Rep. Michele Bachmann to Obama Administration: Man-Up!

Gina Miller

Michele Bachmann Says Man Up

This will probably aggravate some folks, but, in general, I prefer that leaders be strong conservative men, and if they’re Christian men, that’s even better. I don’t usually like to see women in positions of political power. That’s just me, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, though many who do probably won’t admit it publicly.

That being said, I must say that I am happy to see the refreshing boldness of the truly conservative Republican Congressman Michele Bachman of Minnesota, who has actually earned the title of Congressman by really representing the people of her state. No, I’m not politically correct; she’s a Congressman in my book, period. Just as “man” and “mankind” includes women, so a congressman can be female. I’m old-fashioned that way.

Michele Bachmann takes strong stands against wasteful government spending and has cosponsored a bill to reduce the deficit and promote real economic recovery. She has introduced four pieces of legislation that would free up our access to our own energy sources here in America, while at the same time continuing to invest in the search for effective alternative energy sources. She’s pro-life and supports our right to keep and bear arms. The NRA likes her. And, she supports the repeal of the grossly unconstitutional health care deform bill.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)

Congressman Bachmann jumped up another notch in my mind this week when Dr. Michael Savage had her on his show to talk about the United States and the world’s response to Israel stopping the group of Turkish ships that attempted to break Israel’s very legitimate blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza.

She pointed out that this was an obvious test by the “radical, shariah-compliant terrorist types” to see what kind of response they would get from not just Israel, but the United States, as well. She pointed out that they learned that the United States did not stand by our ally Israel.

Instead, Washington condemned Israel’s defending of its blockade, which, in turn, is a defense of Israel’s right to exist, in my opinion. The blockade is in place to keep Muslim terrorists from arming up Gaza.

Michele Bachmann went on to point out that American terrorist Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were also involved in backing this flotilla. And, I might add, so is the Muslim Imam who is behind the proposed Ground Zero mosque.

It was just really good to hear a politician, and a woman at that, speak with such a backbone. She said it remains to be seen if we’re going to stand by Israel or abandon them. There will be more tests. And, these Jewish-hating Muslims will never be satisfied with any concession. Their ultimate desire is to see all Jewish people removed from the face of the earth.

Congressman Bachmann concludes her words on Israel to Dr. Michael Savage with this ,

“We need to really ask our question now. Will the United States man up? Will we man-up—will we stand by our ally Israel, and will we deliver some tough love to the thugs out there, or won’t we? And, unfortunately, the tepid response of the United States, I think, sends yet one more signal from the Obama administration of weakness when it comes to our friend, Israel.”

Right on, Michele Bachmann! You’re a breath of fresh air, and Minnesota is blessed to have you.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

29 Responses to “Rep. Michele Bachmann to Obama Administration: Man-Up!”

  1. Said in the most complimentary way and in the best sense of the term, Barack Obama isn't half the man Michele Bachmann is. I don't know if he can find enough enough “man” in himself to man-up.

  2. You are the reason conservative men think women are garbage.

  3. I LOVE it, man. I've always noted that in my family, if the men wont do something, the women will. God help my 4 brother-in-laws if something isnt done. (Or me). I will heartily give my support to any woman who has the equipment to do the right thing. The results of the recent primaries nationwide indicate that women are going to step up,
    We've had enough of girly-men. Now its time for macho-enhanced females.

  4. As a Minnesota from the 6th District, all I can say is, “Thank God for Michelle Bachman!” On the other hand, our Senators (Klobuchar and Franken) are total nincompoops and an embarassment to us all…

  5. The liberals are bigots, they attack Michele, Sarah, now Sharron Angle as “Dumb”, “Stupid”, or “Crazy”, and “Lunatic”. I for one know that it is conservative women who will right this sinking ship of a country. These are brave women patriots with more experience than our own President. They are the opposite of dumb the liberal textbook Alinsky attack. We fight until the socialists are removed from power.

  6. Mustnt forget that Palin is a stoopid beauuuty queen but Pelosi is a brilliant strategist. SD is putting up a rockin' hot babe named Kristi Noem for US Congress. oh, she's a rancher babe, and the man for the job.

  7. I do like what some of she stands for, but find her cries against big government and government subsidies to be hypocritical. Bachman and Associates, the Christian counseling center that she and her husband own, takes state money ( over $30,000 in the last several years) to help cover it's cost. I thought she was against government subsidised money aiding a persons private business and bank account.

  8. Brian, the only articles I found after a brief search on this topic were from left-wing websites. Here is one story:

    Reading between the lines in it, I see that Dr. Bachmann's clinic accepts help from the state of Minnesota in funding treatment for low-income patients. And, it seems to me that they're being attacked because of the Christian basis of their approach and because they offer help to people wanting to break their homosexual addiction.

    This really looks like some desperate grasping at straws on the part of the left to discredit Mrs. Bachmann, when you actually look at the money involved, as broken down by year, in the article. There's obviously more to this story than the rabid left is portraying.

  9. Gina

    I am sure the 'Christian' approach and the 'offering of help for homosexuals' plays a big part in all this. To me, that is the Bachmans right if they want to do that.

    But she rails against taxpayer funded healthcare but then turns around and accepts government subsidised payments for patient care to support she and her husbands income. I have many Psychologist friends who see poor patients and don't take taxpayer money, but treat the poor on a very reduced sliding scale thus avoiding the public coiffers.

    She should explain how she justifies that and that is what I find extremely hypocritical.

