Michael Savage, Banned in Britain Redux

Gina Miller

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We had hoped for a little change with the new British government being elected, the so-called Conservative Party now in power under Prime Minister David Cameron.  But we didn’t have to hope very long before our hopes for Dr. Michael Savage were dashed, as the Conservative Party quickly showed itself to be the same speech police gang as the one before it.  World Net Daily reports that Dr. Savage received a letter on Monday in which the U.K. Border Agency, through the treasury solicitor’s office, informed him that he would remain on the banned list.

You are, no doubt, familiar with Savage’s story of having been banned from entering Britain in May of last year by then-Home Secretary Jaqui Smith.  I wrote a piece about the story back in February of this year.  In early May of ’09, the Home Office announced a list of 16 people who would be denied entry into the U.K., and the list included Islamic terrorists, neo-Nazis and Michael Savage.  He was not banned for any crime he committed, because he did not commit a crime.  He was banned for his words, for speaking his mind.  The audio clips used by the British government to justify its decision were bits of Savage’s words that were taken out of context and made to sound as if he were saying things he did not say.

Dr. Savage has spent over a year fighting to clear his name from the preposterous inclusion on this list, but so far without success.  And now it seems he will have to take his fight to the European Court of Human Rights.  I wonder how they will treat him there.

It seems to me that Michael Savage is a one-man example of America’s freedom and exceptionalism.  His love for our country is deep and quite evident when he speaks.  He knows what defines a country–any country–its borders, language and culture.  That’s the best in-a-nutshell description of a sovereign nation that I’ve ever heard, and it’s pure Savage–the Savage we love.

Michael Savage (Photo credit: Aryeh Shershow)

Long before he was banned in Britain, Dr. Savage was banned in America.  What do I mean?  As I wrote back in February, unless you are one of his faithful listeners, you might not even know he exists, because almost no one will mention his name!  I’m not just talking about those on the left; we fully expect them to hate a truth-teller like Dr. Savage.  It’s those on the right, with a few exceptions, who won’t acknowledge him–at least publicly–that truly baffle me.

Just what is it about Dr. Savage that causes others in the media to shun him?  I suppose it could be something as flimsy as hurt feelings or offense at some of Dr. Savage’s caustic rebukes.  You know Dr. Savage spares no one, left or right, when he sees the need for admonishment.  But that seems like a very shallow reason for media people to refuse to utter his name.  I believe the reasons go deeper.  Dr. Savage deals in the meaty, brutal truth, not diet truth, as some conservative talkers are wont to do.  He’s not afraid to confront the “delicate” subjects like the radical homosexual agenda and the America-hating enemies within, including Islamic leaders who are actively continuing their infiltration of our country with the ultimate goal of imposing sharia law in America.

I know Dr. Savage is used to being treated shabbily by fellow conservative talkers, but it always irks me to hear the radio silence about this story.  Now, more than ever, is the time for Rush, Hannity, Beck, Levin and others to be shouting from the rooftops about this outrageous ban of Dr. Savage by the British government.  Do Rush and the others somehow think they will be spared the coming socialist crackdown on freedom of speech?  They must know it’s coming.  These people in Washington are like the leaders in Britain, except we haven’t yet caught up to them in their stifling of free expression.

What does this ban of Dr. Savage mean?  I suppose he is a test case.  What will the people do; how will they react?  I don’t know, since almost no one will mention this story.  Now, the story is new again.  Now, we must renew our calls for our elected and appointed leaders to demand Dr. Savage’s name be removed from the ridiculous inclusion on the banned list.  Don’t underestimate the importance of this ban.  The U.K. is part of the West and is one of our allies!  For them to declare a United States citizen, who has not committed any crime, to be unwelcome in their country is unbelievable.  To declare Dr. Savage banned for speaking his mind on the radio is deplorable.

We must stand with Dr. Savage in this ordeal.  We must contact the State Department, and contact our congressmen and senators.  Let them know that this continued ban of Michael Savage is wholly unacceptable and should be denounced by our American leadership.  We should also contact leaders in Britain.   We must support Dr. Savage and pray for him and his family, because I’m telling you, today it’s Michael Savage being targeted by the speech police, and tomorrow it’s you and I.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

24 Responses to “Michael Savage, Banned in Britain Redux”

  1. Do you seriously believe that Uk has control over its its borders? We have allowed every low-life piece of welfare benefits scum into this country. We have thousands of people in this country who hate everything about our culture, who mock us and cost us a fortune in defending trumped up cases about their human rights.
    I’d really like to know what this man has done to deserve this treatment? As a Brit, I’m embarrassed by this. I suspect that the only reason he is banned from Britain is that he is not afraid to speak his mind. Given that Britain is now a country crippled by political correctness, that would indeed be a threat to Westminster where we have a bunch of clowns posing as leaders, who swapped their spines for bananas a long time ago. Shame on them!

