Rapid City Local Candidate Forum

Citizens for Liberty will be hosting a Rapid City area local candidate forum on Thursday May 13 at 6:30 pm at Comfort Suites on Elk Vale Rd. and I-90. The forum will provide an opportunity for voters to learn about and ask questions of candidates for office in Rapid City, the Rapid City School Board, and Pennington County.

Local issues affect your freedom, your taxes and other matters just as much as national issues, so you won’t want to miss this chance to help you make a more informed vote. Environmentalists are busy at the city and county level, and what goes on in the public school system affects our children and our tax dollars.

The event is free and open to the public. Be sure to invite your friends!

These are the area candidates, as listed at the South Dakota Secretary of State website:


District 51-4, Area 3 Brad Otten

District 51-4, Area 3 Barbara Doshier

District 51-4, Area 6 Daphne Richards-Cook


Rapid City, Ward 1 Gary L. Brown

Rapid City, Ward 1 Patti Martinson

Rapid City, Ward 3 Lori Litzen

Rapid City, Ward 3 Clark Jones

Rapid City, Ward 3 Dave Davis

Rapid City, Ward 4 Lloyd LaCroix

Rapid City, Ward 4 John B. Roberts

Rapid City, Ward 4 Jordan Mason

Rapid City, Ward 5 Joseph Budd
Rapid City, Ward 5 Michael Stanley

Rapid City, Ward 5 Frank Robbins

Rapid City, Ward 5 Jody Harold Speck

Rapid City, Ward 5 Ron Sasso

Rapid City, Ward 5 Bonny Petersen


District 1 Karen A. Murphy

District 1 David Gray

District 1 Ken Davis

District 3 Ethan W Schmidt

District 3 Don Holloway

District 5 Ron Buskerud

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