General warns of Iranian/Hezbollah preparations for attack on Israel

A car in Haifa, Israel damaged by shrapnel after a rocket attack during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In an interview with Bill Whittle of PJTV General Paul Vallely (Ret.) reports on latest intelligence indicating a major attack on Israel coming as early as this summer. While Americans have been distracted by the gulf oil spill and our failing economy and the world condemns Israel for the actions it took to enforce a naval blockade intended to prevent the import of rockets into Gaza, the Iranians and their proxies in Lebanon, Syria and Arab-held parts of Palestine are busy building tunnels, stockpiling chemical weapons and importing SCUD missiles for an offensive that will likely touch off a conflagration in the Middle East.

Meanwhile the Obama administration continues to party and campaign-on disengaged and uninterested. Or worse, is he is complacent to these developments. One wonders if Israel will have to face this threat alone. Those familiar with prophesies of Daniel and Revelations are not surprised, we’ve seen this coming for some time. We also know that righteousness will ultimately prevail. Only God knows the exact timeline for this world, but I believe we are witnessing the faithfulness of His Word in the news we read each day.

7 Responses to “General warns of Iranian/Hezbollah preparations for attack on Israel”

  1. This retired general may be right, but he talks about all this intelligence ' he' has received or he says ' we' have received that indicates an invasion of Israel is about to happen. He even talks about the intelligence 'he' has received that about 50 to 60 thousand SCUD missiles being transported and set up in southern Lebanon.

    Since this retired General, who no longer is privy to national intelligence, has personal knowledge of all this, does anyone know where and who his references are since he doesn't mention them. Maybe just divulge his source that is telling him that this attack is definitely planned for this early summer.

  2. Your questioning of his sources is quite reasonable, Brian. I should have commented about that in the original post. I don't know what his sources are or how reliable they might be, but his bio would indicate that he probably has many contacts all over the world and his comments should be given some credence.

  3. Amen, Dr. Theo.

    And we know that Israel will not face any threat alone. Israel will ultimately have the backing of the Most High, and woe, woe–a thousand woes–to the fool who comes against Israel.

  4. Regarding some of the statements by commenters here, it is not a big conspiracy. It has been in plain sight which is why Israel is worried about Hamas and Gaza arming. President Obama knows. He does not care.