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Gina Miller

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The Obama administration continues its endless barrage of outrages against our country and Constitution, and now they’re suing Arizona.  The illegal alien problem with all its attendant crime and leeching of public money is horrendous in the United States, and Arizona is part of ground zero with Mexican drug wars raging at Arizona’s border and even spilling over into the state.

This administration, which has nothing but contempt for our Constitution, suddenly wants to use it to attack Arizona by claiming that immigration law enforcement is the exclusive domain of the federal government.  Alright.  But, what is the remedy when the federal government refuses, in dereliction of duty, to enforce America’s immigration laws?  I’m not aware of any real precedent for this particular situation.  I know that former courts have upheld the Supremacy Clause wherein the Constitution states that federal law is the supreme law of the land.

So, the government is suing Arizona for attempting to do what the government, by law, is supposed to do but won’t do.  This is like a bad joke, but it’s deadly serious.  This administration is hell-bent on eradicating our southern border.  They are desperate to dilute our population with uneducated, third-world aliens.  They want to make them “legal” so they can create a permanent underclass of Democrat voters.

The towns of Nogales, Ariz., left, and Nogales, Mexico, stand separated by a high concrete and steel fence. Many consider the area one of the most dangerous along the border, with numerous reports from U.S. Border Patrol agents of being spit on, having rocks thrown at them and gunfire. Despite the existence of a legal crossing point, enough illegal crossings occur to warrant 24-hour Border Patrol operations there. (Photo credit: Sgt. 1st Class Gordon Hyde)

These dictators in Washington—and that is exactly what they are—will stop at nothing to shoot down Arizona’s immigration law, which mirrors federal law.  The dictators know that if this law stands, there are other states lined up to pass similar legislation.  I hope many states stand up and do it, too.  We can’t let the Obama administration destroy our country like this.  We have to find a way to stop them.  Hopefully, November will usher in some relief.

The government is going to argue in their lawsuit that only at the federal level can immigration policies be set and enforced.  As I said, that would be just fine if the feds would actually enforce our borders and keep the illegal aliens out of our country!  A portion of the lawsuit says that a,

“state may not establish its own immigration policy or enforce state laws in a manner that interferes with the federal immigration laws. The Constitution and the federal immigration laws do not permit the development of a patchwork of state and local immigration policies throughout the country.”

What patchwork?!  The Arizona law is the same as the federal law!  The difference is in who is enforcing it.  What is the answer here?  This case will no doubt end up before the Supreme Court.  Some constitutional experts will say that Washington has a good case, but I keep going back to the same question.  If the federal government is in dereliction of duty regarding keeping our borders secure and illegal aliens out, then what can we do?  Do we just lie down and let ourselves be overrun by hordes of criminal aliens at the whim of the evil rats in Washington?  I don’t think so.

Arizona must convince the courts that the U.S. government has shunned its responsibility for protecting our country from foreign invasion.  Not only has it shunned its duties, but it has encouraged the influx of illegal aliens by pandering to racist pro-illegal immigration groups like La Raza and LULAC.  Arizona must win this case, or we’re in worse trouble than we know.

If Arizona loses this case at the highest level, I will know that we’re very, very close to completely losing our country.  We’re on the brink as it is with this gang of hoods in Washington taking their hatchets to our Constitution and our freedoms.  Oh, but here’s one time they want to stand by the Constitution!  What hypocrites they are!

Let’s pray hard for Arizona’s victory when this case finally reaches the Supreme Court.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

12 Responses to “Suing Arizona”

  1. Well, Gina, it looks like more and more of “We the People” are disqusted with the rats in Washington so maybe this means that more of the states can come together and file a great big law suit against them. It would take their minds off of protecting the Drug Lords who are infiltrating America through Arizona! Inch by inch and one person at a time we are going to take OUR country back! We have been invaded and at the highest level.We all need to cut them off in November!!! At the moment it's the wisest thing to do. After that comes “Hard Ball”. We will have no choice. When I say hard ball, I mean cut their funding off and send spys in to get them on camera with their wrong doings. It can and will happen sooner or later. They are in a Goldfish Bowl, you know. The laws of the land will prevail. Having said that, we will have the wreckage to clean up after they are history.
    In Abilene,Tx
    Judy Alexander

  2. The judge should let the Justice Department present their frivolous case and then dismiss it as having no legal basis. For attempting to use the court for partisan political purposes the judge should than direct the Justice Department to produce in his court within a specified time period a detailed plan for enforcing the existing immigration laws. Any additional funding required to enforce the border security should come for the unspent funds remaining in the open ended stimulus bill that President Obama has been distributing as if it was his to spend in his personal fiefdom. The plan should also include legal action against sanctuary cities with a provision for immediate shut of all federal monies to the cities until they are in compliance with all federal laws.

