NAACP Preemptively Smacked for Bigoted Attack on Tea Party

Dana Loesch of the St. Louis Tea Party

I love it when Leftwing bigots like the NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People, also known as the NAACP) get smacked for their lunacy.  Conservatives have silently put up with liberal nonsense for far too long.

I’m talking about the reports over the last day or so that the NAALCP was considering drafting a resolution condemning the Tea Party movement for nonexistent racist behavior by the movement.

Such a move would be purely partisan and totally deceptive, since there is no credible evidence that the Tea Party movement is the least bit racist.  Every group has its fringe nutjobs; even the Left has the Lyndon Larouche wackos–now there are some racists for you.

Now we all probably know about the smear-job allegations by the “mainstream” media and other Leftists of racist behavior on the part of Tea Party people, but they hold no water.  Some months ago as the unconstitutional government health care bill was working its way through congress, the Left tried to claim Tea Party people had hurled racial epithets and spit on some black congressmen.  Somehow, with all the video being taken in the vicinity, none surfaced to back these allegations. In fact, quite a bit of testimony arose which said nothing of the sort was said or done beyond one guy who may have had some spittle inadvertently leave his lips as he spoke, as we’ve all experienced at one time or another.

Of course, the lack of evidence to back these Leftist claims of racism is no surprise.  Since the beginning of the Tea Party movement in 2009, black entertainer Lloyd Marcus has been at the forefront of the Tea Party phenomenon, crafting several rally anthems and traveling with the Tea Party Express across America.  Indeed, patriotic black Americans, brown Americans, red Americans and white Americans (and probably every other skin color represented in the United States) have been seen at Tea Party gatherings across the country.  A few months ago, a “mainstream” media reporter asked a black person at a Tea Party rally if they felt uncomfortable there; he replied (incredulously, as most Tea Partiers would) “No, these are my people — Americans.”  Unlike the Left, conservative patriotic Americans don’t obsessively seek to divide and classify by skin color.

Evidence was so lacking as the second annual Tax Day Tea Parties approached this year,  some Leftists felt compelled to infiltrate Tea Party groups and manufacture a little “Tea Party racism” to make their opponents look bad. Unfortunately for them, word got out and their smear campaign fell flat; in the future, we may not even know if some Tea Partiers were to genuinely behave in a racist fashion for suspicion that it may be more of these smear-happy liberals.

Despite all this, despite all evidence to the contrary, despite the weight and compulsion of reality, the NAALCP has been considering a resolution to condemn the Tea Party movement for this nonexistent racism.

Well, a Tea Party group in St. Louis, rather than sitting on their hands and fretting as conservatives usually do, grabbed the bull by the horns and beat them to the punch.  According to Fox News, the St. Louis Tea Party has condemned the bigoted NAALCP for considering this smear against patriotic Americans.

The St. Louis Tea Party had an all-hands-on-deck response to the NAACP’s plan to denounce the nationwide network of activists at its annual convention across the state in Kansas City. The NAACP as early as Tuesday could take up language to “repudiate the racism of the Tea Parties” and stand against the movement’s attempt to “push our country back to the pre-civil rights era.”

In a matter of hours, the St. Louis group drafted and fired off to the NAACP a resolution demanding the organization withdraw its “bigoted, false and inflammatory” statement. The missive accused the NAACP of resorting to political tactics and urged the IRS to reconsider whether it can continue to qualify for tax-exempt status.

The resolution reads:

St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Resolution
July 12, 2010

Whereas, the National Coalition for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded to advance the position of minority groups, and

Whereas a hallmark of the NAACP has been to do the important work of identifying and exposing remaining vestiges of racism and discrimination, and

Whereas the NAACP vocally stands against the discriminatory and harmful practice of labeling people with a broad brush, and

Whereas the NAACP decided to launch their 101st National Convention with a resolution condemning the Tea Party movement and labeling millions of their fellow Americans who subscribe to the movement as “racists”, and

Whereas the “Tea Party movement” is a label applied to patriotic Americans who have expressed their political free speech in the grand tradition of all that is American, that being the spirited expression of viewpoints in a 100% peaceful manner, and

Whereas, it is a hallmark of America that we settle our disputes civilly and avoid the gutter tactic of attempting to silence opponents by inflammatory name-calling, and

Whereas the very term “racist” has diminished meaning due to its overuse by political partisans including members of the NAACP, and

Whereas, the NAACP had an opportunity to preserve some semblance of legitimacy by standing up for Ken Gladney, the victim of a vicious racist battery conducted by a black avowed communist, even labeling him an “Uncle Tom”, but chose instead to use the opportunity to mock the St. Louis Tea Party, and

Whereas, the NAACP has refused to denounce the New Black Panther’s call to murder white cops and their babies, and

Whereas, the NAACP does its entire membership a grave disservice by hypocritically engaging in the very conduct it purports to oppose,

Now therefore be it resolved that the St. Louis Tea Party condemns the NAACP for lowering itself to the dishonorable position of a partisan political attack dog organization, and,

Be it further resolved that the St. Louis Tea Party calls on similar organizations to join in unanimous condemnation of this despicable behavior, and

Be it further resolved that we demand that the NAACP withdrawal their bigoted, false and inflammatory resolution against the tea party for any further consideration, and

Be it further resolved that these organizations call on the Internal Revenue Service to evenly apply their standards and consider the tax-exempt status of the NAACP considering the degree to which they are engaging in habitual partisan political behavior.

