Tainting the Tea Party: Leftist Strategy for Electoral Victory

Andrew Breitbart (Photo credit: Cousin Kevin)

Andrew Breitbart, the man who released the video of Shirley Sherrod and the racist enthusiasm of a crowd at a National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People (NAALCP aka NAACP), addresses the latest round of rear-end covering from the Left.

As Breitbart points out in the interview today (video below), the Left is attempting to hold the Tea Party to a standard far beyond that which even the NAALCP is willing to live by. They are intent on smearing their conservative enemies with false charges of racism while cheering black-on-white racism in their own ranks.

As Breitbart says, this was never about Shirley Sherrod (she got caught in the middle…and thrown under the bus by the Obama Administration and the NAALCP), but about the racism displayed by the members of the NAACP crowd.

The apologist from the liberal media advocacy group Media Matters claims Breitbart should apologize for revealing the racism of the NAALCP, but refuses to acknowledge that his own camp owes the Tea Party movement a huge apology for the lies and misrepresentations they have shoveled on the American public. He also employs another common liberal tactic: accuse your enemy of what you have been doing yourself. He says “Fox News and the Right-wing media” and apparently Breitbart should apologize for the “incessent race-baiting”…the very thing the NAALCP and other Leftist organizations excel at.

So why, you might ask yourself, is the Left incessently firing the charge at the Tea Party movement when it is clear that there are no more racists in that group than there are in the Chamber of Commerce, the local golf club…and far less than in the NAALCP? It has nothing to do with facts or truth, of course, but the usual playbook of the Left.

Breitbart recites the answer to this question by quoting Mary Frances Berry, former chairwoman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights appointed by Bill Clinton:

Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness.

You see, it’s all about avoiding dealing with the real issues that we face as a country. Liberals know they have no real solutions to these problems–other than throwing more of your taxpayer money at it–and don’t want it revealed that their only agenda is one diametrically opposed to the American way of life, an agenda that, if the American people see it clearly, will resoundingly reject.

Breitbart also points out the fake videos promoted by the Left full of images taken completely out of context, and of infiltrators pretending to be racists in order to deliberately make the Tea Party movement look bad. Liberals have so debased their own credibility with their deceptive tactics that even if there were a disproportionate number of racists in the Tea Party movement, no one could ever be sure it wasn’t Leftist up to their tricks again.

They’ll keep it up all the way to November, make no mistake folks. But don’t let it get you down; just remember that in November, we the people get a chance to clear out a large number of these lying socialists and get our country back on the path to freedom and limited government.  So let’s be of good cheer!

16 Responses to “Tainting the Tea Party: Leftist Strategy for Electoral Victory”

  1. Hmmm, so because the left is lying it's ok for Breitbart to lie too …. high moral standards and good moral values, indeed ….

  2. No, the Left is lying, period. Breitbart has been above board the whole way. But since when have facts ever hindered the fantasies of liberals?

  3. I understand why the Tea Party supporters are so upset and it is because they are unfairly and untruthfully being portrayed as a racist entity by the NAALCP. I also think what the NAALCP did in making those accusations is wrong and way,way beyond that even.

    But that will never make it right to use an edited video of Shirley Sherrod making her look like she is currently a here-and now, real life racist. She lost her job and yes, the Obama Administration jumped the gun in firing her for appearing to be a current racist without checking the whole story out. But lets not overlook the fact that it was deceit of a man named Breitbart, who chose to use thisdeceit to make a politcal point. He deceitfully used a human as cannon fodder to get at the NAALCP.

  4. I can't count how many times I've tried to explain this over the last couple of days: the point wasn't even Shirley Sherrod's racist behavior, but the enthusiasm of the NAALCP crowd for that racism.

    You're getting caught up in the liberal smokescreen. Don't fall for it. It was clear the NAALCP crowd was eating it up when she was telling them about deciding how much she'd help this white farmer, and sending him to his “own kind”…all the while they're making bogus charges of racism about the Tea Party.

    Facts are facts, and they're ugly for the NAALCP and the Left.

  5. Hi Bob

    I do believe the end point, the final message, the target was indeed to show how the NAACP members in the group ,listening to her ,were agreeing with what she was saying( or as it turns out what she felt 24 years ago). but if you go back to even your first artcle from July 19th, it is titled ” Shirley Sherrod Confesses to her Racism to NAACP ” So ' HER RACISM ' is very, very prominent feature from day one. Then the article spends 8/10 of its time talking about ' Her Racism '.

    So while we can say the NAACP was the real subject matter and I believe they were , Ms. Sherrod was quite prominent and in the foreground as being portrayed as a racist also. Maybe she still harbors racist feelings, maybe she doesn't, but I think we all do to some degree except the rarest of individuals and they most likely are children.

