Poll: Most Americans Say US Should Help Israel With Air Strike Against Iran

Rasmussen has a very interesting new poll out on a potential Israeli air strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities which are scheduled to receive nuclear fuel from Russia in just a few days.

Despite Iran’s laughable claims (as a nation swimming in oil) to need nuclear capability to produce energy apparently isn’t washing with the American people.

Despite Iran’s claims that the nuclear facility is intended for energy production, 66% of voters in this country think the purpose of Iran’s nuclear program is to develop weapons. Just seven percent (7%) say its purpose is the development of energy. But a sizable number (27%) are not sure.

Even more interesting is the level of support for American involvement in a potential Israeli air strike:

Fifty-one percent (51%) of U.S. voters believe the United States should help Israel if it attacks Iran.

Israel is a good ally of the United States, and has endured considerable hardship on behalf of American priorities several times.  We should actually be leading and carrying out an air strike (already should have) against these nuclear facilities, but if we are going to play the coward, the least we could do would be to help or stand behind Israel if they do it.

In a sad sort of way, there is one more interesting statistic from this survey: two percent (2%) of those surveyed believe the United States should help Iran.

It’s only 2%…but that’s 2% too many.  Heaven help us for having people who are that morally bankrupt within our borders.

3 Responses to “Poll: Most Americans Say US Should Help Israel With Air Strike Against Iran”

  1. I would like to know why people are declared as morally bankrupt because they oppose bombing an innocent country based on mere conjecture that they may be about to do something; a.k.a the ‘pre-emptive strike’. Surely the morally bankrupt are those that conduct such a pre-emptive strike. The problem here is that we are forcing Iran into a corner whereby they will do something, possibly in self defence. If we help them then we will, most likely, have peace; on the other hand if we stigmatise or attack them then we will have a potential WWIII scenario. The situation is very close to becoming a self fulfilling prophecy whereby WWIII actually happens.

  2. An “innocent” country that is about to get nuclear weapons? An “innocent” country that is the chief sponsor of terrorism in the world, and has been for years? An “innocent” country that has been sending fighters into Iraq for several years to kill American soldiers and Iraqi civilians?

    You have a pretty pathetic definition of “innocent.” And yes, trying to appease them as we have tried to appease evil in the past will have the same effect it had prior to World War II–it will create a war.