Teaching Your Children About Anal Sex

I try to steer as clear as I can of graphic discussions of some of the depraved sexual behavior that has risen to prominence in our society.  That can be very difficult to do, considering that homosexual activists insist on pushing this garbage before the public on a continual basis as they demand the public not only tolerate it but celebrate it as normal and healthy.

These activists are usually careful to whitewash the sexual depravity they champion, promoting it in generic terms that helps the propaganda recipient avoid serious consideration of the details along with those inconvenient mental images that might otherwise come to mind.  Preventing the member of the public from visualizing the dirty details makes it easier for the public to acquiesce to the activist’s agenda.

Because of that, I thought this time, as distasteful as it is, we as members of the public should have a (still rather tame) closer look at what we’re dealing with in the homosexual agenda.

MassResistance has posted a copy of the flyer the Boston Alliance for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY) is giving out to children in the Boston area.   This “Reality Condom” is, as indicated, designed to maximize the “pleasure” of anal sex while providing the illusion of “safe sex.”  I know many of you will find this very distasteful to read, but ignorance is one of the greatest allies of the homosexual agenda.

You might be saying, “Well, maybe they give that kind of stuff to kids in Boston, but they don’t do that in my community.”

Are you sure?  Are you sure your children aren’t getting something like this at public school?  Are you sure your children aren’t getting something like this at local youth events or local youth gatherings?  Things like this have a way of trickling down into even small-town America.

A few months ago, the Rapid City School Board voted to make homosexual behavior a protected class. Unless the people demand the removal of this policy and the school board complies, it’s only a matter of time until our children are taught that homosexual behavior is normal, natural and healthy.  Curriculum is sure to follow the nondiscrimination policy change, in order to ensure children know how and why to comply with it.

Montana, a rural, conservative, western state is now grappling with a proposed sex education curriculum for children as small as kindergarten age.  They plan to teach children about the various internal and external male and female sexual parts–years before they should ever even think of using them. First graders would be taught to “Understand human beings can love people of the same gender & people of another gender.”  Older grade-school children would be taught about sexual harassment and to “Understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration; using the penis, fingers, tongue or objects.” High schoolers would be taught that pornography “reflect society’s views about sexuality & help people understand sexuality.”

We shouldn’t  be surprised. After all, the man we elected president made it clear to us before we elected him that he believed kindergartners needed to know about sex.

Do any children need to be told about this behavior, told it is legitimate and healthy, encouraged to participate?  No child should be exposed to the lies that homosexual behavior is normal (science and biology indicate it is not), moral (the doctrine of every major religion teaches that it is not), or healthy (countless studies and health releases–including the CDC–show that it is not).

Let’s know what our children are being exposed to.  Then let’s declare: not in my community; not my children.

20 Responses to “Teaching Your Children About Anal Sex”

  1. There are an order of magnitude more heterosexual couples who engage in anal sex than homosexual ones. Why is this fact never discussed?

    I see no issue with educating people about how to protect themselves.

  2. Really? You must know something the rest of us don't. Men and women have a natural channel for their sexuality while homosexuals do not. They are left with oral or anal sex, so I rather doubt you know what you're talking about.

    But hey, the claim does make for a momentary distraction from the real issue, doesn't it?

  3. The sex education materials we were given in school describing condom/contraceptive use and vaginal sex were no less graphic…

  4. Those don't need to be so graphic, either, but at least they are illustrative of normal, healthy (when practiced monogamously within marriage), legitimate sex.

  5. Regarding Montana, I'm no longer surprised when reputedly conservative communities are “grappling” with homosexualizing their institutions, notably their school children. Homosexuals, if nothing else, are expert activists, and know how to target the weak points and neglected epicenters of political systems; those areas that the vast majority of normal, moral Americans neglect because we erroneously believe that these issues will take care of themselves as they historically have. But a minuscule, radical activist group can commandeer a city or community through this neglect of duty of its citizens, and we are left scratching our heads in stunned disbelief at what has happened. Thus, “conservative” cities like my hometown of Ft Worth now must bow to “transgenderism,” “crossdressers,” and a host of other deviant sexual proclivities at the point of a gun.

  6. Obviously, normal couples can engage in oral & anal sex. For normal couples those are extras, though, not the main feature (which “gay” couples don't have at all). This is a reminder that the only reason any same-sex sex is even *possible* is that there are physical similarities between the sexes. Note that there are really no special sexual acts that *only* same-sex partners can do. This is a reminder that the body is *not* designed for same-sex sex.

    And anal sex even in normal couples is demonstrably unhealthy. I remember a time when even the most secular sources had to admit this; not anymore. The unhealthiness has not changed; the honesty of the sources has.

    An another track, one of the worst things gay activism does (though it is far from alone in this) is to confuse “sex” with “love.” Note the typical statement: “Understand human beings can love people of the same gender & people of another gender.” Of course they can… IF one defines “love” correctly. The correct term for “same-sex love” is “friendship,” folks. Sex is designed to be strictly reserved for one type of relationship, and we've put up with far too many people dragging it out of its intended context into places it does not belong at all.

  7. The last paragraph should start with “On another track.”

  8. Quick questions for you, Mr. Bob Ellis: 1) what did you call your private parts (example: pee pee or peter) growing up and 2) what did your parents or any adult tell you when you asked the question of where do babies come from?