  2. Savage is a hypocrite. He condemns our government for not exercising control over our borders, then he whines like a little girl when another country exercises control over its own borders.

    What's worse is when intellectually lazy sheep like yourself swallow everything he says without fact-checking.

  3. Excuse me, but what are you talking about? There is no comparison between enforcing our borders against foreign, ILLEGAL invaders and Britain banning Michael Savage, who, through proper LEGAL channels should be free to enter Britain.

    Your argument is baseless, and your accusation of me being a sheep and not fact-checking is also baseless.

  4. Good to hear from you, Heather. Thanks for reading and commenting. I see from your IP address that I've been over in your general neck of the woods before when I was stationed in England. I lived near Cambridge and Peterborough, but traveled to Leicester and Alton Towers several times. Tons of fond memories from those years.

    I was just telling Gina last night via email that, in my humble foreigner's opinion, Britain hasn't had a good PM since Thatcher. John Major was a major disappointment, and we won't bother getting into Tony Blair.

    Unfortunately we're plagued by the same breed of banana-spines here in the States. Both of our great nations are in peril, but let's hope we average people can help turn it around.

    Thanks again for stopping by, Heather. Cheers!

  5. You ironically call someone “intellectually lazy”, while making a straw man argument. Not to mention relying on name calling to make it seem like you actually have a point.
    You’re comparing people illegally entering our country, to someone with a passport visiting another…really?

  6. I wonder if the reason he remains banned from Britain is that he not only speaks his mind about things like homosexuals or whatever, he actively enages individual people, confronts them aggressively one on one in very personal and abusive language. Didn't he say directly to a gay caller on air ” You should just go off and die you pig”” or something similiar for which he got fired.

    I think where Britain is drawing the line is between freedom to free speech versus a man verbally, directly and in person abusing another human to their face. If Savage were a British citizen and had the habit of walking up to Christians and to their face ' Go home and die you religious freak pig ', I am not sure he as a foreigner would be welcomed here..We don't have to tolerate that from foreigners

  7. Oh, that's no good, Brian. Did you happen to hear the Black Panther calling for the murder of white people and their babies here in America? Did you happen to see any videos of the rabid Islamists standing on the streets of America calling for the murder of Americans and the destruction of America?

    The liberals have the one example that you cite. Back years and years ago when Savage was on a television show, because of the words he would speak, he was ambushed with a set-up aggressive homosexual caller that Savage finally got a craw-full of and told him to take off and die. That was in response to the aggressive homosexual activist deliberately attacking and trying to tweak Dr. Savage. I have a hot head and can fully relate to finally saying to some jerk the very thing Dr. Savage said.

    But that is not the case with the British ban. They are not citing that particular incident. They are using some out-of-context statements that Dr. Savage made about maniac Islamic terrorists. The sound bites were no doubt provided by Media Matters, although that is not proven.

    Brian, please don't get me started on this. Dr. Savage has honored me this evening by playing a portion of this radio blog on his program. Please understand that this is a grave injustice against an American citizen. You are wrong to bring up that stupid example. Dr. Savage has done NOTHING to warrant this kind of treatment. You don't see the coming evil tide of worldwide socialism/fascism, but we do! We're in more trouble than you can imagine, but you don't see it!

  8. Gina

    I certainly don't mean to dishonor the fact that Michael Savage played you on his program and if fact very happy for you.Very happy. But this isn't about him per se to me. It is about the right of any country to ban a foreigner who goes further than offending people, he aggressively and very pointedly goes after them. Why should a foreign country allow another foreigner in to do such a thing. The US has banned certain books for less.Has banned people as well

    But also hasn't Savage called for the banning or deporting of American citizens himself ! I just listened to a tape of him saying members of CAIR should be deported. He sure seems free to speak of deporting some people who he dilikes and are AMERICAN CITIZENS, but then complains when someone bans him from a country that he is a foreigner to.

