Was the Gulf Oil Rig Explosion a Deliberate Attack on America?

Gina Miller

I am fully prepared to be called a “crazy conspiracy theorist” here for even asking some of these questions, but I would like to know who or what caused the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig platform in the Gulf of Mexico last week.

We live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and are in the direct path of the oil spill flowing toward us from the blown-up rig about fifty miles off the coast of Louisiana. What caused the explosion? And, why would the explosion on the surface of the platform create the situation in which crews are unable to stop the oil flow from the well’s head, which is nearly a mile deep? I realize the rig sunk after burning in a terrible and tremendous way,  so I guess it’s possible that the sinking platform could have somehow irreparably damaged the pipeline at the floor of the Gulf, but it seems unlikely to me, with all the safety features on these rigs and wells.

One worker on the rig at the time of the explosion reported that the lights on the platform went out right before the explosion.  She was one of the 115 people who escaped the burning rig. Eleven others were not so fortunate; they remain missing and are presumed dead.

Fire boat response crews battle the blazing remnants of the offshore oil rig Deepwater Horizon. A Coast Guard MH-65C dolphin rescue helicopter and crew document the fire while searching for survivors. Multiple Coast Guard helicopters, planes and cutters responded to rescue the Deepwater Horizon's 126 person crew. (Source: U.S. Coast Guard)

Rush Limbaugh pointed out that the explosion occurred on April 21st, the day before “Earth Day” (the explosion happened about 10:00 pm on April 20th). He also reminded us that Al Gore had previously encouraged environmental nutjobs to engage in civil disobedience against the construction of coal plants that don’t have carbon capture technology. “Eco-terrorists” exist and have done millions of dollars worth of criminal damage. Fire is one of the main tools of their evil trade.

I’m not claiming the Deep Horizon was bombed by eco-terrorists, although I don’t believe it’s out of the realm of possibility. But, it would take some serious money and ability to pull off an attack like that, so I would tend to think much bigger than college hippie eco-wackos with some money-backing–a foreign government, perhaps.

Of course, before I could finish writing my thoughts here, I just heard Michael Savage posing the same questions. He also said there is a theory on a Russian website that claims North Korea is behind this. The article claims that North Korea torpedoed the Deepwater Horizon, which was apparently built and financed by South Korea.

Torpedoes would make sense for the results we see. The platform exploded, despite redundant safety features; plus, something apparently also happened on the Gulf floor at the opening of the well to prevent engineers from being able to stop the flow of oil from it. Two torpedoes launched from a submarine could cause those things to happen.

There are a number of international “suspects” who might want to do something like this. They range from Muslim terrorists to the Red Chinese, Venezuela and beyond. Remember that China and Russia are drilling out there, as well, and they would benefit from America cutting back on our own drilling.

As soon as this happened, my gut told me it was no accident. This kind of thing rarely happens, and the timing was just too “coincidental” for various reasons. I don’t know what the truth is behind this terrible event, but I’m certain it’s more than we’re being told. We may never know the truth.

If it really is an act of aggression by a foreign government, I seriously doubt we will be allowed to know it. Heck, the Obama administration is still covering up the details behind the act of war committed against our country at Fort Hood by a Muslim operative who had infiltrated our Military.

No, we may never get to the bottom of this deep oil well of secrecy. But, I would ask that you please keep in your prayers the families of the offshore workers killed and those injured, along with the many people here on the Gulf Coast whose livelihoods and businesses will be hurt by this oil spill, along with the poor birds and marine life that are in the path of it.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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  1. Stephen, you make excellent points, and those points are the very reasons I ask the questions I do.

    It's interesting to note the manic and vitriolic response here of some of the liberal minions. Why are they so lathered up about our simply asking questions? I think they protest too much. Hmmm…

    They try to accuse me of espousing “conspiracy theories,” when all I've done is ask questions. There's no doubt I tilt my head at this incident, but I make no claims whatsoever to know the truth behind the explosion. In fact, NO ONE has admitted the cause of the explosion, but these liberals that are ranting on this thread are “fully convinced” (without any investigation or official report of the cause) that big, bad oil MUST be at fault, and it MUST have been an accident, because there's NO WAY that it could EVER have been a “bad guy” that caused this.

    It seems to me that the liberal's assertions have no more basis in reality than the Russian website that said it was the NorKs with torpedoes. [Note to liberal wackos: the preceeding line was NOT me proclaiming the NorKs did it. It was just an illustration of the absurdity of your liberal, zombie thinking.]


  2. Gina what kind of math did you learn in school? BP may have donated money to Obama campaign but nowhere in the amount this disaster caused. The estimated costs of the oil spill are $2 billion to $14 billion. The range of cost depending on whether oil reaches land or remains largely contained in the ocean. You are still a no-name blogger who knows knowing about what caused the oil spill. Add to that uneducated in math as well.

