Citizens for Liberty Taken By Coup

Barb Lindberg

By now you may have read in the Rapid City Journal that Barb Lindberg, the former president of Rapid City Tea Party group Citizens for Liberty, has pulled a coup, taking control of the group behind the back of the board. Lindberg was dismissed as president and board member in a 4-0 vote of the board on July 19 due to her heavy-handed, “my-way-or-the-highway” dealings.

Even as the board of Citizens for Liberty was preparing to elect a new president and sign the incorporation papers which Lindberg had sat on for several weeks, Lindberg and some other associates prepared their own version of incorporation papers and quietly sent them to the South Dakota Secretary of State, co-opting the name of the group.

A call to the Secretary of State’s office has confirmed that, not knowing of the conflict and that Lindberg had been dismissed by the board, the incorporation paperwork had been accepted.

This afternoon, the former board members of the hijacked Citizens for Liberty group issued the following statement to the media who have been asking for a statement all day:

It is unfortunate that Ms. Lindberg is cloaking an illegitimate power grab beneath the flowery language of, ‘rule by the people.’ Ms. Lindberg’s claim of dedication to, ‘governance by the people,’ began little more than one week ago, when she realized that a duly appointed board of directors was moving to remove her from office. Ms. Lindberg was not elected, ‘by the people.’ She accepted an appointment by the same board that voted to remove her. Her newly discovered commitment to ‘bottom up rule,’ appears to be nothing more than a carefully crafted facade for self-serving political ambition.

From the beginning, Citizens for Liberty board members refused to publicly discuss Ms. Lindberg’s ongoing and manipulative attempts to seize control of the organization. The board’s silence was a deliberate effort to protect the Tea Party movement, and even Ms. Lindberg’s own reputation, from lasting damage. Regrettably, this only allowed Ms. Lindberg the operating space necessary to perform an outright coup d’ etat, cementing her illegitimate presidency with a hastily drawn move for incorporation; a last gasp to circumvent the authority of the very board that placed her in power.

For the sake of the local conservative cause, we hope Ms. Lindberg’s newly founded organization can survive and thrive, but we have deep doubts about what fruit can be expected to spring from a tree planted in such poisonous ground.”

Ed Randazzo
Dawn Pence
Zach Lautenschlager
Bob Ellis

As cited in the media statement, the board had deliberately sought to keep quiet in an attempt to protect the reputation and credibility of Citizens for Liberty and the Tea Party movement in South Dakota.

Now that Mrs. Lindberg has dragged both repeatedly through the mud by going to the media, expect a considerable amount of evidence to now be released which will reveal the domineering, manipulative and duplicitous behavior of Mrs. Lindberg before she was dismissed, and especially afterward.  In other words, it will be revealed in detail exactly why the CFL board believed it had no choice but to dismiss her for the good of the organization.

A new Tea Party group will soon be formed by people who consider the conservative cause and the Tea Party movement more important than their own egos and thirst for power, so stay tuned for details about that, too.

2 Responses to “Citizens for Liberty Taken By Coup”

  1. This is very sad news! And it's just the thing the left LOVES to see!

    Mrs. Lindberg is setting a shameful example by behaving exactly like the type of political figure the Tea Party movement is seeking to purge from our government–a power-hungry, cheating tyrant!

    I pray that the genuine Citizens for Liberty Tea Party of Rapid City can overcome these disgusting moves by this treacherous woman.

  2. Barb Lindberg is a classic tyrant, wanting only her desires to be met. I wont go to a meeting with her in charge and I would encourage everyone I meet to not attend. A real t-party conservative would simply fall on his or her sword and leave.