The Census Sting: Tax Dollars at Play

James O’Keefe, a young investigative reporter who has nailed ACORN and was himself stung while trying to sting Senator Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) staff, has once again infiltrated the dirty world of wasted taxpayer dollars at the hands of the federal government.

According to his post at Big Government, this time O’Keefe was legitimately hired as a census worker and found that pay practices were pretty lax.

Employees were instructed to fill out their time sheet forms stating they worked 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, for a total of 8 hours. However they took 60-70 minute lunch breaks. While in training, they were told they would probably be done at 4:30 pm instead of 5:00 pm.

O’Keefe said his second training day began at 9:00 am and left shortly after 3:30 pm. That’s somewhat less than 8 hours of work time…funded by taxpayers like you and me.

His investigation found that census supervisors in New Jersey systematically encouraged employees to commit payroll fraud during their work for the 2010 Census.   O’Keefe not only talked to his immediate supervisor, but other management levels above him.  He expressed repeated concerns about being paid for work he did not do, but all of his supervisors told him not to sweat it. They told him to go ahead and falsify this government document so he could get paid by the taxpayers for work he didn’t do.

Peanuts, you might say…especially if you’re a liberal who likes spending other people’s money. But even some rank-and-file liberals should be able to understand the magnitude of the waste when it’s put into context for them, as this Fox News article does:

In O’Keefe’s new video, he notes that census employees are subject to fines or imprisonment for falsifying the forms. He calculates that if 600,000 Census employees are paid $18.25 per hour and each of them gets paid an extra four hours, it adds up to $43.8 million in waste. He also argues that if 20 percent of their time is wasted on the job, that’s more than $1 trillion in waste.

The 2010 is estimated at $3.5 TRILLION.  That’s $3.5 TRILLION of taxpayer money. Have you ever wondered how a federal government theoretically limited by Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution to just a few areas of authority could possibly find a way to spend such a gargantuan amount of cash?  Or get $13 TRILLION in debt?

This is part of the answer. In addition to hundreds of billions of dollars spent on unconstitutional social programs, virtually every area of the federal government is certain to perpetrate waste on the scale uncovered by O’Keefe…or far bigger.

During my 10 years in the Air Force, I remember what came around every September as the fiscal year drew to a close.  Personnel in many (most?) squadrons were told to get on over to base supply and buy up anything that might remotely be put to use.  Many a troop got lots of extra pairs of gloves, socks, and so on this way.

Why was this done?  Because if a unit had unused funds at the end of the fiscal year, they were likely to be allocated less funds in the next budget year. Now, if this kind of fiscal irresponsibility went on in an area of the government (defense) that is authorized by the U.S. Constitution, can you imagine the kind of waste that probably goes on in the many areas of the federal government not authorized by the U.S. Constitution?

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  1. I'm an unemployed worker in last 18 months – I'm glad to get hired by USCensus Bureau to earn some money for my family food on the table – I think you're insane to show the tape that you intended to make name for yourself . If you don't like the waste so to the Goldman Sachs or banking / insurance to disclose their greedy-off public –

  2. So private sector greed and waste is horrible, but public sector greed and waste at taxpayer expense is no big deal.

    Thanks for clarifying that, Danny!

  3. When private sector greed and waste brings the economy to its knees, yes.

  4. I think you're getting things confused with that public sector greed from Barnie Frank, Bill Clinton, et al and all their buddies at Fannie and Freddie. That's what brought the economy to its knees.

  5. It never ceases to amaze and amuse me that the supposed party of “personal responsibility” and their high priests never seem to miss an opportunity to lay blame on someone else…ironic.

  6. hmmm silly me, how can I forget…it's always a Democrat at fault.

  7. Sadly, it usually is.

  8. Personal responsibility, Mr. Buehner???

    Is anyone personally responsible for the massive socialist takeover of our government since January 20th of 2009? I do believe we've had some serious big government moves in the past twenty years, but there's nothing like what has occurred under the Obama administration.

    You're sitting there saying “we” always “blame someone else,” but you apparently don't see that your country is being DISMANTLED before your very eyes!

  9. Yes the sky is crumbling down upon us!! Soon the all-seeing, all-powerful Marxist Obama will have us enslaved in the salt mines come October….blah blah blah.

    I was just pointing out the inconsistencies in “Tea Party” “philosophy” (mostly in this “blog”) that one of the core “values” you loooove to preach is personal responsibility. If I'm not mistaken personal responsibility involves: admitting fault when wrong, introspection, correcting mistakes, swallowing pride, a general ability to work with others to solve problems, etc…none of which I see from “Tea Partiers” or “Conservatives”. Only, where to pin the blame????

    There is a lot of blame to go around for the financial and economic mess we find ourselves in today, but miraculously and obnoxiously here; we ALWAYS find it at the feet of a Democrat.


  10. There are some liberals in the Republican Party that mess things up, too, and I frequently take them to task publicly.

    But it is simply the nature of the two major political parties that there is a greater percentage of liberals in the Democrat Party…and liberalism is almost always the problem.

    It's a philosophy that's at odds with human nature, at odds with history, at odds with the U.S. Constitution, and at odds with the American way of life. Trying to run America on liberal philosophy is like trying to run a car on syrup; it just wasn't made to run on that stuff.

  11. It's an easy cop-out in hindsight when things go south to say, 'oh nope! that didn't work because it was…it wa….A liberal idea! yea! and here is how I can wiggle my logic to prove I was right all along!'

    An American philosophy of pure liberalism won't work? Probably not. But neither does a lawless, bigoted, warmongering, Wild-West utopia of Conservatism (like we've seen for the previous decade).

    So perhaps politics of extremism doesn't work?

  12. The juvenile sarcasm in your first sentence is completely wasted on us.

    Perhaps you can enlighten me on how wanting to preserve our freedoms and our country, as founded on the Constitution, is the “politics of extremism.”

    Perhaps you'd also like to tell me where Tea Partiers need to employ, “admitting fault when wrong, introspection, correcting mistakes, and swallowing pride” at this moment in time. What has the conservative, Tea Party movement done except try to keep hold of our country?

    Your leftist platitudes do not hold up in the face of the enormously unconstitutional behavior of this administration. Yes, they are to “blame” for all the anti-American, anti-Constitutional, against-the-will-of the-people evil they've enacted thus far.

  13. Lawlessness definitely won't work, and that's part of why liberalism doesn't work in America; America is a nation of law, starting with the main one: the U.S. Constitution.

    Unfortunately liberalism seeks to ignore that highest law of our land. That is why our freedoms are under assault, and why our nation is ailing.

    We must return to a state of respect for the law, with the Constitution chief of them all.

  14. So the Bush administration was “liberal” in retrospect right?

  15. There were some conservative aspects to the Bush Administration, but it was very liberal in many ways, too.

  16. What never ceases to amaze me is that when a liberal is confronted with unimpeachable evidence of an offense, they will point to a Republican, most of the time George Bush, and defend the misconduct of one of their own. Republicans rather tend to vote their unscrupulous members out of office (see the elections of 2006 and 2008) and censure their own. Liberal democrats, though, are appointed to high level cabinet positions and lionized.