    What caused this accident started with Vice President Dick Cheney. In 2001 Cheney allowed over 100 oil industry officials to draft a wish list of demands. Cheney then used that time to re-staff the Minerals Management Service (MMS) with oil industry cronies. In 2003 the MMS concluded a study that “acoustic systems are not recommended because they tend to be very costly.” It is that acoustic trigger, which costs about $500,000, as a backup fail system could have prevented this Oil Spill Disaster. Now, with the estimated costs upward of $14 billion to gulf state communities, we can see what Bush/Cheney oil friendly administration did.

    Lawmakers are starting to focus on the Interior Department’s Minerals Management Service (MMS) which oversees drilling on federal lands and in federal waters. MMS’s approach to regulating drilling safety contributed to the oil rig explosion on April 20.

    Update: More Scrutiny Ahead for MMS

  3. Okay. I will reply to you once more.

    YOU, tell me what the heck caused this explosion!

    Don't give me this insulting crap about math, or whatever you think you can use to sound like you have a clue.

    Give me the facts, since you call yourself “just the facts!”

    What caused this explosion? YOU TELL ME WHAT CAUSED IT, IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW SO MUCH! And, be sure to provide links to the report on the cause.

    Tell me, or shut up! Or, explain to me why you're so darned rabid about my ponderings. Could it be that my ponderings get in the way of your master's agenda?

    Could it be that this horrible incident provides the perfect excuse to demand a stop to offshore oil drilling? Oh, NO! That could never be the case!

    Give us some FACTS, or go pound sand, troll!

  4. Gina, by your own admission you refer to yourself as conspiracy theorist. Maybe you should begin by reading your own article. You are quoted as saying “I am fully prepared to be called a “crazy conspiracy theorist”, well you are!

    Then you go on to describe various scenarios of this “Deliberate Attack” on America: Eco-terrorists (don't forget Earth Day), hippie eco-wackos, Russian, North Korea, Muslim terrorists, Red Chinese, Venezuela and beyond. You mention “Two torpedoes launched from a submarine could cause those things to happen.”, “Remember that China and Russia are drilling out there, as well, and they would benefit from America cutting back on our own drilling,” the list goes on.

    You are still a no-name, no-account, blogger who must be reminded what you wrote, cannot even remember referring to yourself as a “crazy conspiracy theorist.”

    You remind me of the cheap carnival barkers, who sells elixirs, snake oil, inviting you for an extra 50 cents to check out the half man/half woman in the secreted tent. Misguided and distasteful you sell your snake oil to whoever will listen. Your only goal here is to sell this bogus political exploitation!

  5. Yeah, she is getting her information from scientific cornerstones like Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage. OK, that explains it all.

    All the voodoo flying monkeys these guys are stirring up DOES appeal to a certain segment of the population. But of course if you buy into it, then of course you get to blame someone other than the corporations who where digging for money out there.

    The funniest theory to me the the Rush Limbaugh story. What a nut job!

    But go ahead and believe it. Take it all down, hook, line, and sinker. The more people who are outraged at phantom agents the less people there will be to demand energy reform that includes the elusive but real Zero Point Energy and Fusion.

    And while your at it, keep believing in Left vs Right as opposed to Big Business & Government vs “We the People…” Most people are decent, and as long as we keep fighting over stupid things, the more rapidly our freedoms are going to be usurped.

    The only party is the Greed party. And the idea that terrorist attack this well, is an attempt to allow blame to be placed on someone other than the corporations who caused it. it is in the corporations that caused this best interest to keep people stupid and continue buying their oil. Because once everyone figures out we've been lied to for a long time about energy, we will be angry. We the people will demand modern energy sources be used, and distributed, (and wow…won't that create a ton of jobs?).

    We the people, have the power to create real change. Not the so called politicians and talking heads who play on people's fears.

    Think about this, why would BP and all the other oil companies walk away from their cash cow by allowing clean Fusion, and Zero Point energy to emerge as the cornerstone of our economy? They would lose control, and their empire would crumble.

    Anytime there is a news story as crazy as this. Think about the problem, reaction, solution model. And then follow the money. That will always give you a clear head.

  6. What caused it? It's all right here. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB100014240527487

    Read woman. Don't just listen to AM radio, and think that is news. Those guys are almost entirely corporate agenda driven politics…just like Washington DC…but not as slick.

    I urge you to seek out alternative media outlets. Read what they write about us in foreign papers in the UK and abroad. Gather the information, and then ask yourself , “Whom profits from this information being taken as fact?”

    For instance. Most people think the Pakistani Times Square Bomber acted out because he was a Muslim extremist and he hates out freedoms. But the truth is that CIA drones have been attacking targets inside Pakistan, and well…not always hitting intended targets. One of these drones killed this guy's family. So he came here to strike back.

    Now why isn't that in the mainstream media. (just so you know….am radio is not alternative.) Try rense.com and for the love of God, learn to think for yourself. Your gut told you someone else did the Gulf Oil Disaster. Well, after I listen to Rush Limbaugh, my gut tells me something too.

