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Feds Working on Backdoor Amnesty Program

Feds Working on Backdoor Amnesty Program

We’ve long known the liberals in our government are dedicated to ignoring our laws and allowing the illegal alien problem to continue unabated. Now we learn of a draft memo written to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas by several agency staffers which looks at ways the Obama Administration might do an end-run around congressional authority and implement their own version of amnesty for illegals.

Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore in America

Normal Isn't Normal Anymore in America

Americans need to realize the damage that racial manipulation has done to our country. The blessings of freedom must be kept in this land forever. Unfortunately, our country is going down the path of repressive tyranny — thanks largely to the modern Democratic Party, which is obsessed with making racial unrest a central theme of its agenda.