Mayberry Defiled, and Obamacare Still Stinks

Gina Miller

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I don’t know why this new, seemingly small, development should break my heart, but it does.  And maybe I really do know why.

It may seem like a little thing, but it’s not.  In their ever-increasing attempts to deceive the public, the people in the Obama administration have now hijacked a piece of the heart of America, the fictional town of Mayberry, North Carolina, and they’re using it as a tool to sell their lies.  It stunned me to read that Andy Griffith is now on cable television shilling for the Democrat’s health care deform legislation Andy Griffith is, of course, free to be used by the Obama administration if he wishes, but the lowness of this, the detestable idea of it, is what breaks my heart for our country.

The television advertisement, costing $700,000, was purchased by Medicare, which means it was paid for by the taxpayers.  Mr. Griffith begins by wistfully thinking back to that oh-so-fine year of 1965 when Medicare was spawned.  To a gently strumming guitar music bed, he says,

“1965.  A lot of good things came out that year, like Medicare.  This year, like always, we’ll have our guaranteed benefits.  And with the new health care law, more good things are coming:  free check-ups, lower prescription costs, and better ways to protects us and Medicare from fraud.  See what else is new.  I think you’re gonna like it.”

This ad is shamefully targeting our precious seniors, and is set to run on channels frequently watched by older people, like the Weather Channel, Lifetime, Hallmark and CNN.  The reason for the ad is polling that shows older Americans are highly skeptical of the government’s illegitimate takeover of our medical system, and they’re certainly right to be skeptical.

What makes me sick about this is how the administration is using the leader of the all-American Andy Griffith Show to try to deceive our seniors.  Who didn’t love the people of Mayberry?  Almost the entire decade of the 1960s saw America’s love affair with Mayberry grow with each episode.  We respected and trusted Sheriff Andy Taylor, who was the paragon of wisdom and virtue.  The whole cast was part of our American family.  Even the town drunk, Otis, was somehow transformed into a sympathetic character.  Okay, surely the Mayberry of our minds was an ideal and not the truth of our lives, but it was our escape and our hope for the world–one where the laughs were plenty and the bad guy was always shown the error of his ways, where truth and justice and homemade apple pie from Aunt Bee were a guarantee.

So now, this devilish Obama administration gets its claws around the heart of Mayberry and trots out Andy Griffith to sell the lies of socialized medicine.  If Sheriff Andy Taylor says it’s a good thing, well surely it is, right?  Never mind that socialized medicine never works.  Never mind how everywhere it’s tried, the people see a plummeting of quality, choice and availability, plus a skyrocketing of taxation.  Never mind that rationing is inevitable.  Never mind that we can’t afford it!

The terrible truth about this government takeover of health care is that our dear seniors will be the ones who get the worst of the already shabby deal.  You must remember what kind of gang is running the show right now.  They are people who are dark to the core.  They are ruthless and without love or truth in them.  There are no lows to which they will not stoop to accomplish their diabolical plans for our country.  It’s not my concern that anyone may think that I exaggerate, because this is not hyperbole.  This is deadly serious for America.

These junior dictators in power are Marxists who view people through the lens of perceived “usefulness” to the state.  The man that the tyrannical Obama recess appointed to head the Medicare and Medicaid divisions, Donald Berwick, is another one of them.  Phyllis Schlafly reveals some of his atrocious thinking in her piece published on World Net Daily. Mrs. Schlafly writes,

“Czar Berwick is on record as saying, ‘Excellent health care is by definition redistributional.’ He used this favorite Obama term in the context of praising Britain’s socialized-medicine system as ‘a global treasure’ and effusing: ‘I love it.’

Coincidentally with the announcement of Berwick’s appointment, Britain’s major newspaper, the Sunday Telegraph, uncovered widespread cuts in British health care that were adopted in secret and buried in obscure appendices and lengthy policy documents. These include restrictions on common operations, such as hip and knee replacements and cataract surgery, the closure of many nursing homes for the elderly and a reduction in hospital beds and staff.

Berwick admits that redistributing health care means rationing health care, which is why he has been called a one-man death panel. Last year, he admitted in an interview, ‘The decision is not whether or not we will ration care – the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.'”

It’s certainly no wonder that Obama went around the Senate and recess appointed this radical.  And on top of Berwick’s passion for rationing health care and stealing our personal autonomy under socialized medicine, he is apparently a Jew-hater as well, with his heavy support for, and involvement in, the anti-Semitic organization, Physicians for Human Rights.

This whole rotten upcoming healthcare legislation created by the Obama administration is nothing but sickening bad news, and those Washington rats know it.  They know we won’t willingly swallow that poisoned pill, but they continue to lie about it anyway.  However, there are now too many of us with our eyes wide open, and that includes millions of our wise seniors who will not be fooled by Sheriff Andy Taylor who now has become the real Andy Griffith, just another lying Obama mouthpiece.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

25 Responses to “Mayberry Defiled, and Obamacare Still Stinks”

  1. Thanks Gina for detailed imformation on the commercial. However, it gives me hope that Obama care will be defeated as most Senior citizens will see right through the propaganda. Many or veterans of WWll, Korea and Viet Nam and see Obama as a bigger threat to our country than the enemys they fought to defeat. Senior citizens are also the most imformed and are most likely to vote. Obama is very stupid to use Andy Griffin as a messenger boy. I beleive it will backfire on him. Keep up the good work, Gina.