  7. Excellent post! WSJ represents excellent source for information, certainly a step up from “scientific cornerstones like Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage.”

    To quote WSJ:
    “An oil-drilling procedure called cementing is coming under scrutiny as a possible cause of the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico that has led to one of the biggest oil spills in U.S. history, drilling experts said Thursday.”

    My comment:
    With 11 people killed, and a possible major crisis of an immense cleanup and consequences now threatening the entire Gulf Coast and Florida, one wonder’s where the inspectors were? Why weren't there satisfactory contingency plans implemented prior to the accident? Before drilling even took place there should have been advanced construction of shut-off valves, and containment structures already in place.

    We should not be in the 3rd week of this disaster, now second guessing our plan, and whether this dome and other containment structure will even help avert further disaster. What are we doing drilling at 5000 feet if we have never tried anything like this containment structure before at this depth?

    Who needs to worry about terrorist, Taliban, and conspiracy theories when corporations operate fast and loose like BP and Goldman Sachs? Corporations are becoming our own worst enemy!

    With a growing creditability issue with corporate decision making, one wonder’s what could be looming in our future. What of power nuclear power sites, are they being properly inspected?

  8. You should not assume my quoting FM talkers (yes, ours is on FM) means that I don't read. That's pretty juvenile of you. But, I'm glad you at least sent in another article to add to all the theories floating around out there, although I had already read what was in the article.

    I was hoping there would be some new information in it, but alas, here are the highlights…

    “Federal officials declined to comment on their investigation, and Halliburton didn't respond to questions from The Wall Street Journal…. The timing of the cementing in relation to the blast—and the procedure's history of causing problems—point to it as a possible culprit in the Deepwater Horizon disaster, experts said…. Several other drilling experts agreed, though they cautioned that the investigation into what went wrong at the Deepwater Horizon site is still in its preliminary stages…Scott Dean, a BP spokesman, said it was premature to speculate on the role cement might have played in the disaster.”

    Well, that was certainly an enlightening article, packed with rock-solid speculation. I should've added the cement theory to my article to extend the list of possibilities.

  9. OK, sure take the word of the Corporate heads who will say anything to avoid accountability for this. Think about it, if an investigative journalist asks tough questions to a CEO, and those answers might in fact harm that CEO's position, what do you think he's going to say. I'm sure the corporate lawyer told him to say what he said.

    Try this, Google, “BP warn of problems 10 years ago.”

    Guess what? The Federal Officials are NOT investigating eco groups, and they are not looking for North Korean subs, because of this disaster. (Besides, our Los Angeles Class subs are hunter killer subs, and would blow those crappy North Korean subs out of the water the second they turned their nose at a rig. You think the Navy doesn't run security in our Gulf?)

    And exactly when did eco terrorist get so high tech. Aren't these the same hippies who try to stop big ships with rubber dingies?

    Yes, I can see you do listen to Rush Limbaugh & Glen Beck and the gang. I listen too, just so I know what I'm talking about. The idea that eco terrorists caused the spill is what Rush said. And the North Korean thing is from Mike Savage. But that doesn't matter because here's the bottom line. (But the fact that you know that locally it's carried on FM says a lot to secure my point.). Are Rush & mike funding their own investigations? No, this is a dog & pony show to shift blame away from the corporate elite. If you want to buy their story and speculate on phantom causes, then they have won you over. But from what I read here, most of us have a much more discerning firewall for what we will ingest as fact.

    Also, your argument is based on you calling me juvenile. Logic 101 calls that a “tear down the other man” argument. You don't really have a counter punch to what I have to say, so you call someone something, and base your argument on the idea that since this person is juvenile, then the rest of what they say is crap. Well, in Logic 101, the “tear down the other man”, argument is an invalid argument.

    All that to say this. These huge corporations influence our government. The big media conglomerates like Clear Channel who pay Rush Limbaugh have a vested interest in keeping the status quo elite in place. From CNN, to Fox news, to Talking head radio, they all support the rule of corporations over our country. Basically what we have in American today is fascism. Corporate & State rule. Occasionally the government will do a slap down for a public circus show, but for the most part they are in bed together. (ie the bail out from both GW Bush, and then immediately from Obama.).

    What better example of collusion did we as Americans need than both Rep & Dems giving away our tax money to these fantasy baseball money schemes. I mean they bet against our own economy and have profited from all this. And WE bailed them out. It made more sense to bail people out of crazy high interest loans, and to lower their rates to something like .5%, by Federal Mandate. (And why are they only loaning money to the fishermen…why not bail them out?). All this would have been MUCH less expensive than the bail outs.

    So with the history of such moral pillars like CEO's of BP and Halliburton, how can you take their evasive rebuttals seriously?