  9. Brian,

    If you said to a smoker who would not quit,”Well go ahead and die of lung cancer”, Is that hateful or a word of good advice? We all know that the gay life style is inherently destructive. And don't tell me I don't have a clue what I'm talking about! I know several people close to me that have died terrible deaths because of this disease. ALL completely preventable.

    The truth is a hard concept to digest. I have read your comments over many months and normally keep my thoughts to myself. Gina is my wife and she is sometimes too congenial to you. I always say “This guy just doesn't get it.”

    Brian, STOP apologizing for bad behavior Lies are lies and truth is truth! You know the difference.

    God bless you and your family. I mean that.

    If we don't stand together, we will all fall separately.


  10. What on earth are you talking about?! Do I not “pointedly” go after you all the time?

    Brian, we're talking about FREE SPEECH! Do you not realize that the First Amendment was talking about speech that was “pointedly” going after those in power?

    Islamic interloper maniacs who call for the overthrow of our government and country, fall under the TREASONOUS speech category. BIG DIFFERENCE.

    Man, you're not going to win this argument.

  11. Gina is fortunate to have you as a supportive husband and I mean that just as I know you meant it when you said may God bless me and my family. But again I am not talking about homosexuals or any one group in particular. I am talking about a country banning foreigners. Do you believe that China or Russia should freely let in….say… Canadians that are loudly and agressively promoting the evils of communism on their street corners?Should we demand they let these people in. That is why I am questioning and looking at whether Britain has the right to ban Americans or anyone who actively and loudly and often insultingly condemns the beliefs of many of their citizens . America has banned many we feel are, in some way, dangerous to our peace.

  12. Gina Please see my reply to your husband

  13. China and Russia should most definitely allow Canadians to loudly promote the evils of communism. It is precisely because communism has something to hide, that it doesn't.
    You have an understandably common misconception that the British Government is democratic. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have a Government which was not fairly elected, because of an undemocratic voting system. We have a body of people in the EU who are enforcing ludicrous laws upon us, are accountable to no-one, and to add insult to injury, were denied a referendum on, despite promises to the contrary. This screams of communism to me.
    So what if someone loudly condemns the belief of citizens here or in America? This is the price we pay for democracy to survive.
    Whilst it might be inadvisable to call someone a pig over the radio waves (though I did have to stifle a giggle at that), it is far more offensive to be treated like a sheep. I am deeply offended that my unelected Government and the unelected communists in Europe are making decisions that do not represent the free thinkers of Britain. I would be less offended if we really did have a strict policy of who is allowed to cross our borders, but this is far from the case. I resent the cost of over 10million pounds for the Pope's visit. I consider that a man who covered up child abuse is a real threat to my country, yet I am forced to pay for his visit.
    Geert Wilder's was also banned. He is part of the EU and is democratically elected. He is not calling for the death of muslims. He is simply pointing out the threat that islam poses to the West.
    The truth is that communists don't like free speech. We are moving further and further into a totalitarian state.
    We need voices like Michael Savage and Geert Wilder's. The fact that they are being stifled is very worrying indeed.

  14. HI Bob,
    I think it would be an eye opener for you to re-visit England today.
    I don't think Britain has had a decent PM since Churchill 🙂 I was a socialist when Thatcher was PM and did not appreciate her one little bit. Major was weak but I still think there was a thread of decency in him, unlike those who have been in power since.
    I'm amazed at the rapid changes that have happened both here and in the USA It used to be that what happened in America would happen here tomorrow. Now it seems to me that this is in reverse. I see Obama dragging America down the ugly road of socialism and rolling out the red carpet for those who do not have America's interests at heart. If alarm bells aren't ringing that his personal advisor is advising him that sharia law is misunderstood, then they ought to be! As for CAIR ———-fill in the blanks lol
    We are headed for civil war here soon.
    Anyhow. I'm going to write to my MP about Savage not being allowed to touch down in Londonistan.
    Best wishes from Birminghamistan. Nice to hear from you.

  15. Yes, from everything I've read, the UK has serious immigration problems from Islamic nations (not to minimize our own failures here). When I was there a little over 20 years ago, there were a LOT of people from the Middle East (it seemed all the taxi drivers around Huntingdon were from Pakistan), and reports I've read are that some areas of London are more than 60% Islamic immigrants in population.