    And yes I heard the crowd laughing and didn't like it at all and understood the implications of racism, but no matter what, Ms. Sherrod was prominently and very deceitfully portrayed as a racist by Breitbart and even Beck and O'Reilly apologised on air to her for jumping the gun by making her such a feature in the story. We all must admit that it was terribly wrong to jump the gun ourselves

  6. I agree with you, Brian, that Sherrod was unfairly judged according to the edited video first posted by Breitbart. We don't know, however, whether he saw the full version or who was the source for the video and what was their agenda. It's possible it was a set-up to discredit him.

    Also, Breitbart made the case about the audience reaction the prominent part of the story from the outset. He posted this video as a response to the NAALCPs allegations of racism within the Tea Party movement. He intended to show an example of racism by NAALCP memebers, not that of Shirley Sherrod.

  7. Hi dr theo

    I guess it is possible that Breitbart never saw the full video or was set up, but with his past involvement in 'creative editing' , it seems less likely. But even if he was set up or ignorant of the whole tape, even more reason for him to state that he was also hookwinked. But again, if you look at and read his original July 19 blog, he starts in length by talking about Sherrod in length and her 'racism'. Damage done, no matter what said intent.

    I just think people should be accountable for their actions and the harm they have caused no matter what their original intent was especially if that intent was never meant to be aimed at an innocent Ms. Sherrod..Doesn't sail

    Don't know about you but everytime I try to tell a policeman the reason I was speeding because I was late for something, never sails either and I have a few tickets to show for it !

  8. Yes. She was talking about her own racism, recounting her own racist attitudes and actions.

    That is what she was talking about, and that is what the NAALCP crowd was enthusiastically agreeing with. You can't point out that the NAALCP crowd were enthusiastically agreeing with racist attitudes and behavior without first describing what those racist attitudes and behaviors were. You'll notice in both the setup phase of the article and in the conclusion phase, the subject was the NAALCP.

    You might also take particular note that the title was that she “confessed her racism” to the NAALCP: because confession requires at least some level of acknowledgement that one's behavior was wrong, and though her demeanor lacked what I would consider commensurate sincerity, she nevertheless professed to have recognized and acknowledged her own racism (the NAALCP crowd seems to have been caught short by this admission, you may notice).

    Were I to recount my own past sins (as I have done in both individual and group settings from time to time over the years),it would be clear from the start that I know realize the error of my ways and have renounced those attitudes and actions. Sherrod didn't recount the story in that manner (through a lack of deep conviction, or as an oratory device to draw their attention), and probably inadvertently revealed the racist attitudes of the NAALCP crowd.

    But there's another interesting facet to this whole drama, and I'll be posting something on it shortly. Remember: never allow the Left to distract you from the key facts of an issue; they're good at distraction, but don't let them.

  9. Bob

    I just read your new article and agree with you that the Obama Administration and the NAACP threw Ms. Sherrod under the bus, but you must have accidently left out that Breatbart did also, so thought I would add that in for you 🙂

    But seriously I do understand what you are saying about the left as well. Believe me I do. It is unfortunate, but I feel it is human nature to use subterfuge, great and small, to make it's case, with only very few exceptions

  10. No, I explained that before. Breitbart didn't even call for her firing, much less have the power to make it happen. He posted a video clip of her talking about her racism which revealed the glee of the NAALCP at hearing this; that was the point.

  11. I understand that Breitbart didn't call for her firing. Does not change the fact that he is still culpable in that he portrayed her in his video and blog as a living, breathing present day racist which has become a bigger story than the Obama Administration dumping her. He assassinated a persons character which I think might be as bad as losing a job if it wasn't corrected and found to be a lie as in this case.

  12. Bob, do you honestly believe Breitbart on this? It is naive to buy into his backpedaling at this point. It might be more convenient for your particular viewpoint, but it is not logical.

  13. I don't have to “believe Breitbart.” The enthusiasm for racist behavior is obvious in the NAALCP crowd. That is the whole point of the airing of the video clip. Too bad that you either don't get it or don't want to.

  14. I don't have to “believe Breitbart.” The enthusiasm for racist behavior is obvious in the NAALCP crowd. That is the whole point of the airing of the video clip. Too bad that you either don't get it or don't want to.

  15. And this too is a distortion and not true. Please watch the full video. During Sherrod's story and the parts where she talked about her own racism, there was a single instance of audience laughing etc. This was when she made the ironic comment to paraphrase. “While he was acting superior to me, I was deciding how much I want to help him” From then on, there are no more amen's or agreement from the crowd, until she talks about what the lawyers had done to the farmer. So this second narrative is just as false and fake as the first one. But hey, there's no need to watch the source video now is there.