Communist China: An Increasingly Imperialistic Threat

F-22 Raptor at Ellsworth AFB

So often these days, I have to wonder if the people running the United States have a collective death wish.

China has been a communist country for 60 years.  Not only is Marxist philosophy at odds with the American way of life, Marxism is hostile toward every other way of life than its own. China has demonstrated the usual Marxist disregard for human life in the killing of 80 million of their own people who disagreed with the Marxist way of life, including those killed in the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989.

Communist China has also opposed the efforts of the United States to help maintain freedom in Korea and Vietnam, and would love to smash our ally Taiwan.  One of their fighters collided with one of our recon planes in 2001, and after the crew was forced to make an emergency landing in China, they held our crew captive for nearly two weeks before releasing them…but not our aircraft until they had chopped it up specifically to insult us.

Despite decades of belligerence from China, our government has awarded them favored trade status, allowing billions of dollars of cheap (and sometimes hazardous) Chinese goods to flood U.S. markets.  While we should not be trading with an oppressive, belligerent nation on principle alone, our trade dollars go back to China to fund the military buildup of this communist nation that sooner or later our armed forces will face on the battlefield.  In short, we are paying for the weapons that will one day be used against us.

As if that weren’t enough, President Obama, carrying through on his campaign promise to gut our military, decided last year to end production of the world’s most advanced fighter, the F-22 Raptor. This fighter is nothing short of amazing in its capabilities, putting the United States many years ahead of any other nation.  As any student of modern warfare knows, the ability to achieve and maintain air superiority is critical not only to winning wars, but in keeping American casualties on the ground to a minimum.

While China continues to suck in American trade dollars and holds the strings to massive American debt, they continue their massive military buildup.  In addition to a huge army, they are developing modern weapons to directly challenge American military might in the region.

Last year it was announced that the Chinese had developed a “Kill Weapon” to hit our aircraft carriers hard. Recently we have also heard that, even as President Obama brings our F-22 program to a close, the Chinese expect to have a fighter capable of challenging it by 2018; while liberals bury their heads in the sand, our enemy never sleeps.

Today CNBC’s Erin Burnett interviewed Retired Army Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis, a senior strategist for the Pentagon, about Chinese plans to spend $200 billion on their military.  They are aiming for a navy nearly as big as ours, complete with submarines and aircraft carriers–the ability to project power strongly and stealthily across the globe.

In addition to the video below, the Business and Media Institute quotes Maginnis:

“Erin, when you translate it to tangible evidence on the ground, things just don’t make sense,” Maginnis said. “You know, 260 ships – we have 286. And they’re ramping up their production of submarines. As I mentioned a moment ago, they have four aircraft carriers they’ve purchased from Australia and the former Soviet Union which they’re refitting. They even intend to build their own aircraft carriers and right now, they’re training pilots for those aircraft carriers. This is not a defensive navy. This is an aggressive overseas navy. In fact, they recently changed their strategy which is called “the far-sea strategy.” In other words, it’s a global strategy.”

As China pushes ahead with their military, it could be interpreted to be “imperialistic,” he added.

“Well, they are certainly very aggressive in the marketplace, and because they are aggressive on the marketplace, they want to have the capability to defend their interests across the globe,” Maginnis said. “So how else do you come to the conclusion that they are, I think, somewhat imperialistic.”

Our leaders are enamored by Marxism and Chinese communists, but they most certainly are not warm and fuzzy toward us.

While we waste our present and our future on bloated, wasteful “stimulus” bills and unconstitutional health care bills, our enemies are gearing up to hit us hard in a few short years to come.

The American people must regain control of our government from these socialists who are hostile to our security and our very way of life.  If we do not succeed this year, we may not get another chance to steer the ship of America clear of the rocks.  Thanks to these derelict leaders, we are already perilously close.

14 Responses to “Communist China: An Increasingly Imperialistic Threat”

  1. Great empires rise up and fall…Europe dominated the world during most of the 19th and early 20th century. Then the US took the edge for about half a century. Maybe Asia is going to be the new challenger for the 21th century?

    As for describing China as a communist and marxist country, I think you are really far from reality (just walk for a minute in the main streets of Shangai or Shenzhen, and you will see plenty of shopping malls overloaded with goods). Since 1980 and under Deng XiaoPing impulse, China has been following a path that is far away from the marxist doctrine: currently they are basically following a capitalist trend (market economy), but with heavy control and intervention from the state.

    As for a direct war between US and China, it is hard to believe since both countries need each other: China needs the american market to export its cheap products, and american companies need china cheap labor force to sell with huge margins their own products on US soil.

  2. China has been smart enough to mix in a little capitalism with their Marxist totalitarianism. It's what has helped them not only survive the collapse of so many Marxist regimes around the world, but actually thrive.

    Nevertheless, the brutality, the totalitarian control, the aggression…most of the major areas that characterize Marxist nations–they're all still there.

