NAACP Plays Race Card–Literally

Gina Miller

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Back at the first of June, a story broke out of Los Angeles about the local NAACP being all up in arms over a Hallmark greeting card that they insist is “racist” against black women.  You may have heard about it.

The card was one of those kinds that have a little speaker inside that plays audio when it’s opened.  It was a congratulations card for school graduates, and it featured two cartoon characters basically telling the new graduate that he can conquer the world and even the whole universe if he wants to.  The theme is that nothing is off-limits to the graduate, and that includes the planets, the stars and those ominous black holes.

Here is audio from a report by KABC-TV in Los Angeles:

“It is a graduation greeting from Hallmark: ‘Hey world, we’re officially putting you on notice!  Yeah!’  Members of the Los Angeles NAACP did take notice.  And, as characters known as Hoops and Yoyo banter on, African-American leaders hear demeaning language: ‘And you black holes–you’re so ominous! Ha ha ha ha!!  And, you planets, watch your back!'”

Then, NAACP member Leon Jenkins had this to say:

“That was very demeaning to African-American women–where they made reference to African-American women as whores and at the end says ‘watch your back.'”

Another hearing-impaired member, Minnie Hatley, made this observation:

“…and you hear the ‘R’ in there.  It’s ‘whores’ and not ‘holes.’  The ‘R’ is in there.”

Another member chimed in:

“This sounds like a group of children laughing and joking about blackness….  Again.”

My initial reaction to this story is anger at those people.  The first thought in my mind is to ask, “What’s wrong with them?!”  Why are they creating a problem where none exists?  They apparently can’t see that our country has been taken over by radical socialists who are hell-bent on tearing down our very way of life–or maybe they agree with that agenda.  Our nation is falling apart from more than a hundred years of attacks from within our borders, by people who are us, not foreign powers, and all the Los Angeles NAACP can do is blindly see a message that isn’t there?

Secondly, this makes me sick for our country.  We live in a terribly deceived world where so many people don’t have eyes to see the truth.  These people are a symptom of the cancer that has afflicted our nation–the cancer of political correctness with all its attendant affronts to basic common sense.  It’s as if the NAACP is deliberately looking for any hint of “racism” that they can latch on to in order to justify their existence.

Predictably, Hallmark buckled and had all the cards pulled from their shelves.  CVS and Walgreens dutifully complied, as well.  That’s the other part that makes me sick.  Hallmark has done nothing wrong!  Yet, here they are apologizing for nothing and bending down to these loud-mouthed troublemakers who are dead-wrong!  It reminds me of how so many groups will instantly cave in to Muslim complaints of “offense,” without ever standing up to those senseless bullies.

It’s time to quit giving in to these childish tantrums by groups like the NAACP and CAIR.  The NAACP is groping for examples of racism in the public square, while ignoring the fact that black people have achieved every possible position of power and status in our country

If we’re going to preserve our nation, one thing we must do is stop bowing to political correctness.  As long as we give in to the irrational demands of groups who insist that they have a right to not be offended, then they will wield power over our society to the point where we will eventually be legislated out of our 1st Amendment protection of freedom of speech.

This lame stunt by the NAACP is just the sort of thing that ultimately leads to “hate speech” laws.  The disgusting thing about this particular incident is how stupid it is.  These NAACP members need to take some lessons on the universe and the solar system and learn the definition of a black hole in outer space.  In other words, they need to get a clue.

Do these people realize how ridiculous they look?  Do they care?  This has only added to the NAACP’s image as being nothing more than a race-hustling organization.  How else do you explain this?  I guess their business must be slow lately.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

24 Responses to “NAACP Plays Race Card–Literally”

  1. It does look like the NAACP went looking for trouble when there wasn't any. This reminds me of the Fisher-Price doll that so many American Christians got angry over because they thought they heard Islamic language on it. Fisher-Price didn't recall it, but several retailers pulled it off the shelves due to pressure.