    I suggest before you answer that question you rent a documentary called The Corporation. It's an excellent film that exposes the intent, and methodology used by huge corporations, and how they have impinged themselves upon our liberties.

    Liberty! That's what we all want. And frankly, when I took an oath to the Marines, one of the things we say is to “..defend our country from all enemies foreign and domestic.” I wonder when we will see an admiral giving the news one night. He'd be telling us they they arrested and/or detained the news agencies, and that the Marines are out gathering up the criminals who have stolen our liberties. (and hopefully they'd give a nice warning to our so called elected officials…shape up and do what the people want, or else.).

    Question authority. Think for yourself.

  10. Much, much more to derby week than that final race. The traditions of this part of American life are quite steeped in old American family history and the legends of a time long past.
    And it isn't a fact at all that it's “a big ol' mint julep party” where “everyone is well down the road to their hangover” as you seem to think.

  11. Sabotage! Conspiracy! And Other Ways to Spin the Oil Spill

    While crude oil surges into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of thousands of barrels per day, political opportunists seek to advance their agenda on the back of this disaster

    * Rush Limbaugh: “What better way to head off more oil drilling, nuclear plants, than by blowing up a rig? I'm just noting the timing here,” Limbaugh said, vaguely suggesting that supporters of cap-and-trade, or maybe the Obama administration, had been responsible.

    * Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino: on Fox & Friends “I'm not trying to introduce a conspiracy theory, but was this deliberate? You know you have to wonder…yeah, if there was sabotage involved…”

    * Former FEMA Director Michael Brown: The administration is exploiting the spill as an opportunity to “shut down offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico,” Brown told, Chris Matthews, who in turn told Brown he sounded “crazy.”

    * National Review contributor Mark Levin: He believes President Obama seizing control of the oil-drilling industry to nationalize it because Interior Department is “sending SWAT teams to the Gulf to inspect all platforms and rigs.” Mark Levin says “I think this is a precursor to another form of government nationalization.” Interior Department in defense of these allegations went on to say “The 'SWAT team' is just a turn of phrase, and composed of highly qualified inspectors from the Minerals Management Service.”

    * Fox News: they came up with the theory that the rig was torpedoed by a North Korean mini-submarine, manned by sniper troops, deployed from a North Korean cargo vessel just departed from Cuba. They attacked the rig because it was built by Hyundai Heavy Industries, a South Korean company. The Obama administration, allegedly, is covering this up.

    * Republican John Boehner: he said this proves a need to implement the GOP's “all of the above” energy strategy.

    * Democrats: they say an energy bill that involves new offshore drilling will be dead on arrival.

    * Greenpeace: they have called it a “failure of the United States' energy policy.” MoveOn.org used images of the oil spill in a TV ad, which is currently airing on cable TV nationwide, calling for Obama to reinstate a ban on offshore oil drilling.

    * Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: they are asking for contributions and accused Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, of politicizing the oil spill with its e-mail.

    * Internet Blogger: their message is simple to understand — to think differently, get noticed! Good journalism does not always pay the bills. With thousands of new blogs and millions of blog posts originating every day, the focus often is somehow come up with a post that stands out. Just like National Enquirer, or other shock magazines, what catches readers’ attention is “Controversy”. Even better what sells, but not necessarily ethical, the most successful Blogger will engage in deliberate argument to further stir readers’ interest. It’s all very simple — a good argument, a “crazy” argument in the article can make better money!!

    The point is there are shades of politicization in this environmental disaster. A number of political factions are obviously seeking to grandstand and gain political advantage from this oil spill.

    We see everything from Blogger's which seek to catch attention, to environmentalist seeking a moratorium on oil drilling, to the right seeking to make Obama look like a bad leader, to the left seeking to mass supporters, and contributions before the next election.

    Who wins, who loses in this battle for our hearts and minds? It is no wonder many just ignore the news. Often it is bewildering to the average person. Staying informed can become a full-time job that can seemly go nowhere. With everyone vying for media control many people simply become confused who to listen to.

    Sabotage! Conspiracy! And Other Ways to Spin the Oil Spill

  12. Bob! I was just being silly with Brian, and of course you're right–The Kentucky Derby is a steadfast American tradition dating back to around 1875. I was just being goofy with the mint julep stereotype hoping to make Brian smile, nothing more.

    Thanks for checking in! We love the run for the roses by the beautiful and majestic horses of God's creation!

  13. Okay, all you yea-sayers and nay-sayers!

    We've been contacted by Jeff Lynch of The Jeff and Mike Show out of San Diego. They want to interview this “no-name” blogger about my article and thoughts on the as-yet-unexplained (and likely never to be explained) explosion of the Deepwater Horizon.

    They're going to call me tomorrow to do the interview, and if all goes well, I'll come back and post the details of when and where you can hear their show with the interview streaming this Sunday evening.

