Missouri Smacks Unconstitutional ObamaCare

Voters in Missouri’s primary yesterday resoundingly smacked President Obama’s socialized health care initiative and made it clear they value freedom over bloated unconstitutional government handout programs.

From the Wall Street Journal:

With all precincts reporting, 71% of voters supported Proposition C, establishing a state law that says Missouri cannot compel people to pay a penalty or fine if they fail to carry health coverage. Twenty-nine percent voted against the proposition.

The state law runs counter to the federal health law President Barack Obama signed in March, which calls on most Americans to carry coverage or pay a fine.

I believe this is the first time a group of the American people have had an opportunity voice their opinion of socialized health care directly at the ballot box.  Unfortunately for the socialists running our country right now, 71% of Missorians held true to the American values of freedom, the free market, personal responsibility, and constitutional government.

Socialized medicine–and all forms of socialism–are contrary to the aforementioned American values, and are contrary to our limited-government constitution which specifically enumerates the few powers granted to the federal government by the states and the people.  Federal government health care programs and mandates on free citizens are not found in Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, and they are prohibited by the Tenth Amendment.

This stinker of a bill also contains a host of unhealthy provisions that add insult to injury.

The socialists also received a setback a few days ago when the courts ruled that the lawsuit brought by several states against this unconstitutional measure could go forward.

They counted on Americans being dumbed-down enough to trade in their freedom and self-determination for the crumbs from the federal table.  In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, “They counted on America to be passive.  They counted wrong.”

State’s Challenge to ObamaCare Stands

3 Responses to “Missouri Smacks Unconstitutional ObamaCare”

  1. Hooray for Missouri. Unfortunately, they will probably loose, because the courts have allowed governments to force people to buy insurance for automobiles (unconstitutional, in my opinion) and of course championed by so-called less government conservatives over the years. God help conservatives understand what precedents mean (and stop screwing it up for their own causes) or send us an army of libertarians to Washington, soon, they do understand. Good luck Missouri.

  2. I live in the cesspool commonly known as Illinois. I may be moving soon to Missouri. And to think Illinois was once the home of Abraham Lincoln. He must be spinning in his grave.

  3. I believe Missouri is just the beginning! I think people are waking up and speaking up more and more each day!