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Shirley Sherrod’s Husband on White Men and Uncle Toms

Shirley Sherrod's Husband on White Men and Uncle Toms

If you’ve been relying on the “mainstream” media to stay informed, you probably don’t know much about the Shirley Sherrod controversy beyond the media’s proclamation that Andrew Breitbart tried to deceive people. You probably wouldn’t know about the other things Sherrod said in that clip, or about the $13 million she and her husband received in an agricultural discrimination lawsuit, or about her husband’s take on white men and Uncle Toms.

Senator Kerry Snaps Over $7 Million Yacht Tax Questions

Senator Kerry Snaps Over $7 Million Yacht Tax Questions

It seems Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA) isn’t too keen on answering questions about taxes on his new $7 million yacht. He snapped when impudent reporters asked him if he was trying to dodge taxes on his yacht by keeping it docked in a state where taxes would not apply. These reporters apparently fail to realize that John Kerry is above the requirements of the little people.

Correcting Revisionism About America’s Founders

Correcting Revisionism About America's Founders

Historian David Barton as he corrects a multitude of propaganda and historical revisionism concerning America’s foundations and the Christian faith of the founders. Among the facts explored: the phenomenon of American exceptionalism, the founding philosophy, principles derived from the founding philosophy, the founder’s deep appreciation of prayer, and more.

Ground Zero Mosque Leader’s Wife is One Cold Soldier

Ground Zero Mosque Leader's Wife is One Cold Soldier

Daisy Khan, the wife of Feisal Rauf, the man behind the Cordoba Initiative to build a 13-story monster mosque just a couple of blocks from Ground Zero in New York, was interviwed by Sally Quinn. Watching Mrs. Kahn speak, I was struck by her callous and calculated delivery and choice of words.