Obama’s Counterterrorism Advisor: Jihad a Legitimate Tenet of Islam

President Barack Obama meets with John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, in the Oval Office, Jan. 4, 2010. (Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

How safe can the American people be when one of the key people entrusted to defend us from threats is himself utterly blind to those threats?

Fox News reports John Brennan, President Barack Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, during a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

described violent extremists as victims of “political, economic and social forces,” but said that those plotting attacks on the United States should not be described in “religious terms.”

So these terrorists are just victims of “political, economic and social forces.” More of the tired and utterly disproved liberal blather about how certain people have no choice but to engage in crime and kill other people because they are poor.

Notice also that this idiot says we must not describe the terrorist attacks by these terrorists in religious terms…even though the terrorists themselves describe their actions in religious terms. Who among us have not heard virtually without exception these terrorists referring to their jihad, and that they are blowing themselves and others up for Allah.

Brennan’s psychobabble double-talk only gets deeper

He repeated the administration argument that the enemy is not “terrorism,” because terrorism is a “tactic,” and not terror, because terror is a “state of mind” — though Brennan’s title, deputy national security adviser for counterterrorism and homeland security, includes the word “terrorism” in it. But then Brennan said that the word “jihad” should not be applied either.

“Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children,” Brennan said.

If our enemies are not the official agents of a particular country, or are not confined to a particular country, we cannot call them by their nationality. If they commit acts of terrorism (which they do), then it suffices to call them terrorists, and the weapon being used against us is terrorism.  As liberals so love to do, Brennan is trying to split hairs to avoid dealing with the truth.

It should also be pointed out that while, yes, sane people realize there is nothing holy or legitimate about murdering innocent people, our enemies most definitely DO believe there is something holy and legitimate about it.  They wouldn’t be perpetrating acts of terrorism, dreaming of those 72 virgins as they do, if they didn’t.  Is it any wonder that the worldwide campaign of terrorism has dragged on for decades, when our enemies see that we are led by moral morons like Brennan?  Lunatics like this give them plenty of hope that sooner or later we will collapse under the weight of our own incompetence.

I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear from one of Obama’s advisors that our enemy isn’t terrorism…even though terrorists are the ones attacking us, nor should we call our enemies “jihadists” or “Islamists”…even though jihadists and Islamists are the ones attacking us. Remember, this is the administration that thinks of terrorists as “misunderstood persons,” the war on terrorism as an “Overseas Contingency Operation,” and terrorism is a  “man-caused disasters” and undermine our threat alert system.

We shouldn’t forget, either, that the head of this administration has had a long-time association with a domestic terrorist whose Marxist organization bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, and many other facilities around the country. We also shouldn’t forget that President Obama has displayed sympathies and associations with a number of foreign terrorist groups and figures, too.

If we had any doubts about Brennan’s sympathies, they were confirmed later in the article:

The comment comes after Brennan, in a February speech in which he described his respect for the tolerance and devotion of Middle Eastern nations, referred to Jerusalem on first reference by its Arabic name, Al-Quds.

Yes, Middle Eastern nations are renouned throughout the galaxy for their tolerance. Any one of those beheaded or beaten to death in these countries for the most minor infractions (sometimes simply for not worshipping Allah) can testify to the “tolerance” of Middle Eastern nations, including the many women who enjoy unparalleled equality and freedom in these countries.

And Jerusalem is now Al-Quds? Perhaps President Obama’s reprehensible treatment toward the leader of our ally Israel now makes more sense.

We have proof upon proof that the people running our government are at best asleep at the wheel when it comes to national defense.

The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam was written by a Muslim and defines jihad as “a divine institution of warfare to extend Islam into the non-Islamic territory.” Obama’s chief terrorism advisor…excuse me, his Man-Caused Disaster Advisor Brennan may not understand what jihad is, but Americans understand what jihad is, as do the terrorists who are waging it against America.

We have had more than enough warning to know exactly what we’re dealing with and what a threat it is. Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders has tried repeatedly to warn the West, and has done so through his documentary Fitna which shows the intent of the jihadists in their own language and that of the Quran; he was put on trial by his own people for his trouble.   Former Muslims have warned us.  The words of Muslims themselves have warned us. And the actions of many Muslims, along with the reticence of other Muslims to condemn terrorism, have warned us.

Even the words of Muslims on our own soil in our own colleges have warned us:

Horowitz: If you don’t condemn Hamas, obviously you support it. Case closed. I have had this experience at UC Santa Barbara, where there were 50 members of the Muslim Students Association sitting right in the rows there. And throughout my hour talk I kept asking them, will you condemn Hizbollah and Hamas. And none of them would. And then when the question period came, the president of the Muslim Students Association was the first person to ask a question. And I said, ‘Before you start, will you condemn Hizbollah?’ And he said, ‘Well, that question is too complicated for a yes or no answer.’ So I said, ‘Okay, I’ll put it to you this way. I am a Jew. The head of Hizbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or Against it?

Muslim Girl: For it.

Notice the chilling zeal in this young woman’s face as she stated she agreed with terrorist Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s desire to get the Jews in one place to more efficiently exterminate them. This young woman is living here in the United States as she said this.

At this point, there is very little that “we the people” can do directly to remove this liberal Fifth Column from our government; we can call and write our representatives and newspaper opinion pages, but at best that may only slow them down a bit. With an administration that shows little appreciation for our own country and openly sympathizes with America’s enemies in the White House, and a congress that is no better,  we can do little to remove these people from our government right now.

But we can be busy helping good candidates to get elected in the remaining days of the election primary, and going forward in the general election to come in November.  We may have to wait until 2012 to remove this pox from the White House, but if we can get enough good people in congress in November, we can at least bring one branch our government to bear in negating the damage.

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