Black Panthers Arm to Rumble with Tea Party, ‘Cracker’ Police

Naked Emperor News provides more coverage on the saints and patriots who were too good to be found guilty of voter intimidation in Philadelphia in 2008.

Yes, I’m talking about the Black Panthers, those bearers of good tidings, good will and racial harmony.

Listen to Malik Zulu Shabaaz and King Shamir Shabazz talk about arming for battle with the Tea Party and “cracker” police.

I told you last night the Tea Party is arming. The white men already been armed. Just armin’ even more.

I commend Shabazz for his appreciation for the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms this amendment guarantees. We can hope that, like the “Tea Party” and “white men” Shabaaz mentioned, he intends to exercise that right in a lawful fashion. Given the activities of the old Black Panthers and the statements of some in the new Black Panthers, one has to wonder, though.

Says King Shamir Shabazz:

“How many of ya’ll are actually tired of police brutality, raise your black hands…How many of ya’ll want to know the quickest way to get rid of police brutality? The quickest way to get rid of police brutality is to get rid of the police. How do you get rid of police in your community? How many of ya’ll know about the Deacons for Defense? We need Deacons for Defense in each and every black community. Is that right?

It makes no damn sense why cracker police come into your neighborhood and militarize your neighborhood. They go home to their stinkin’ wife and children, and they don’t have to police their neighborhood.”

You know, every time I see a police car roll by in my neighborhood, I am thankful and grateful. Why? Because I am a law-abiding citizen who respects the rule of law, and I am glad the police are patrolling my neighborhood to help protect me and my family from thugs, thieves and the like. I suppose if you are a thug, though, perhaps you aren’t too happy to see the police nearby; they tend to spoil the mission of the average thug.

They seem to interfere with King Samir’s mission as well:

“I love fightin’ me some crackers. Straight up. I love fighting peckerwoods. And niggers in the woods, too. I stay in jail. Why do I stay in jail? Because I defend my ‘hood. Police shake in they boots when they see me. Why? Because I defend my ‘hood.”

Yes, a very law-abiding and peaceful attitude, indeed.  No wonder the Department of Justice found nothing intimidating about Black Panthers standing in front of the doorways of polling stations with night sticks.

3 Responses to “Black Panthers Arm to Rumble with Tea Party, ‘Cracker’ Police”

  1. Hey shabazz tootsie roll. you wanna know how not to have to deal with not just cracker Police but any Police? DONT BREAK THE LAW!!! DUH!!!! Has it occured to you that they do not want to deal with you either? I doubt very seriously you can woop they butt. They always have to use sometype of antibiotic after they woop yours. You dont realize that majority of the Police are veterans that have served this country and now they are serving in another way by being a Police Officer…. NO!!! I dont expect you to know that. I dont expect you know much of anything. Thats why you in a racist organization. BUT HEY….If you want to start something ….BRING IT ON !!!!

  2. With the overt threats made by the NBPP, normal citizens now have a much lower threshold of proof needed to use deadly force should one of these anarchists confront them in a hostile manner. I wouldn't hesitate to use such force if a uniformed member of this radical racist organization merely knocked at my door. They are setting themselves up for a bloodbath.