Adopted unanimously, this day, July 12th, in the year of our Lord, 2010.

I see these radicals even had the gall to date their resolution in the same manner our United States Constitution was dated: in the Year of our Lord. The nerve!

My fellow patriots and conservatives, THIS is how we will return our country to its foundations and principles: not with timidity, not with apologies for our patriotism, not with lack of action or by sitting on our hands–but by taking this culture war to the enemies of American values and retaking the ground we have allowed them to have for far too long.

You don’t win a war by hoping the enemy won’t take another piece of your real estate, and when he does hoping he won’t take another, and when he takes another hoping he won’t take still another.   You win a war by aggressively defending your territory (in this case, the United States Constitution, the principles upon which it was founded, and the liberties they protect).  You win by refusing to allow the enemy even an inch, and by demonstrating to him that future efforts to encroach on your freedom will be met by solid, unyielding resistance.

And make no mistake: this is not a war of violence, but it is a culture war that the Left declared on the American way of life many years ago.  It’s time patriotic Americans quit denying it and started dealing with it.

God bless the St. Louis Tea Party, the nationwide Tea Party movement, and God bless America!

10 Responses to “NAACP Preemptively Smacked for Bigoted Attack on Tea Party”

  1. I think people commonly mistake the Tea Party movement with the Birther movement because they draw most of their members from the far right. While the Birther movement is based entirely on racism, the tea party is based on fiscal conservatism.

    That being said, many individuals belong to both groups, and so we do see racist imagery being displayed at tea party events.

    I think what most people would like to hear is Tea Party candidates distance themselves from birthers and the racist elements of the far right. I’ve heard several mainstream Republicans do so, but no Tea Party/Independent candidates. People see these signs at Tea Party events, and then don’t hear them denounced, and I think that’s why so many people believe the Tea Party is tinged with racism.

  2. All groups, whether conservative, liberal, progressive or tea-party folks, have racists in them. It may not be as obvious as in the 50's when groups like the KKK etc were so evident, but racism ,while often now more subtle, is present in our society and not just limited to a few fringe elements. Walk down an empty street late some night and on one side is ten black men and on the other ten white men and see what your INITIAL gut reaction is. That is where racism hides today for most of us no matter what 'group' we are in.

    I listened to the head of the NAACP last night and he said he didn't believe the Tea Party itself was racist, but that it had some racists in it which all groups do. Why wouldn't they admit that and denounce it? We ask Muslims living peacefully in our country to outwardly denounce the extremist faction and then we make a big deal out of it if they don't. Why doesn't the Tea Party simply do the same, since to deny they don't have racists in their party would be sheer folly and complete denial.

  3. Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce should apologize for and condemn racists in their group. Perhaps the Knights of Columbus should apologize for and condemn racists in their group. Perhaps the Rotary Club should apologize for and condemn racists in their group. Perhaps the National Federation of the Blind should apologize for and condemn racists in their group. Perhaps the AARP should apologize for and condemn racists in their group. Perhaps the American Medical Association should apologize for and condemn racists in their group Perhaps the American Cancer Society should apologize for and condemn racists in their group. Perhaps the Clark County Rodeo Club should apologize for and condemn racists in their group. Perhaps the NAACP should apologize for and condemn racists in their group.

    We ask that Muslims denounce terrorism because of all the terrorist acts committed against us and our allies in the past 30 years, almost all of them have been by Muslims in the name of Allah.

    How many racist acts have been committed by Tea Party people? Andrew Breitbart offered an (as yet unclaimed) $10,000 reward nearly four months ago to anyone who could substantiate the claims of racist activity which allegedly went on in D.C. during the health care debates. There's a whole lot of claims of “racism” in the Tea Party movement, but a real dearth of specifics to back it up.

    Tea Party people usually do condemn racist acts and statements in the rare instances when they encounter them in their sphere of life. But we aren't going to run around groveling and apologizing for the rare acts of people who don't by ideology or numerical size even remotely represent our movement.

  4. ” We ask that Muslims denounce terrorism because of all the terrorist acts committed against us and our allies in the past 30 years have been by Muslims in the name of Allah” Not all terrorists acts against us have been done by Muslims, but most by far.

    Well all( most by far) the black hangings, severe and brutal black discrimination etc done in the past 50 years has been done mainly by white racists.

    So if the over whelming majority of American Muslims are not jihadists and the overwhelming majority of whites are not race abusers, don't think you can call for the good Muslims to denounce their wicked minority without calling for the good white majority to equally denounce their wicked minortiy. Lets at least be democratic about it

  5. I'm not sure whether you just don't understand all this, or you do and you're just perpetuating the lies.

    Most if not all of the links you provided are not racist. Rather, they reference the fact that Obama's grandmother said he was born in Kenya, Michelle called Kenya his home country, etc. That is not racist; that is referencing what his wife and grandmother said about him. Also, socialism is definitely a form of slavery without regard to skin color.

    Liberals like to play the race card because they have little else with which to defend their un-American policy initiatives.

  6. Has there been any shortage of white people condemning racist acts of violence against blacks? I think not. Meanwhile, the silence is deafening from the Muslim community on the condemnation of Islamic terrorism.