    Gina, I know this makes you angry, but maybe blacks over-reacted to this because they are sensitive and angry, like you are at this story, at the stories of how their parents and grandparents suffered living in a country where racism certainly had its many, many, many moments including killing innocent people and terrible discrimination, often directed at their own parents, relatives etc.

    Their wound, like yours on this, is still quite fresh and while yes it is time to push forward, it is human nature to have misplaced anger ,which would be a harmful emotion for ALL of us to put aside, so we can have civil discussions over such issues.

  2. Ok, this is just silly…

    Even assuming that the poor sound quality on these types of cards could lead some folks to mistakenly hear whores instead of holes, if a graduating student receiving the card can't figure out from the solar system theme that it is holes not whores… they need to tear up their diploma immediately!

  3. Hi, Brian.

    The point is that the NAACP people have NOTHING to react to here. They're making stuff up! This is not at all about civil rights or hurting people. This is a lame-brained stunt–pure and simple–to get attention, and maybe do a little fundraising, for the NAACP.

    There are no wounds here, and there is nothing to discuss, civilly or otherwise, about this, because it's not an issue. It's not the truth, and it's not real. Those people are race hustlers, and in order to do that job, they have to have conflict. When there is no conflict, they gotta make something up to create the illusion of conflict.

    It's all a sham, and I'm certain they know it.

    By the way, that graduation card has been on the shelves for over three years, and they're just now “discovering” it.

  4. Gina,

    You may well be right, but sometimes people's perception of reality gets so skewed, that they actually believe( and hear ) outlandish things, both on the right and left. A person listening to left wing radio or right wing radio or a station on UFO's all day and nothing else, starts believing imaginary things.As an example, I have heard Mr. Beck say some very insightful things and have also heard him take one small comment and take it to extremes only to find it never comes to fruition. Now does he ,or in this case, the NAACP really believe it or are they using it as a ploy . Could be a little of both is my point.Humans are known for hearing and then believing what they want, especially if it for political or personal gain. .The brain is a great deceiver when we feel the need to justify ourselves

  5. Oh, you GO , girl!

    Wait a minute, that sounded somewhat “black.” Sorry!

  6. Gina,

    Just wanted to say hello. I got here from Scooter’s site and love your work. Although I am in SoCal, I too am a native of Texas — although more “nativer” (i.e., have had considerably more time to be a native) than you seem to be from your pic.

    Victoria, 1945. Will be back; stop over sometime.

  7. Gina. I'm as disgusted as you are over this. I'm beginning to believe it's a religion for some blacks to keep racism alive or at least to keep whining about nothing. This is totally nit-picking… just searching for a whine. I wonder what they think of some of the words that rappers say?
    I would like to give these people some cheese to go with their whine! I just hope at some point in the future we can all just be human beings in their eyes because that is what we all are! Thanks for another great article. A real eye opener!

  8. Thank you, Judy, for checking in!

    You mentioned rap, and that's funny, because I had thought about mentioning how disgusting and “racist” rap noise is (I won't call it “music”), but I only have a limited amount of time to do these radio blogs. That's why the audio is kinda rushed, because I try to squeeze in so many thoughts in less than four minutes. I could say SO MUCH more!

    I just have to streamline these radio blogs for airplay.

  9. This kind of reminds me of the incident not to long ago where a black victim group got upset when someone used the legitimate, useful word “niggardly” in a statement. If nothing else, this knee-jerk mentality goes to show the unbelievable ignorance of these people. “Public” education, anyone?

  10. That's right, Scooter! Ban yourself from Dakota Voice for three hours for sounding somewhat black, and you will be absolved.

  11. Of course niggardly is not a racist word, but glad that you mentioned public education. Lets see, whites have had the best education offered to them since…well the beginning of our country. Blacks have been segregated and kept down and out of the best schools until only officially the 1960's and lets be honest full integration hasn't been available until the at least the 1970's. My own high school didn't integrate until 1972 and the facilities and schools the blacks had prior to this were in terrible shape after years of racial segration.