  3. Gina You are correct that the Supremacy Clause states ,and has been backed up by the courts, that Federal law ursurps State law including Immigration. So the mantra I keep hearing is that “But they are the same exact same laws” so Arizona is just acting on Federal law. They are NOT the same and the Arizona law has many provisions in it that Federal Immigration laws don't have. There is the rub.

    The Supremacy Clause guarantees the U.S can't have a patchwork of States laws that differ from what falls under Federal law jurisdiction. The Arizona and Federal laws differ

  4. Other than who is doing the enforcing, how is Arizona's legislation different than federal legislation?

    That's not even the point, though. The U.S. government has refused to enforce our immigration laws and secure our border. They have refused! They are in breach of contract according to the Constitution!

    The states are not going to stand quietly by and let our country be overrun indefinitely by these disease-carrying, crime-infested, foreign invaders, just because the feds will not stop them! We WILL do something about the illegal alien hordes!

  5. Gina

    If you look at the Arizona Law policy and the Federal Law, there are differences.One that comes to mind is the Arizona Law makes it legal for citizens to sue police officers if the officers don't arrest what turns out eventually to be an illegal alien. The Federal policy laws differ.There are several more. One is that Federal Law doesn't hold that a person can be jailed if he doesn't have official papers on him at that exact moment. Arizona does. etc

    That is the exact point—Can states pass laws that usurp the Federal governments laws.Answer is no according to the Supremacy clause and backed by court cases. Yes the feds are doing a horrible job, but that still doesn't allow states to make laws that differ from laws where the Feds have jurisdiction. Can Arizona form their own militia and guard the border or go over to the Mexico side to catch druggies? NO.

    Yes the feds are screwing up and yes you 'hate' the current administration. Lets vote em out. But where federal jurisdiction is involved, Federal law trumps states.If we don't like that, then one must offer an amendment to the Constitution which as Americans we have the right to do by voting in the right people.

    You ask what are we to do if the Feds aren't doing their jobs. We vote them out !

  6. Okay. We're talking about details, and details are important, but the essence of both the federal and state laws are the same: We are a sovereign nation, and foreign citizens are not allowed to be in our country through anything other than proper, legal channels and are subject to arrest and deportation if found to be illegally here.

    As for voting them out, that's easier said than done, as we can see by noting the number of “lifers” in the House and Senate who are, against all logic and honest elections, re-elected interminably.

  7. Gina,
    Another great piece. You always get to the point and have again captured the spirit of a lot Americans, including me. I might add a couple of things; First, our States made an agreement with each other and formed a federal government and GRANTED certain powers in order to “…form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, …” and immigration was one thing the States granted it. So, what if the Federal government does not, or can not enforce the immigration laws, that exist to protect us, the U.S. citizens? Is it not the responsibility of our State leaders to demand that the federal leaders enforce the federal laws? Is it not the States' responsibility to protect us, when the federal government can not? Is the issue of Supremacy more important than the people's “general welfare” or “insure domestic tranquility”? Is there a limit to the Supremacy Clause? There has to be. Or why would our States agree to such an agreement? I hope the Court[s] will see that way. God Bless.

  8. Excellent point, Rian. The federal government is a creation of and servant to the states and ultimately the people. If it refuses to do its job, we must of course replace the derelict leaders, but in the meantime, the States have a responsibility to protect their citizens and maintain order within their borders.

    This showdown is proving that it isn't just that our federal government is too lazy to do it's job, but rather those running it refuse to do their jobs. They are deliberately disobeying their oath.

  9. Thank you, Rian! You make flawless points!

    We have to “take our country back” somehow, some way. May the Lord help us all.

  10. The issue that now stands in front of the courts is can a state make a law that varies or differs in any way from the laws and policies of the federal government if those laws happen to fall under government purvue that the state itself ceded to the government.

    If Brazil invades us through Arizona's border, can Arizona make a law that differs from the feds when it comes to foreign invasion ? Constitutionally no. If the Russian spies were all found in Arizona could Arizona create a law on international spying that differs from the feds laws ? Constitutionally no.

    So immigration is under federal purvue, policy and law. Can Arizona create a law that differs or varies in any way from the feds policies and laws. We will see

  11. perhaps there exists another allegiance? buy the peoples representatives?
    perhaps Gina's opinion should be sent on to Jan Brewer.

  12. Dale, I believe you hit the nail on the head. Another allegiance–that is the key with these people that have taken over our government.