    Ron Ashmore
    Abilene, T.

  2. I think we can be a reflection of Mayberry if we start acting with the love of God in our hearts and stop thinking with political rhetoric in our heads. The real truth is BOTH parties are wrong. And, because they have pulled in opposite directions by focusing on their differences rather than the points they agree on, we as Americans get another bad piece of legislation. America spends 3.4 Trillion per year on healthcare. 33 Percent more than any other country, almost 10 times the amount we spend on oil anually. And yet, we rank 27th in the world in terms of how effective our system is. Both parties got us to this point because both parties have members who are influenced, not by what is best for all, but by what is best for big campaign contributers, HMO’s, insurance companies, drug companies, the AMA. We need to stop being fooled by the rhetoric and realize that our government has not been taken over by socialist. Our government has been take over by special interest. Let’s unite and return to the fundamental principles of Christianity. Our country will only be great again when we have put our faith in God and not the Republicans or Democrats.

  3. Sheriff Andy Taylor would have never stood for such nonsense as Griffith is pushing. Sheriff Taylor would have taken up a voluntary community offering for anyone who needed medical help. If only the USA could be a reflection of Mayberry.

  4. Ain't that the truth?!

  5. This administration is truely desperate! We were all brain washed by television and still are. What better tool to use than this? Another good old fashioned brain washing. Yes, I enjoyed watching Andy and Aunt B and the whole cast and still do at times. This is Obama's new teleprompter? A blast from the past to hit us right in the ole heart. Well, it won't work here. We need to demand for him to give one speech without teleprompters or using our American movie stars to get his way. I don't think the man can speak on his own for fear of making a mistake or lack of anything original to say. The ole “Spread the wealth thingy is getting mighty flimsy and he has run that into the ground! Just let the words fly Mr. Obama. Just once. Throw out the teleprompters and be a man! Speak to ALL Americans,
    God willilng and if the creek don't rise in November, we will be a little better off. Also, pray for the lawyers who are in charge of the law suits repealing this outrageous socialist health care, if you can put the word “care” in there. God help us all! America is being wrecked! The constitution stomped on … That's all I have to say. Andy would be ashamed and he would fix this in one of his shows. Can you imagine? How easily things were made whole again in Mayberry. Oh, I made tons of mistakes while typing this and poor English in some places, I'm sure, but at least I didn't use a teleprompter! This little piece came straight from the heart.
    I think our “President” got a good brain washing somewhere along the way. There is no way Americans who are in their right minds will accept this kind of CHANGE!! Only the ones who love opening their wallets to the govenment will love it! That is what we all are about to be forced to do.
    Thank you, Gina. You come of with very good things to say. And straight from the heart! I'm sure the pay is lousy too! But you do this because someone has to speak out now! One day in the future, I'm thinking there may not be a thing called “free speech”. Good article , my friend.

  6. Thanks a million, Judy!

  7. Gina

    Very clever and effective writing. Maybe Andy spent too much time around Goober.

  8. The left always has to use emotion and fiction to convince people… because it can't use reason and truth.

  9. Or maybe he spent too much time around little Ronnie “Flaming Leftard” Howard!

    Thanks, Brian.

  10. Doggone it, but you have gotten me sidetracked, but at least I learned a little about N. Carolina where ' Mayberry' was. In the forties and early fifties, North Carolina was very pro-Democrat and all Governors had been Democrats during that time period .The odds were that much of Mayberry( if real) were actually Democrats as well. The town certainly seemed conservative, but Andy was always at odds with them and always seemed more 'liberally minded'. He was different from them.

    When you think about it, maybe Andy Griffith ,the man and Sheriff of Mayberry, is the perfect one to promote the liberal agenda

  11. Didn't Democrats used to be what we would regard today as conservative? The Democrats of today are not the same, I don't think. Today, the Democrats in power are socialists rather than the true liberals of yesterday.

    And when you think about it, Mayberry was an ideal, and we may have distorted or overlooked the truer messages of Mayberry. It seems to me that the “bad guys” were not necessarily made out to be all that bad. Even Otis was regarded with an “aw shucks” attitude, rather than a more realistic view of his behavior being that, in reality, he would've likely been a terrible hardship on his family. He certainly never would've been able to eat Aunt Bee's homemade breakfast, then reach outside the cell for the key to unlock the cell door and let himself out.

    We have romanticized Mayberry.

  12. You make an interesting comment that weren't Democrats true liberals back then and not the socialists they are today. Remember it was around this same time period when Democrats began pushing and pushed through Welfare, Medicare etc, so had you been around then and feel as you do now, you more than likely would have call them Socialists.

