Obama’s Tax Hike: The Movie

The tax cuts passed under the Bush Administration and a Republican congress are scheduled to expire in January 2011.  Meanwhile, America’s private economy continues to limp along with high unemployment despite (because of?) our government spending trillions of the taxpayers hard-earned dollars (that we don’t have) to inject more largess into the government economy.

The only “solution” our Leftist congress and White House is willing to offer is some good ole’  Marxist class warfare to penalize the most successful Americans while pandering to those they hope will be stupid enough and greedy enough to vote for them. Of course, Marxism 101 ignores that it is America’s most successful who start and expand the companies that employ people, as well as purchase the big-ticket items that American workers produce.

We also shouldn’t forget about the host of new taxes coming next year with ObamaCare…taxes which , as usual, are advertised as vehicles to “stick it to those evil rich people, and in reality will end up paid by the unwashed masses.

As usual, the liberals running our country have it exactly backwards on tax policy. Government programs and such should come with an automatic expiration date which “sunsets” the program after it’s done what it was needed to do. Tax cuts, reductions in the rate of taxes or eliminations altogether of particular taxes, should NEVER be sunsetted.

Sunsetting tax cuts is based on the flawed, socialist assumption that the money the American people earn by their hard work actually belongs to the government, not to the people who earned it.  While many socialists in America yearn for this assumption to become reality, it is not, and it is contrary to the founding principles of America and the philosophy of the United States Constitution.

As Americans prepare to turn these Marxists in our government out to pasture, the Heritage Foundation’s blog, The F0undry, brings us a trailer of the movie to come if the socialists stay in power – Obama’s Tax Hike: The Movie.

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