Rapid City Journal Continues War on Conservative Candidates

Did you know that Jordan Mason, the newly-elected Rapid City councilman from Ward 4, is an evil, evil man? Do you know what heinous crime this diabolical tyrant has perpetrated?

He bought campaign ads on electronic billboards around Rapid City. I know; it’s tough to believe that any candidate would dare stoop so low as to not only place ads where his potential voters can see them, but he actually did so on electronic billboards. What kind of a man would do this?

Seriously, though, just to be clear, although Mason did place some of his campaign ads on electronic billboards around town, I’m not upset about it at all, and I don’t think most people would be.  Seems like a smart move to me, an effective and legitimate use of his resources.

But our source of all wisdom, the Rapid City Journal is pretty bent out of shape over it. I saw the title on their opinion page today “Mason used electronic billboard” which seemed to convey something along the lines of “Mason tortured kittens.”

THE BAD: Some people might consider Ward 4-elect alderman Jordan Mason to be a fine-looking young man, but plastering his mug across an electronic billboard last week on election day was a sign of poor judgment.Mason soon will be participating in Rapid City Council decisions about regulation of billboard companies. In a city where many people would like to see them banned entirely, using them as a campaign tool undermines his credibility as an objective decision maker.

For all the Rapid City Journal knows, there are likely just as many (if not more) people in Rapid City who want to see them remain in place.  For all we know, there might be an even larger number of Rapid Citians who don’t care either way. (Liberal elitists like those at the Rapid City journal tend to get lathered up over things most average people couldn’t care less about).

I’d be willing to bet that Jordon Mason patronizes a lot of businesses around town. Like all of us, I would imagine that he spends his hard-earned dollars at many different businesses. Does that render him incapable of objective decision making with regard to those businesses where he chooses to spend his money–just like every other council member in Rapid City? Just like every employee of the Rapid City Journal?

You know, some people might not like any billboards around town, and I have heard them say so. Yet the Rapid City Journal’s darling, the “old fashioned conservative Republican” RINO J.P. Duniphan plastered her “old fashioned conservative Republican” deception all over town. Somehow this was not, in the Journal’s infinite wisdom, “poor judgment” that “undermines her credibility as an objective decision maker.”

I haven’t talked to Mason about this, but maybe, just maybe, he made the most effective use of a legitimate means of advertising–defeating a candidate that maybe, just maybe, the Journal in its “objective” wisdom, would have liked better.

Would you like the hear the real “BAD”?

THE BAD: A great city in western South Dakota held hostage to some of the most biased, self-righteous “news reporting” many people have ever seen. The Rapid City Journal is really the only choice for print news for some 70,000 Rapid Citians, and they are subjected to asinine attempts to smear politicians these “journalists” don’t like on a continual basis–always under the guise of “thoughtful, objective, balanced, unbiased reporting.”

That’s what’s really bad, folks.

3 Responses to “Rapid City Journal Continues War on Conservative Candidates”

  1. The “real” issue here is most likely that Jordan didnt buy any advertising from the Rapid City Journal, its called payback

  2. I do believe you have a point. 🙂 At a minimum, word on the street has it the Journal is torqued about the electronic billboards for taking too much revenue from their coffers.

    We must remember, of course, that the Journal is a disinterested party here. They are above petty concerns like profit, income, sales, etc. which plague other businesses. 😉