    This is why it's necessary for even KINDERGARTENER children to know about sex. They certainly do not need knowledge about positions, or specific STIs, but it is important to address different body parts (i.e. the PENIS, the VAGINA, the ANUS, the TESTICLES, the BREASTS) just as if they would identify their arm, their leg, or their eyes. You wouldn't want your child to grow up and on their wedding night, because obviously that is when they would have hetero-vaginal intercourse for the first time, to say “please touch my pee pee.” It is important to have the knowledge of your body and the answer to the question of “where do babies come from.” Parents LIE, yes lie, to their children all the time about this, making it extremely confusing when 14 and they still think the baby is delivered by a stork.

    Parents who mislead their children in honest, important questions about the human body, even in regards to sex, prompt their children to turn to other sources: friends, the internet, PORN and that is when STIs and unplanned pregnancy begin.

    So do us all a favor, even the kindergarteners, be honest and don't call body parts pee pee's or rosebud's.

  9. Many couples I know engage in anal, and they're not gay either. They see it as I do: another avenue for pleasure. Some people like to bring out the toys, some like oral, others like anal. The end result of this diversity in the bedroom makes for quite a pleasant experience.

    Mind you, over where I live, sex isn't taboo. People are more open, which is good as it opens the door to more frank discussions. These discussions make people more aware of real concerns, and serves to reduce unwanted pregnancies, STDs, etc. A more educated population is a healthier population.

  10. There is definitely a valid point buried somewhere in your post. But at any rate, there remains no justification for teaching kids of *any* age that same-sex sex (or, really, any sex outside of its designed context) is normal or acceptable.

  11. When I was at the kindergarten age, I knew “private parts” were for going to the bathroom and that's it. If we would stop hyper-sexualizing our culture, no child would ever need know more than that until they headed toward puberty.

    I see that even you realize grade schoolers don't need to know about STDs, sexual positions (can I presume homosexual behavior also?).

    Based on what you've written here, I don't think we see things that differently–unless of course you think children need to be informed about homosexual behavior and indoctrinated into believing it is normal, natural and healthy.

  12. Where I live, sex isn't taboo either. Responsible adults simply recognize that it is a wonderful blessing from the Creator designed for reproduction and intimacy between a man and a woman in marriage.

    And since this post is in the context of what we're teaching children, I am reminded of a very illustrative story about children and sex education told by Corrie ten Boom. I won't recount it in full here (follow the link), but it very deftly illustrates the harm we do to children when we expect them to carry the knowledge of an adult.

  13. Bob

    I applaud your willingness to discuss this problem. But besides the homosexual issue, there is another issue that number wise, is a much larger problem. That is the number of teens, of all religious beliefs, who are determined to remain 'virgins', that resort to anal and oral sex. It is a huge number. Having raised three daughters who have been relatively open to their mom and I, we have had really had our eyes opened.It's epidemic

    I personally am more interested in this being discussed between parent and child than the homosexual issue, because it so directly influences your childrens life and not some homosexual elsewhere. If we are going to really be honest, this must also be at least equally brought out into the light.

    I would think parents would be more interested in what THEIR kids are doing

  14. It wouldn't be hyper-sexualizing if we all just called it a penis, vagina, and anus that are used for things OTHER than releasing bodily fluids and solids.

    If a fetus has a right to life, doesn't a 6 year old hold the right to know what homosexuality and anal sex are?

  15. I think you hit on one of the most important aspects of this entire issue: it's something parents need to be discussing with their children, not an amoral education system. And if they're taught that the use of their sex organs in any fashion before marriage is improper, unhealthy and immoral, that should cover all the permutations.

  16. I find it hard to believe you're serious when you compare the right to LIVE to the “right” to know about homosexual behavior and anal sex. I truly hope you've offered a bad joke.

  17. I agree 100% that sex education should come from home

  18. Bob, do you really believe that teaching kids that homosexual behavior is acceptable will influence them and make them become homosexual as well?
    When I was a child I hated avocados, but my parents kept telling me how good they were and pushed me to eat them. Now that I am a grown up I still hate avocado and don't eat them…

    You can't turn a person into an homosexual if he or she is not willing to…No matter how much propaganda you put in it…

    I think your fears are baseless…

  19. Do you think that teaching children that using recreational drugs is acceptable will influence them and make them more likely to use recreational drugs? I could ask the same thing of teaching your children that driving at excessive speeds, prostitution, playing in the street, or any number of other dangerous and often immoral behaviors. I think you and I both know the answer to these questions.

    No, you can't turn a person into a homosexual if they are not willing. However, homosexuality is itself a condition in which the person is disoriented about proper sexual behavior. Children even in the best of circumstances are often uncertain about these things, especially in their teen years, and adding the overt message that it is acceptable or even preferable only increases the odds they will end up in this very unhealthy and spiritually debilitating lifestyle.

    We should be doing everything we can to ensure children have the best, most balanced, most moral and healthy developmental environment possible…not doing what pleases we adults the most, and expecting children to deal with it and hope for the best.

  20. While I agree that any “moral” aspects of sex should be taught at home, I shudder at the thought of parents being the sole source of sex education in this country!

    Sex education isn't simply about winkies and hoo-hoos, it covers hygeine, reproductive systems and cycles, prenatal care, diseases and infections (and not just the sexually transmitted varieties), and so much more…. information that many if not most parents are somewhat ignorant of themselves.