Images of President Bush Welcoming Home the Troops

If you keep a steady finger on the pulse of information, or if you have good friends who forward good information to you through email, you might just have become aware that President George W. Bush and his wife Laura recently went to the airport at Dallas/Fort Worth to greet some returning soldiers.

Doug Powers has some photos of that occasion here, and I recently received an email from American Family Association (AFA) with a link to a video the “Welcome Home a Hero” folks put together of this touching moment.

There were a lot of policy areas in which I did not agree with President Bush. For whatever reason, he compromised too much and had too many liberal policies.

But I never doubted for a moment the man’s heartfelt sincerity. Nor did I ever doubt his love and appreciation for American troops. From what I understand, it was an extremely difficult decision for him to send our troops into harms way–and watch a few thousand of them die, and still more be injured and maimed–but he knew it had to be done.

Like our troops and every other person, George W. Bush isn’t perfect, but America was extremely blessed to have him at the time we did–for his determination to stand against evil, and for his sincere heart.

Thank God for President Bush then…and now.

And thank God for the American soldier/sailor/airman/Marine/Coast Guard.

4 Responses to “Images of President Bush Welcoming Home the Troops”

  1. President Bush did and does indeed agonize over troop casualties.He has a good heart. After all, over 4000 dead and 35,000 wounded makes one think. I will never question him sending troops into Iraq and Afghanistan

    We should also give President Obama his due for making sure the troops left as he promised