  14. The Jeff and Mike Show looks like another corporate agenda fear mongering scare tactics show. So no big mystery why you are being interviewed. Like I said, there is a segment of Americans who buy into all the Voodoo BS.

    And these radio shows are all agenda driven and don't allow people both sides of the story. They just rehash what people want to hear. There is absolutely NO critical thinking on their show. It's just all blow hard hot air crap. I frankly can't imagine bragging about that.

    But even more interesting to me, is now the rational people will all think you were paid to have this opinion, and are just another puppet in the mind control talk radio media.

    If they had a decent set of morals and values they'd invite someone on who can actually and factually discuss what went down. Someone who DOESN'T believe we got torpedoed, and someone who is maybe, a Marine Engineer.

    Just because some other people who are just as paranoid, misinformed, and or dishonest as you, doesn't make it any more valid that you will be on the radio.

    The fact the the Corporate Controlled media is going into overdrive over this only intensifies my point that they are trying to sway people away from the culprits. And the fact that you base your argument on the fact that you are on the radio just points out that you can't actually uphold a strong argument for your point.

    Yeah, I'm sure the Wall Street Journal is full of crap. Sure…well just take a CEO's word for it, and Rush Limbaugh! Sure, they have nothing to lose if the truth about Haliburton screwing America again gets out.

    And finally I add this to my argument. If we got torpedoed, WHY, has BP been going around with a platoon of lawyers trying to get fishermen to sign waivers for $5000 checks? Answer that!

    Also if we were torpedoed, when did the US Navy decide to take a break, and just let an old loud crap get into our Gulf.

    Here is an excerpt about the North Korean Navy's Submarine fleet. – Submarines, most of which are of the 20-some Romeo-class, are outdated and slow, but they are sufficiently capable of blocking sea lanes. These vessels could attack ROK surface vessels, emplace mines anywhere within the ROK maritime territory, or secretly infiltrate commandos into the South.

    Here's the link if you want to verify. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/dp

    The problem that corporate controlled media is having today is there are people out there like me, who are A) Political Atheists, B) Question Everything, and C) Check up on claims made by others. So for God's sake, do your research before you go blaming those old fashioned North Korean Boats.

    Here's the info on our Los Angeles Class Subs. And after reading it, try to tell me that the most advanced Anti-Sub Submarine in History let an old clunky diesel power piece of crap into the Gulf Of Mexico. The Los Angeles class is credited my some as being the straw that broke the camels back of the Soviet War Machine. It rendered their Balistic Missile Subs ineffective.

    If you continue on this path you are going to anger a lot of US Navy Submariners. You are essentially saying they failed.

  15. AP – The deadly blowout of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico was triggered by a bubble of methane gas that escaped from the well and shot up the drill column, expanding quickly as it burst through several seals and barriers before exploding, according to interviews with rig workers conducted during BP's internal investigation.

    Not the “deliberate attack” you were gut-feeling about…

  16. And, YOU are NOT agenda-driven, how?

  17. Yes, I saw this report, earlier.

    The report is based on an AP reporter's interview of, ” Robert Bea, a University of California Berkeley engineering professor who serves on a National Academy of Engineering panel on oil pipeline safety and worked for BP PLC as a risk assessment consultant during the 1990s. He received them from industry friends seeking his expert opinion.”

    So, we're talking about, what, THIRD-HAND reporting here?

    If we're to understand what we're reading, the guys who were blown up–well, they can't give a statement–but the guys who were ALMOST blown up can attest to the “fact” that it was a methane “bubble” that came up through the pipe.

    Here's another quote from the AP report, “Meanwhile, far below, the rig was being converted from an exploration well to a production well.”

    Our reports indicate that this was not the case. This rig was being prepared to be MOVED to another location, not to be put in production–that's why they were “capping” the well with cement.

    Let's keep on keeping on with this ONGOING INVESTIGATION, which I doubt will ever yield the truth.

  18. GADS!!! Don't tell me the White House is willing to entertain CONSPIRACY THEORIES regarding the inexplicable near-crash of the stock market yesterday! SAY IT ISN'T SO!! Surely they did NOT use the s-word!!

  19. There were about 100 workers on the Gulf oil rig at the time of the incident. I understand that 11 died due to the explosion but how come we haven't heard from any of the survivors. Not one interview with a surviving rig operator after weeks of third and forth party news reports.

  20. “The platform exploded, despite redundant safety features”. Several oil companies, including BP, lobbied Cheney to relax offshore drilling regulations, which he did. As a result, there was only a blowout preventer on the seafloor, and no redundant shutoff valves, one of which would have been an automatically operated acoustic valve. The accident happened while a Halliburton crew was capping the well with cement, but BP reported the well to be 18,000 feet deep, while the well was actually 24,000 feet deep. They used cement for an 18,000 foot deep well, which was not enough to contain the pressure for a 24,000 foot deep well, and it blew out. Blame BP, Blame Halliburton, Blame deregulation. S&%it happens. The terrorist stories are pure crap.

