poster to the Vietnam movie “Apocalypse Now.”  I laughed so hard when I saw it, my wife must have thought I’d flipped out.

In all seriousness–and the best comes near the end of the segment, Berry hits the nail on the head when he tells the American voter that we have these corrosive socialists running our government because we the people did nothing to help their opponents win.  In some cases, their opponents weren’t much better…but in that case, we didn’t help their opponents win in the primary.  Yes, these dirtbags will someday answer to their Creator for what they’re doing, but so will we–for what we’re NOT doing.

Berry says that if people can’t do everything in their power between now and November to get these people out of office, we don’t deserve the country we inherited.

He also says something I’ve frequently wanted to scream at so many conservatives over the past several years: People want to know how to “get involved?  GET INVOLVED! If you can’t figure that out on your own, then good Lord, let the Democrats run this place!…They figure out where their offices are.  They figure out where their campaigns are.”

Enough of the whining.  Enough of the griping. What more do these socialist tyrants have to do?  GET INVOLVED, CONSERVATIVES!

3 Responses to “Proud American? Take Some Action!”

  1. I respect myself. I’m an American. I’m a patriot. And I’m ignoring Berry’s call. Hmmm…

  2. Those of us familiar with your anti-American socialist inclinations know that you are an American not in spirit but by a geographical accident of your birth, and the only place you would be a patriot would be in Cuba, North Korea, or perhaps some socialist enclave in Europe.

    Sorry, Cory; real patriotism is more than mouthing the claim that you are one. Words are cheap.