    The thing about Marxist nations is that they aren't smart enough to realize how much they need others. They are like a hungry lion that only sees what it wants–which is everything. If they think they have the strength to take what they see…they will do it, even if they get injured in the process.

    That's the nature of Marxist philosophy, and we'd be utter fools (and it looks like we are) to believe differently.

  3. While I agree with the premise of the post, I disagree with the seriousness of the situation.

    First off, the F-22 was not cancelled. The number ordered was reduced. And yes the F-22 is nothing short of the most dominant fighting machine ever produced. I think the number we have now would be able to hold air superiority over any potential battlefield for many years to come.

    2nd, China is not the absolute Marxist state you think. China is now more capitalistic than many European states, for example. Although they are still by all means a police state.

    3rd, China has a long way to go before they can catch up to the U.S. militarily. A 5th generation fighter like the F-22 by 2018? I doubt it. The next best thing is the F-35, which is also an American fighter. Russia has the Su-50 program, but with their economy they won't be able to produce many. China's 5th generation fighter program is in such early stages it hasn't even been named yet. And just look at the military budgets from last year. U.S. – $663 billion, China – $98 billion. That's more than 6 times as big, and yet China has 3 times as many people.

    And I'm not saying the U.S. is imperialistic, but we are definately not afraid to project our power overseas. An American calling a reclusive country like China imperialistic is laughable. Maybe in the future, but not now.

  4. This suicidal congress and administration has decided to cap the number of F-22s at 187, ending production in 2011. Their attitude and yours are myopic.

    Aircraft wear out and break down over time, even in peacetime. In wartime, obviously, you will lose them quicker. If we allow the Chinese or another aggressor to achieve parity with our military capability, you can accelerate those losses greatly.

    Further, when you stop production, if you change your mind later and want more (which we will need, especially if we get into a war), the cost of restarting production is about 66% more per aircraft than if we maintain production.

    The F-35 is not a bad aircraft, but the F-22 far outperforms the F-35 in ever important area: more armament, faster, more maneuverable, flies higher, better radar, can hit more targets faster. We get way more bang for the buck from the F-22.

    Regarding China itself, as I stated before, the Chinese communists have been smart enough to infuse enough controlled capitalism into their system to avoid the total trainwreck most Marxist nations find themselves in (with our trade complicity, of course).

    The way we're pouring billions of dollars into China every year, they will catch up to us rather quickly, especially when our government is dead-set on wasting our resources on everything but the things that are constitutionally authorized and keep us safe.

    Finally, while you admit that China is a police state, you display the typical liberal head-in-the-sand ignorance with your claims that China is not imperialistic. They have behaved belligerently toward their neighbors for the last 50 years, seeking hegemony anywhere possible, and simultaneously pacifying their neighbors and fighting us in proxy wars even as we attempt to help our allies remain free. They have made their ambitions toward the free people of Taiwan clear, and even the Japanese are afraid of them.

    They are by no means reclusive. The are repressive, they are secretive, and they are biding their time until they believe they can take us on. Then, at the rate we're going, lots of Americans will die.

  5. “They have behaved belligerently toward their neighbors for the last 50 years, seeking hegemony anywhere possible, and simultaneously pacifying their neighbors”

    This sentence would also perfectly describe what western Europe, in the 19th century, Japan until WWI, and US in the past 50 years have been doing.

    If I were you, I would not be too scared about the supposed danger of the chinese army, but much more concerned about the environmental consequences, on a global scale, of china and india development. Do you really think we will be able to maintain our life style when each chinese and indian family will have the same life level as ours?
    US and Europe roughly represent 700 millions people, and yet we have managed to durably destroy our planet during the past century. What will happen when 2 more billions people will seek a “modern” westernized life style? This is were the danger lies…Unless we start to invade other planets to keep our development model, we will have to deeply rethink it in the coming decades…

  6. Oh, please. Spare me the anti-American, environmentalist blather.

    If you would extend the time frame for Japan to the end of WWII, you would be accurate, but the rest do not even remotely resemble the brutal and oppressive designs of communist China.

    You are in grave danger of drowning in the Koolaid.

  7. For the environment, you can live in denial as much as you want…there is unfortunately not much to discuss about it.

    For Japan, I meant WWII of course.

    And again, China is not communist at all. The goal of a communist society is to eliminate social classes. You should really go there and watch with your eyes: you would see some rich people, a growing middle class, and a mass of poor workers and farmers.
    This is not precisely how a communist society is supposed to look like.

  8. I asked you to spare me. I can't have a meaningful conversation with someone so deluded on so many fronts.

  9. Deluded? I have been living in China for 4 years in the recent past…I have seen what was going on there. While I certainly do not pretend to hold all the truth about this country, at least I have had some experience of it: contrary to you, it seems. And it is simply a mistake to believe it is a communist country. It certainly is a dictature, but definitely not communist.

  10. I think you've gone native.