  21. My only agenda is Truth, Liberty, and the pursuit of freedom. Like Superman, except, I don't have his nifty powers. 🙁

    Oh and love. I'm really into forgiveness and unconditional love. Even if sometimes I write something kind of mean, I still am able to back off from that modality, and reengage the situation with love and compassion.

    Seriously, check out the documentary called, The Corporation. Then check out Why We Fight. Very good films, not like…ah whats his name….the fat guy from Michigan's films that are very jaded and skewed.

    Well, now that we now the truth, I hope you came a little closer to reason. I heard it on the radio as i got home tonight.

  22. Wrong again. The report was from an investigation conducted by BP.

    Their is no ongoing investigation. And please do your research on the submarines I posted info on, and just answer your own question. It's getting to the point of insulting American's intelligence.

  23. Gina, quick check using Google tells me the source you quote (theHill.com) maybe the ONLY website that uses the word “sabotage”. It is almost as if you deliberately searched out an article with the word “sabotage” with “Wall Street” in it.

    As your news source says, Gibbs told reporters “I wouldn’t rule anything in or rule anything out, I think that’s, appropriately, why they’re reviewing what may or may not have happened.”

    Just because the issue is open and being fully investigated provides little or NO reason to introduce wild speculation that “sabotage” is involved, or any other “crazy theoretical” ideas. On can easily jump to ridicules speculation in the absence of factual information on ANY subject.

    As to what really started the Wall Street sell-off, the issue remains to be investigated. It’s common knowledge that recent events involving foreign banking have introduced a great deal of uncertainly in the market, and most trading is done automatically under computer software control. This combined can trigger unintentional selling. In the past there have been huge sell-offs like this before. This seems like a repeat problem, and is what is “in fact” currently being considered.

    Please see the following WSJ article.

    Computer Trading Is Eyed
    Debate Turns to Absence of Circuit Breakers, Market Makers as Mystery Plunge Is Probed

    It's no fault of your own that theHill.com chooses to exaggerate the news; good journalism does not always pay the bills. Just like National Enquirer, or other shock magazines struggling for reader exposure, what catches readers’ attention is often controversy, controversy, controversy, controversy …

    You may take this an insult, but for what it is worth I am not here. It would be wise to do more research. A person who is driven to wild speculation frequently may appear to others as dreamer, if not credulous.

    Good luck with your Jeff and Mike Show interview. I Checked out their Facebook and their show looks interesting.

  24. Gina, concerning your statement “Let's keep on keeping on with this ONGOING INVESTIGATION, which I doubt will ever yield the truth.”

    Currently BP is being held “liable” for this accident. I'll bet you dollars to donuts that before BP accepts liability it will determine the cause, or the “truth“, as you put it.

    If there was a deliberate attack that caused the Gulf Oil Well Disaster then liability would shift away from BP to another source, ultimately saving BP billions in restitution. In either case, you can bet the public will hear how this plays out. This is not going to simply go away quietly.

  25. HA! Actually, I didn't “search out” anything. That Hill article was posted in red at the top of Drudge. You couldn't miss it, and I posted it here for the humorous irony.

  26. Gina, I'm not sure what is worse, that you post any screwball post you find from “Drudge” then act like it is a joke, or post your unrealistic terrorist suppositions as if you are asking questions. Either way it's all pure crap.

    Is this what “Dakota Voice” stands for?

    I agree with another post “It's getting to the point of insulting American's intelligence.”

  27. I'm wondering why on earth you're wasting so much time and effort on a no-name, wacko, insane, stupid blogger.

    If my questions are entirely without merit, why even give me the time of day? Why don't you go somewhere else where all the intelligent, humorless people hang out–where your efforts might be appreciated?

  28. Okay, the interview with Jeff Lynch and Mike Howard is complete. We had a nice 40-minute discussion, wherein we covered the theories, plus the new “methane bubble” development. The methane bubble was fodder, and we took advantage of it.

    The Jeff and Mike show is recorded on Saturday afternoons, and it streams Sunday evenings. The show is heard globally on http://www.rantradio.com, http://www.roundtableradio.net, and http://www.randomradioonline.net every Sunday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Pacific Time from San Diego.

    Their interview with me will be the first thing on the show, so if you tune in to the start of the program, you'll catch it. Or, if you want to listen at another time, they have it available to hear at this link: http://thejeffandmikeshow.podomatic.com/

  29. Solution for the Deep Horizon disaster
    Solution for Resolving the Oil Rig disaster.
    By Richard Rios

    In light of the recent oil rig explosion and subsequent oil flow into the Gulf of Mexico I’m declaring a war on this catastrophe and calling it a “War On Oil Proliferation and Sanity (WOOPAS)”. I know this will be shocking at first but it appears that the only way to get funding for solutions in the world is to declare a war on something. Yes folks, we are apparently more than happy to provide hard earned dollars to something we can blow up or use some new technical gadget on. Since the Russians recommended using a nuclear weapon on the thing I can see how this can be even more appealing to those that want to see a really big boom if all else fails. Yes, we are talking the mother of all wars baby. Since this could impact the human population for years to come and maybe the folks that built the Georgia Guidestones will get their wish and reduce the world population to no more that 500,000,000 bipeds.
    Heaven Forbid for all faiths.

