Another Back Door Amnesty Memo

A few weeks ago we learned of a draft memo written to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas by several agency staffers who were planning to find a “legal” way to avoid the federal government’s responsibility to protect our borders and enforce immigration law.

Of course, most of us already know all too well about our federal government’s lawsuit against the state of Arizona to preserve the federal government’s “right” to ignore its own laws and responsibility.

Now National Review and Jessica Vaughan at the Center for Immigration studies tells us about another back door amnesty memo which is being passed around by government bureaucrats.

This one seems intended to not only order ICE officials to stop enforcing our nation’s immigration laws, but to tie the hands of local law enforcement officers who come across illegal aliens in the course of their duties.

From Vaughan’s article:

According to the draft document’s cover e-mail from Ann Yom Steel, a political appointee whose mission seems to be to harass and discourage local agencies who want to help ICE and who want ICE to help them, the agency is responding to the “many concerns [of immigration law enforcement critics] related to immigration detainers, including that they could distort the state criminal process or open the window for pretextual, minor criminal charges.” In other words, ICE believes the ethnic advocacy groups who accuse local cops and sheriffs of abusing their authority by trumping up traffic charges on innocent illegal aliens in order to have them deported. Therefore, all illegal aliens who violate traffic laws will get a free pass from ICE, unless they also happen to have committed other “real” crimes. The policy draft says: “Immigration officers shall not issue a detainer unless an LEA [law enforcement agency] has exercised its independent authority to arrest the alien. Immigration officers shall not issue detainers for aliens who have been temporarily detained by the LEA (i.e. roadside or Terry stops) but not arrested,” although the LEA may hold them without a detainer if ICE is coming right away (don’t hold your breath).

Our federal government is not only attempting to adopt a position of officially ignoring federal law, but is attempting to force local law enforcement authorities to ignore the law as well.

One of the first and primary responsibilities of any government is to protect the lives and property of its citizens.  If a government does not do this, little else it can do matters.  Yet our federal government is zealously adopting a position of refusal–not just dereliction or inability or incompetence, but refusal–to protect the nation’s borders, enforce our laws, and keep criminals (who are criminals by virtue of breaking our immigration and border laws, and frequently other laws) away from the American people.

Isn’t it about time some people in our government started getting fired for wasting the taxpayer’s money (for their salaries, the paper, the electricity they waste) in efforts to avoid serving the American people?

Isn’t it about time some elected officials in our government were considered for recall or impeachment for their dereliction of duty, and the oath they broke to uphold our Constitution and our laws?

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