  10. Yeah. That's the thing about taking the “high road,” as we talked about earlier. When you want to speak out against evil, wherever it may be, then the left will tear you apart if they perceive that you might be partaking in a “double-standard.”

    Since I don't know the full story on this issue, I can't really comment in a truly informed way. I just know how the world works. But, if this is all “they” can come up with, I'd say Congressman Bachmann's husband's taking subsidies for the poor is not much of a liability to her.

  11. Umm… I read the two comments you submitted and really can't make much sense of anything you're apparently trying to say.

    In your first comment, you said that I can't put a sentence together, which makes me wonder what world it was in which you were taught grammar and English.

    I'm also wondering what the meaning of socialism has to do with the article. Perhaps you're accidentally posting on the wrong website and just don't realize it.

    And, I'm curious to know who, exactly, is the “reason that conservative men think women are garbage.” Is that the theme of some strange new “reality” televsion show in a parallel universe? Because, I'm certain that “conservative men” would find that to be “news,” indeed! Perhaps you were talking about Helen Thomas?

    I'm just guessing here, but I would say that you're not over your mid-twenties, and you're in college, and maybe, just maybe, you're employed part-time by Americorp. Just a guess…

  12. Will be no liability at all. Those who support her will completely overlook it and those wanting to tear her down will try and exaggerate it. To me, that is how the world works. Just seems…..well won't even go there. No need. Who am I to judge 🙂

  13. Your article made it to the hate-filled pages of the DUmp, Gina. Rejoice.

  14. So, THAT'S why we got this influx of hate-filled, irrational, leftist comments earlier today–most of which did not get published here.

    I don't know what DUmp is, but I can guess…

    Thanks for letting me know, Spouse!

  15. Yep, that sounds like the DUmp alright! You probably attracted the the nice ones.

  16. Last night, I tried to find the DUmp, but only found landfill websites. What is the DUmp?

  17. Heh. Someone supporting a hateful article about a hateful person calling some other group hate-filled. Check out irony in the dictionary.

  18. Would you care to elucidate what the heck you're talking about? What article is hateful? What person is hateful? What group is hate-filled?

    I don't need to “check out irony in the dictionary,” because irony is only demonstrated when it actually exists.

    Perhaps you could fill us in on what you consider to be “hate.”

  19. It's the radical liberal counterpart to I won't give them the publicity by naming them, but they are a website of the most radical anti-American sewage that you'd want to visit at your own peril, on an empty stomach. They celebrate the destruction of our free-enterprise society, dream of a socialist utopia, and revel in ever-increasing perversion.

  20. Yes, Spouse, I wouldn't have wanted you to name them, but you told me what I was curious about.

    I like Free Republic, and cringe to think of it's evil opposite.

  21. Got an idea. Let's get rid of Pelosi and Bachman—Even tradeoff

  22. “Even?!” Even, in what way?

  23. Hypocrite vs. Socialist

  24. Hypocrite? There's that classic liberal argument again. If you speak out against evil of any kind, you are required by the left to be a “perfect” person, or that MUST mean you are a “hypocrite.”

    I assume you're talking about Rep. Bachmann's husband's clinic. I'm not convinced anything untoward has occurred in regard to subsidies for poor patients there, but since I don't know the whole story, I can't say (and neither can you, unless you have much more information than is available in all those articles).

    Michele Bachmann can speak out against “big government” or government waste and fraud, or whatever, all she wants. Her husband's clinic accepting money (apparently a WHOPPING 30 thousand dollars over the course of several years. They have nothing on former LA Congressman William “Cold Cash” Jefferson!) to help pay for poor people's treatment does not mean that she is a “hypocrite.” Besides, I thought you were ALL FOR helping the poor people get “free” or low-cost healthcare.

    Pelosi and Bachmann are not “even” in any way–they're opposites. Pelosi is much more than a socialist. She's a monster. Yes, I mean what I say.

  25. Since medical school, I have for 35 years witnessed over and over again the inequities of how Americans have suffered and died unnecessarily under our health care system. I have never advocated free care for all, but want to make the point that capitalism and charity don't work either. I suspect nothing will and in our great country there will always be those who suffer from lack of healthcare and others won't. When you see it in person, it is shaming

    I like some of Bachmans ideas, but the truth of the matter is that she doesn't abide by her own proclaimations. The clinic, although it is legal, simply doesn't have to accept federal money , which she rails against all day long, yet it does. Ten dollars or 30 thousand is irrelevant.I know several docs who refuse Medicare and Medicaid because they are against the feds in medicine.Why doesn't she and hubby ?

    She and her husband inherited her father-in-laws farm which also accepts farm government subsidies. She should recuse herself from that or quit railing railing about government aid.She can't personally benefit from subsidies and then present herself as a pure Tea Party person to the people who don't take subsidies—That makes her a hypocrite. They all are !!!.

  26. You make good points, Brian, and I agree with you that the Bachmanns should not take a dime of government money for anything. If they hadn't, she wouldn't be catching heat over it.

    If they feel strongly about helping poor people receive Christian counseling, they could make it happen on their own in a number of ways. You don't need government money to help the poor.

    I'm giving her the benefit of a doubt because I don't know the whole story, but I agree with you on the, “they should not take government money” point.

  27. Hi Gina

    I noticed that you say you will give her the benefit of the doubt because you don't know the whole story. Since when did Gina Miller give anyone the benefit of the doubt if the facts or 'whole story' are unknown. That is what I admire about you.