  30. Oh, that's good!

  31. First source is actually EU Times: http://www.eutimes.net/2010/05/us-orders-blacko
    See also


    UN:F [1.8.9_1076]

  32. Yes, it was a premeditated attack by a few very powerful BP oil employees. The rig workers who knew it was coming were silenced forever in the first blast. This kind of thing will keep happening until the people responsible are brought to justice just like the nazis and the taliban. This was a crime and people were murdered in cold blood. The perpitrators are scot free because it isn't being called a crime. Yet millions of living creatures are on their way to a cruel death worse than the human victims and many fishermen will be out of work in this area permanently.

  33. OK sister! The gig is up! You are an obvious shill for big oil! How much do they pay you?

    Enjoy your blood money!

  34. Good grief! You're a basket case!

    What the heck do you think you even know?

    Let me tell you–if anyone were actually PAYING me to write, I would do a much better job than I did in that stupid little article.

    Dream on, BC

  35. Damn right, BC! Where is the blood money, and how much did she get?! Enquiring minds want to know. The oil companies have plenty of cash. I should know, because every time I fill up my gas tank, the cost is more.

    Gina is my wife… She is obviously hiding something from me.

  36. Enemy submarines?? So our navy's sonar defense capabilities missed this likelihood?

    Sorry Gina. A more likely scenario is that BP and perhaps even Deepwater Horizon failed to install proper safety apparatus or had it in place and failed to properly test it before drilling began. Is it a possibility that Michael Savage and even Limbaugh could be on BP's payroll behind the scenes? There's a conspiracy theory I would enjoy watching played out.

  37. Dan- You are a very naive boy. You give us your wise guidance, spoken in a British accent: “Why don't we wait until the proper authorities tell us what to think”.

  38. This is the source I linked in the article: http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1367.htm

  39. I didn't realize our navy was patrolling the waters around the oil rigs. But, you might have noticed that the NorK theory is not mine; I only reported it.

    However, that rig was indeed equipped with redundant safety mechanisms, including the Blowout Preventer, safety valves and the “deadman” switch. And, we're being asked to believe that ALL of the safety features failed simultaneously.


  40. Still waiting Dan…. not one word…. forget the Eco-Terrorists theory, how about an Oil rich nation that does not want to see us drill, much less increase drilling. This has all the markings of a military exercise.

  41. Here's my biggest thing… between thins and the NYC car bomb attempt… why haven't we heard from our “President”? We have one confirmed attempted attack on our country and thousands are asking if the oil rig explosion was an attack, so why hasn't he come forward and made a statment. All it looks like to me is that our government whom we count on for security, which I don't, is hiding things from the people of this country.

  42. Actually, tracking nuclear powered subs is near impossible.

  43. Lack of press coverage? Read this – http://news.mobile.msn.com/en-us/articles.aspx?…

    Read what the actual people on the rig have to say.

  44. Thats funny when you lose it. You have never responded to one of my post with anything that resembled a factual argument. And now that the facts are out there plain as day, you still cling to your submarine attack theory.

    OK, I have a question for you. What submarine fleet is advanced enough to slip by a Los Angeles Class Hunter Killer Sub?

    I don't expect a retort, because you've already shown you are not interested in the facts.

    And then you further debase yourself by calling the guy a troll. Wow! What a wonderfully crafted argument.

    You asked, “Could it be that this horrible incident provides the perfect excuse to demand a stop to offshore oil drilling?” My answer is hopefully it will wake people up to the dangers we face of polluting our planet, specifically when it's right in our own back yard! And this should get people bothering congress to mandate research into alternative energies like Zero Point and Fusion.

    Sure we will still have out gas powered cars & trucks for the long haul in the transition, but to think that we can continue on this course for the next 50 years is insane. Regardless of how this disaster happened, it will hopefully get past the idea of if we should drill or not drill.

    GM had an awesome all electric car for a while. Great documentary called “Who Killed the Electric Car” explains what happened to it. But short range commuter electrics are viable and Nissan is coming out with one soon.

    I suppose if you have gotten to the point of calling a guy a troll, you may be way past reason and logic here. But if you have an ounce of fairness in your soul, please read this article about BP's long history of putting profits before everything else…including safety. http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/05/08/1620292/g

    I have to admit, I already think you are a shill and an actual employee of some sort who is paid to rant about all this. So of course this may be a futile gesture. But just from what I've read, the vast majority of people who have responded don't believe the “attack” theory. It is much more likely the gas igniting on the deck of the Deepwater Horizon Theory.