    Yes, Obama is trying to drive our nation into the ground at top speed. Fortunately there remain some sane people in this country (who have been silent too long) who are rising up to hopefully stop this. I see that Daniel Hannan is starting a Tea Party movement in the UK; if you had a dozen or so leaders like Hannan, that would go a long way to helping Britain.

    Have to go. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting!

  16. Very well-said, Ms. Heather! Thank you!

  17. I may have to pull my hair out on this one or at least shave off an eyebrow ! I know that Heather, Gina, Logitech all feel that Michael Savage should not be banned from Britain and I also think Britains ' hate laws ' have gone to far. But this isn't about what Heather, Gina, Logitech or I feel about free speech. The point I am trying to make is that a government does have the right to ban people from entering it if the government in power feels they are dangerous to the peace or safety of the land !! May be wrong to some , but they have the right

    Now it may be an obvious breach of freedom of free speech to us and many Brits as well. Fine. Let the Brits vote out those who support it or raise such hell that the government must revise it's policy. But that does not change the fact that the current Brititsh government has the law and rights to ban certain people. I AM NOT SAYING I AGREE

    Let me remind you guys that for the last twenty years the United States has banned all people with HIV/AIDS from entering our country. That means a thirty year old women from Britain who contracted this from a blood transfusion she received in the U.S.can't enter our country. Did our government have the right to ban her YES. Wrong or right, the government had that right. (I think this ban was or is about to be lifted)

    Does our government have the right to tell me I can only drive 30mph on a wide open road when I think I should be able to drive 40 mph? YEP. The government has all sorts of rights over individuals and if we don't like what they are doing, VOTE EM OUT !

  18. He's not trying to immigrate there illegally, so he's not a hypocrite. Exactly what facts in this story do you dispute? Please try to reply without using derogatory epithets, if possible.

  19. But we did vote in a new Gov't Brian. It was the previous Gov't who banned Michael Savage, and the new Gov't who has maintained the ban. Speeding restrictions are one thing and free speech quite another. I have written to my MP demanding an explanation regarding the ban on Savage.
    A real democratic Government would listen to public opinion. They are after all, Public Servants and have no business lording it over us all. Two thirds of the British public want the burqa banned for example and still we have an MP bleating that it is unbritish to ban it. I say they have a moral duty to represent their constituents. Little point in voting them out when they are all in the same communist camp.

  20. All those other talk show hosts are on the deception payroll, it's the only explanation, they need Dr. Savage to be their whipping boy, but they need to back him up if they really believe in free speech, if not they will fail sending the message again in this next election, we are divided enough if we are going to conquer the socialists we will all have to be united regardless of the consequenses. I know in my heart thats how Dr. Savage feels and thats the mindset he brings to the nation, Consistency is his brand, his perception is dead on 99.5% of the time and if Glenn Beck can claim his facts are as good as Dr.Savages perception then whats the beef? Glenn as well as the rest don't have to agree with his every analysis but they do have to at least be as represenative as the old liberals and fight and die for his right to say it, or why should anyone fight for their right or support their shows? They are as good as hipocrites if they dont stand up for one of there colleagues when a whole country has slandered him, if not they should all stop preaching like televangelists, because their words mean nothing if they wont stand up for one of their own. Surely then they'll never stick up for me…

  21. pc needs to stop, the minute it does, and eventually it will one way or another, we will be America again. this over sensitive thin skinned crap is killing America faster than illegal immigration and wall street combined. Divide and conquer thats there goal and they've divided us nicely, no one in the main stream media will even stick up for one of their own, and they expect us to continue supporting their free speech I think they've gotten a little to cocky that they dont need the humane rights of Dr. Savage….

  22. Heather

    It would seem to me that if the public in Britain wants one thing, but the politicians are 'all in the same communist camp', then the root of the problem still falls back to the people as I have suggested. Is it not then up to this public to seek office themselves or find those among their ranks to run ? Where are all these so called patriots? That is how you system and our system works by stepping up ourselves and make the sacrifice and run for office or suffer the consequences.

  23. This is so right on. When I first heard Michael I thought he was crazy. But as I listened and read I know he is close to where Rush was when he first came on. He (Rush) was in your face (if you are a liberal) and they didn't like him either. He has since settled in the comfort zone with Hannity, Beck and others while Michael continues with the Truth.