Condoms for Kindergarteners

Dr. Beth Singer, School Superintendent

The New York Daily News and other media outlets are reporting on a school board in Provincetown, Massachusetts has decided to let children of any age have condoms if they ask for them, even down to kindergarten age.

School officials say they’ve intentionally shut parents out of the loop to “protect the student’s privacy.” If a parent tries to tell the school ahead of time that they don’t want their kids getting condoms, the school will just disregard that and give them to the child anyway.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Beth Singer was interviewed and defended this irresponsible policy.

“I would suggest that they have that conversation with their children, and tell the children not to ask for them,” said this arrogant witch of a school official.

Parents shouldn’t even have to bring up the subject when the child is in grade school; to do so robs the child of their innocence. Even if they do “have that conversation” with their child,” it is the school’s responsibility to reinforce the parent’s authority, not disregard it.

This is quite possibly the most egregious example of liberal elitism and social engineering I’ve ever heard of. They are brazenly telling the parents here that their children actually belong to the state. The parents are nothing but unpaid babysitters, charged with feeding and clothing the child while the child is out of the state’s control during off-school hours.

It is my sincere hope that the good citizens of this area will not even wait for the next election to demonstrate to these arrogant socialists who actually have responsibility for their children, but will initiate recall efforts right away to have these people removed from office and replaced with officials who will respect parental authority and promote the welfare of these children.

They have a couple of months over the summer to get the job done, and they should get moving right away. This Beth Singer and those like her have no business whatsoever being around other people’s children.

6 Responses to “Condoms for Kindergarteners”

  1. Okaaayyy… hard to know what to say to this policy, except that the bar has really been raised when it comes to arrogance, gall, stupidity, and several other things. Bring on the torches and pitchforks for these people!!

  2. I'd say bring on the torches and pitchforks for the children's parents. They have to know by now what's happening because this story has gone high profile. Anyone who would leave their child in this school district is a priest of Baal.

  3. This lady would make a great Congresswoman. She can ignore the people's opinion and do as will. I just love people like her.

  4. Liberalism is a good thing…right??
    I would be taking my child out of this school pronto.

  5. I found a box of condoms once when I was about nine. I had no idea what they actually were but my brothers and I had a GREAT water balloon fight until my mom saw what we were doing and quickly confiscated our grenades without explanation. If this policy stands I predict similar after school activities in Provincetown.

    “Dr.” Beth Singer is insane. I hope parents stand up for their rights and dispatch her to the nearest Democrat Headquarters or Planned Parenthood office where she'll be in suitable company.

  6. Isn't life funny, Dr. Theo? I have almost the same story about finding some “balloons.” :-)a