  45. The fact that you are married to Gina doesn't prove or disprove that she is being paid by the oil companies to write this blog.

    I think it's funny when she can't actually formulate a real argument and has to resort to calling me a basket case. Why would anyone put a basket…in a case?

    But seriously, I hope you two can come to reason on this. Regardless of how this happened, anyone with a logic mind can realize that the technology is in place to free us from our oily masters. Of course it would be a transition, not a cold turkey event.

    But to me, the gist of what Gina is pushing is the idea that we have to use oil, trust the oil companies, and keep using it with no other alternative.

    Just all sounds like a big PR campaign.

    And Gina's reasoning is that if she was paid, she'd do a better job. Well, you should always put your best foot forward, so when the time comes to get paid writing you have something good to show.

    So to someone who is a political atheist, I stand back and can see all the politically charged rhetoric coming from this string, and well…it does not help her case at all. And while there are people out there who make a fortune with their daily radio circus and name calling, to the average person, it comes off as crass and uneducated.

    A reasonable discussion is the way to go if you want to get people to side with you. But I think that the insanity of this situation is so great, that reason can get clouded by emotion pretty easily. Emotion for me, is one of the biggest things that keeps me coming back here to argue about all this.

    I grew up on the Gulf Coast, and this whole thing has me a bit shocked. I worked of shore between semesters and I've seen 200 ft tall flames coming off of rigs, (scared me back to college).

    So I suppose I'm puzzled as to why someone from the Gulf Coast would take a stance that we must keep drilling in light of what is happening. What will it take a Hurricane to blow all that oil up to 30 miles inland? Thats the worst case scenario.

    Wouldn't a more logical stance be that OK, we had this disaster…what mindset got us here? And how can we change our mindset to make sure this never happens again? When you have companies who continually break laws and are still able to operate, then something is wrong with the laws. And worse still, something is wrong with our technology and our outlook on the future.

    So to me, someone like Gina who writes this blog and wants to blame anyone but BP, Halliburton and Transocean, (with all of the above as reference), she comes off as a shill for them.

  46. We haven't heard from the President because he's a business as usual status quo elitist just like GW Bush.

    We need a good 3rd party candidate to go up against the big corporations and put the PEOPLE 1st.

    Read this and think about the “so called liberal” Obama in the White House. Please! He's another corporate puppet! – http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/may/

  47. BC,

    After all you liberals call me every name under the sun (insane, stupid, wacko, etc.), you take issue with my correctly identifying an Internet troll? As for saying you're a basket case, perhaps “unhinged” would be a better description.

    You are the one not interested in “facts,” or you wouldn't sit there and tell me I'm “clinging” to a submarine story. I'm doing no such thing–I don't know WHO did it, and I've repeatedly said that.

    And, you can't believe the laugh that you gave us all in claiming that I'm being paid by big oil–my family got the biggest kick out of that! BC, I really think that was the best comment out of all of these! I'm amazed to join the ranks of those people who are much better than me–those who the left accuses of the very same thing! It kinda tickled me that you said it, as I know that if “big oil” actually did pay people to write for them, they could certainly do much better than a layman like me.

    I imagine it would be nice to be paid by “big oil” to write, but it's not the case–I'm not paid a penny by anyone to write. I'm just a free contributor to Dakota Voice, a website that I care very much about.

  48. w! That DPRK boomer drove down to Venezuela and has sunk one of Hugo’s offshore rigs. Of course, to accommodate the conspiracy loons, lets presume that Hugo offered up the rig as target practice for his DPRK pals. Right, loons?


    Aban Pearl semisub sinks
    Crew evacuated, ‘no risk’ to environment

    Aban Offshore’s Aban Pearl semi-submersible drilling rig sank into the Caribbean early this morning, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced in a message sent out on social media platform Twitter.

    Anthea Pitt & news wires 13 May 2010 10:42 GMT

    The semisub was operating for Venezuela’s state-run producer PDVSA at the Mariscal Sucre complex development under a five-year contract which came into effect last year.

    Venezuela’s Oil Minister Ramirez later told Reuters that the accident was caused by water entering a subsea float, adding that that there are plans to try to retrieve the unit.

    In his tweet, Chavez said all 95 crew on the rig were evacuated safely. He later added two navy patrols were in the area.

    Chavez’ first tweet said: “To my sorrow, I want to inform that the natural gas platform Aban Pearl sunk a few moments ago. The good news is that the 95 workers are safe.”

    Will be interesting to see how the intellectually dysfunctional sociopaths explain this one.

  49. So, you're saying that in your perfect world there would be no “conspiracy loons” to ask questions and demand answers which we doubt we'll ever get?

    Do you suppose it would be best if we all just wait slack-jawed until THE ONE in Washington tells us what to think?

    You go ahead and be an automaton; I'll keep my inquisitive mind, thank you.