    So, basically, it has only been one generation or at most two since blacks have had equal access to schools. Silly claims by some black groups are foolish, but for whites to pretend that all is on equal footing need to realise it takes more than a generation to overcome white supremacy, therefore misdirected anger by blacks groups still exists.

    Rather than pointing fingers like children,I always thought it was best to be understanding and forgiving , which both side of this issue could use a good dose of in my eyes.

  12. And 40 years since the “equal rights” movement came into its own, 40 years of “desegregation”, extreme affirmative action, and the politics of “the soft bigotry of low expectations” to ease the transition, minority communities have come… how far?

    Please, Brian. Blacks and other minorities have always been able to avail themselves of a dictionary when coming across an unknown word. The problem isn't one of a lack of access to education and funding (D.C. has had one of the highest per pupil spending levels, and yet consistently rates lowest in student achievement), but is a MORAL issue. And I'm not pinning this on blacks or other minorities, the moral calamity that has washed over this country knows no race or ethnic group. Our homes are largely leaderless with immoral parent(s), winking at sexual promiscuity and sloth. We drink up the bilge that pours from our T.V.'s and computers, and they wonder why our moral disease is in stage 3.

    No, the lack of opportunity hasn't existed in several generations. Find another scapegoat.

  13. Hi, Mr. War Planner! Thank you for stopping by.

    I like your blog site. I just read the entry you wrote on Carrie Fisher. I had not read where she said those things about Obama and the Tea Party. These people are amazing; their ignorance and hatred are profound.

  14. Yes, you gotta love those wonderful, inner-city schools–such quality students, such a high graduation rate, such stellar intelligence! Everything is integrated, but somehow certain people take better care of things than other people, and some people seem to want to learn, while many don't–even with all that “equal access” and the garbonzojillions of dollars that are spent each year on “public education.”

    No more excuses for the black people. We're not “whitely supreme,” because we're all Americans, and everyone can be what he wants to be here. Today in our country,
    black people not only have every opportunity available to them, but they have AFFIRMATIVE ACTION policies in many instances which give them an unfair and unearned advantage. No. No more excuses.

  15. Hi Gina

    Just read a report that in next years college graduation classes, that out of every five graduates, three will be women and two men or a 60% to 40% numerical advantage for women and the gap is expected to increase. When my last daughter graduated from college that was certainly the case. I know you said you prefer your President and leaders to be men, but soon that will not be the case as women will dominate the workplace..

    It is so bad that in Ireland and Australia, that they now have have Affirmative Action for men ! So please Gina, don't knock affirmative action. Us dunb, poor guys are going to soon need it and I might be at the front of the line 🙂 .

    James Brown was wrong when he sang ” It's A Man's World ” ( if you haven't seen Brown and Pavorati's duet of that song, YTube it. It is beautiful )

  16. Well I agree that America has a cultural problem or moral problem as you call it. But when I hear someone say minorities have totally equal access to all things ' whites' have. it leaves me with the question ' How do you know '. You might be right but ' How do you know '.

    Yes our government has the highest rate of educational funding per student, but since when did our government effectively accomplish one of it's goals ?

  17. Hi, Brian!

    “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead you cause you to err, and destroy the way of your paths.”

    And, of course, that's not meant in a good way.

  18. Guess that means you will never vote for Hillary

  19. HA! I'm hard-pressed to vote for ANY woman! But, I guess sometimes we have no other choice.

  20. Now Gina remember that just 50 years ago, conservative religious people felt women should not be in professions like being DJ's because it wasn't their place to state their views and have any type of authority over men !

  21. There are strong arguments to be made for women to be quiet more often.

  22. Amen. Like when my precious wife graciously took the time to gently and objectively point out some of my own faults just this very morning. I would have settled for a volume switch !

  23. Maybe you needed a “kill switch?”