    As a matter of fact, the 'Socialist' rhetoric and label was just as commonly said of the liberal Democrats back then as it is used now to describe Obama et al . Nothing new there. It was quite a vitriolic time with communist and socialist labels being used frequently

  13. Our Rights and Our Liberties are what this is about. I don't give a hank if Obama and his Spanky Gang are Democrat or Republican or Independent. It's about what is being done to our country by a man that will not prove that he is a natural born citizen and bows to other govenments. Its about the fact that we don't trust him because he has been known not to put his hand over his heart while we sing the national athem! That's what the enemy would do. Wake up people! This is about control. The Obama health program is not going to work. When companies have to have a Special room for employees to nurse or pump breast milk for their babies it sounds like an expensive and obsurd thing to push down the throats of employers! It's the jobs that count. Can't you see that? And Doctors will be scarce. Where will that leave us? And if this plan is so great, why won't the so called president and his family be using it? Not going to work. It will be a hit and miss health care program. No quality to it. Poor Andy drank too much kool-aid!
    I wonder if these employers will have to provide the breast pumps too? How would Andy talk about this in the commercial? Not many details of this stupid plan being talked about anywhere actually. It's not transparent. Hmmmm…No labels .. just a concerned American, Brian.

  14. I love Andy Griffith's characters in Mayberry and Matlock. HOWEVER, this commercial has left a bad taste in my mouth and everytime I see either of those shows I will now think of this phony baloney commercial and tie him to Obama, NOT a good thing. What a shame.

    And I agree that the Dems of yesteryear are nothing like the socialist type Dems of today who are simply amassing power for themselves with disregard and contempt for the citizenry. I grew up Dem but that party left me several years ago.

  15. Technically you are right that this isn't about labels, but since it was all Democrtas who voted in the Obamacare plan and Republicans who voted against it, then labels could well be used in this instance. Your sentiments are well expressed, but many you expressed lack proof, like when you made the declaration that 'doctors will be scarce' when the plan comes into fruition.

    The same thing was said before Medicare was enacted ” Doctors will quit!”. Well in 1964, when the doctors realised that all of a sudden they would be paid $15 for an office visit rather than the $5 they had been charging, then a strange thing happened. Doctors now were being paid more and also being paid for taken care of the poor who couldn't afford anything. Salaries went through the roof. My father said his tripled. Amazing how the docs changed their minds and manged to put up with the ' government'.

    So while your sentiments are very well expressed, I don't believe you have proof to support all of them. At least you didn't have proof of truth on the ' Doctors will be scarce' comment. I am skeptical and concerned about the plan as well, but just making the point if we don't have proof to back up a definitive or declarative statement, then that statement is merely opinion and not fact

  16. Ron, the seniors who are on to this evil regime will not be swayed, and the ones who are still asleep at the wheel will continue to be asleep, so maybe it's a “zero sum game” that won't win any new “converts.”

    Mr. Griffith says, “See what else is new.” What a mouthful! If seniors, and everyone else, would take some time to actually “see what's new,” they would be appalled, so maybe there's a small silver lining to the ad, depending on where people look for real information on this unconstitutional monstrosity!

    Thank you, Ron.

  17. I know of two doctors who are planning their future to the beat of a different drum. One is going into the liquer store business and the other is buying properties to rent out. I just don't think they will be paid more if this comes about. And the ones I know don't think so either. I'm listening to the doctors. They are staying up on the details of the package more than we all are. They will be employed by the goverment. The doctors who accept medicare are getting paid very little. This plan will most likely be a worse scenario.
    Thanks for the reply.

  18. Brian, are all the doctors, besides you, all for this health care deform garbage? Surely not! Since you're a doctor, you must have some sort of a consensus of your local area about this. I can't imagine that any doctor who has a brain in his head would be for this!

  19. Lydia, it really does ruin Mayberry and Matlock, doesn't it? I hate that, but I guess we all know that actors are just that–actors.

    I pray we can all survive the Democrats (and Republicans) of today.

  20. PS: Brian, I had to share this. My husband Keith just made me bust out laughing. He read your comments here, and when he saw you talking about the spawning of Medicare in '65 where you said that doctors went from making 5 to 15 dollars, he got irate (which you never hear from him, but I do), and said, “Those doctors are STILL making 15 dollars a visit from Medicare!!” He was irked!

    Maybe you would've had to have been here, but it was funny the way he said it, and I laughed so hard!

  21. That is very funny, very funny, but in a good way, because Keith feels so passionate about it and it doesn't even directly affect him what I get paid. Appreciate his watching our backside !! But tell Keith not to worry because we now get around $29 for a regular visit. Whoopie.

    But as to your question are doctors for or against this. It varies all over the place-whether they are ideologically liberal vs. conservative, in primary care vs. specialty work etc. Most seem to feel as I do, that there are good things about it and some not so good things.

    I think that most realise there is an increasing inequitiy and worrisome time for those not insured for whatever the reason.I believe most feel if you have a major medical problem that it shouldn't be able to bankrupt a family. Bad for the person and bad for our country.

  22. Never mind that the law that was passed isn't socialized medicine.

    Private doctors, private insurance companies, and most of all private patients.

  23. If you really believe that, I'm sorry for you.

  24. Controlled by the federal government, with clear intent to fully socialize in the future.

    If you have any doubts, see the long list of lies the socialists have told about this program.