Muslim Honor Killings in America – Wave of the Future?

If you’ve been following current events very closely for the past several years, you might be aware that Muslim “honor killings” are not just something that occurs in Middle Eastern countries.  It happens right here in the United States.  It doesn’t happen a lot, and the “mainstream” media is usually pretty hushed about it, but it is happening in frightening numbers, and you can find out about it if you look hard enough.

Even the case of Rifqa Bary, the girl who ran away from home because she feared for her life after converting to Christianity, was more visible on the current events scene, but you’d have to really look for information about it.

The attention level is beginning to change, however, and hopefully that will be a good thing for America.  That is because radical Muslims, after a Western society has become “tolerant” of their more extreme beliefs, usually demands the recognition of Muslim practices such as Sharia Law.  We don’t need Sharai law or honor killings in America.

You’ll see in the first video below a brief expose about the honor killing of two sisters in Texas, Sarah Yaser Said, 17, and Amina Yaser Said, 18, in 2008.

The next videos are a longer expose on this case and on Muslim honor killing in America.

It’s time America opened her collective eyes to radical Islam (especially radical Islam’s inroads in America) and put an end to the moral dereliction being carried out under the excuse of “tolerance.”

Our freedoms–and our lives–are on the line.

Muslim Honor Killing Of Two Teen Girls

Part 1 – Honor Killing In America

Part 2 – Honor Killing In America

Part 3 – Honor Killing In America

7 Responses to “Muslim Honor Killings in America – Wave of the Future?”

  1. It's despicable that the FBI has dropped the label “honor killings” on the wanted posters of Yaser Said. I guess CAIR got to them, and they caved.

  2. You make it sound like there’s a lot of Muslim honor killings in the US, “wave of the future,” you said “it’s happening in frightening numbers.” But you only report on this one case. Why not give evidence for your claim that it’s happening in fightening numbers? You mention one other case, Rifqa Bary, which is controversial (i just looked it up). There’s no evidence that i could find that Bary has been threatened, just speculation based on hearsay.

    The fact that apostasy is punishable by death according to Islamic law is not evidence. There are similar laws in the Christian Bible but that doesn’t mean modern Christians carry them out any more than modern Muslims do. They’re archaic. Primitive subcultures do this. Certain marginal subcultures of Hispanic Christians in the US have engaged in honor killing. It’s done in primitive societies in other countries, not only Islamic ones. It’s hardly widespread, and is almost unheard of in modern countries.

    Please tell the truth. don’t try to mislead people. If Islamic honor killings are on the increase “in frightening numbers” as you write here, give evidence of it, don’t just present one case. That is just not honest. Give more examples, give links to other reports.

    From the report it looks like Said was a sick individual. So far, that’s all the evidence that’s been presented (in the report). He seems to have had a sexual fixation on his daughters. He gave them a lot of mixed messages. They were allowed to dress and act like American teenagers, unlike the Islamic honor killers in more backward non-modern countries. Clearly this man was very disturbed. In backward countries, honor killings are done proudly and are defended by the perpetrators and their family and villages. That was not the case here.

    After the killings and disappearance of Said, the mother and son go to live with Said’s family. Why would she do that? She says she had no where else to go. Why not move to another city? What about her parents? Her father refuses to be interviewed, her father who pushed her to marry this man when she was 15 after she had only known him for a few weeks.

    There’s a lot of pathology here, and it’s not at all clear that Islam has anything to do with any of it. Early in the report, it says that neither family attended religious services. This wasn’t a devout fundamentalist guy. He appears to be an insecure misogynistic man who engaged in wife abuse and dominating his daughters. The fact that he was a nominal Muslim doesn’t make him an example of anything Islamic.

    It’s not right to try to mislead the public and stir up unrealistic fear, hate and bigotry. There isn’t going to be any Sharia law allowing honor killings that will be tolerated in the US. But the ignorant, as you probably know well, can be led to believe that.

    The murder of these poor girls is a tragedy, very sad and horrifying. I hate to see it exploited for political reasons that have nothing to do with it.

    If you produce the “frightening numbers” of Muslim honor killings in the US, i will stand corrected. But that you didn’t include examples in your article, given your intention of raising awareness about this supposed threat, makes me more than doubtful that you have any examples to give.

  3. Muslims will argue that 'honor killing' is not in the Wholly Cur-an, which is technically correct (another example of taqiyya), but Sharia Law, based on the writings of Mohamhead and the Hadith, is replete with admonitions to the faithful to stone, garrot or behead those who violate its precepts. With Islam, what you see is what you get, despite Muslims' pleadings to the contrary.

  4. Christians have not been under the Old Testament Mosaic Law for 2,000 years.  Meanwhile, there is no New Covenant that I know if in Islam invalidating or superseding the doctrines that go back 1,400 years.

    How many honor killings are going on in the United States?  Hard to tell, since the “mainstream” media and even some of our government agencies are apparently whitewashing statistics.  There is some small indication available here.

    Of course, the real point is that we don't want the United States going the way of Europe and becoming Islamicized.  Those calls are only beginning here in the States, but they are more advanced down the road to Sharia Law and Islam in Europe.

    We don't want this to become the wave of the future.

  5. Muslim HORROR Killings in America
    I agree with the FBI that the murder of Sarah Yaser Said and Amina Yaser Said by their radical Muslim father should not be called “honor killings”.

    There is no honor for a father to murder his daughters for dating boys of other religions or non-religion and for refusing arranged marriage.

    It is only sensible that murders committed by people due to their fanatic religious ideas be called HORROR Killings.
    So murders committed by Yaser Said on his two daughters due to his fanatical religious ideas should be called Muslim Horror Killings.
    Murders committed by Catholic radicals who burned people at stake for holding the correct belief that the earth revolves around the sun should be called Catholic Horror killings.
    Murders committed by Jewish radicals who stone a man to death for working on the Sabbath day should be called Jewish Horror Killings.

    Yaser Said is Wanted For committing MUSLIM HORROR KILLINGS on his two daughters.

    Stop Muslim Horror Killings in America.

  6. Jaw444, perhaps you missed an important part of the issue of Muslim Honor Killings in America. The MSM is either not reporting on these atrocities, or white washing them to the best of their abilities. If you are really sincere about educating yourself regarding these murders and murderers, you are going to have to do your homework and search it out yourself.

    As you can see, the information is difficult to come by and requires real time and energy. When issues such as this is overtly being supressed, good luck with your search. The real issue which needs to be expressed is the grave misunderstanding of Islam. America has always strictly held our “religious freedom” up on high as an example to the world…and why Muslims will seek to use this against us in their Sharia endeavors.
    While Islam has SOME religious aspects to it, it is, in fact NOT a religion but AN ALL INCLUSIVE WAY OF LIFE. Americans must understand this…it is their laws, their social structure, their government…what it is NOT is a religion. The sum of it parts can not be separated out. Islam IS sharia and sharia IS Islam.