President Obama’s Radical Past

If you were awake during the 2008 presidential election, or have even had brief periods of consciousness since then, you probably have a pretty good idea of the radicals, dirtbags, terrorists and others with whom Barack Obama has associated for most of his life.

For instance, there are the lovers of communist dictators and Marxists with whom he has surrounded himself, his apparent friendly meeting with Marxist thug Hugo Chavez, his longtime association with Marxist domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, his associations with others in and around terrorist organizations worldwide, and more.

But in case you missed some or all the first time around, or simply forgot some of the many shady characters in Obama’s life, Aaron Klein has a new book out called “The Manchurian President,” titled after the movie(s) “The Manchurian Candidate” about a man kidnapped by the enemy and brainwashed to act as a sleeper agent against America.

Klein makes it clear that he doesn’t think this actually happened with Obama…but with all the radical, anti-American associations Obama has had all his life (not to mention all the Marxist, anti-American philosophies he holds), the similarities are too much to ignore.

Klein talks not only about Obama’s work with Bill Ayers, but his connection with racist anti-American Marxist “pastor” Jeremiah Wright where Obama attended church for 20 years, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan,¬†and other shady characters his whole life.

These people (and these ideas) are now shaping policy in America.

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