Mexican Students Knock American Flag to the Ground

I’m not really sure whether the children in this video are Mexicans or Americans, whether they are in this country legally or not. Because of our federal government’s dereliction of duty, it can be very hard to tell.

But what isn’t hard to tell is that these belligerent young people who are living in the United States in Morgan Hill, California hold Mexico in higher regard than they country in which they currently live. This is evidenced by the chants about Mexico, the waving of the Mexican flags, and the disrespectful behavior displayed toward the American flag.  The attitude of ingratitude and arrogance is nauseating.

To patriotic Americans, it is very simple: if your loyalty isn’t to the country in which you live, you’re living in the wrong country.

The illegal alien issue is getting ugly, but it’s time we quit pussy-footing around this issue.  We’re overdue for protecting our borders and restoring law and order to our nation.  We’re overdue for seeing the people who live in this country respect this country, or be ostracized.

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  1. Bob Ellis (oh hey, like Ellis Island),

    I can't seem to find your article back from March 17 calling anyone celebrating St. Patrick's Day by waving the Irish flag and/or wearing green “unpatriotic”…???

    Similarly, there were no protestors shouting “Go back to Greece” and waving American flags outside of the Greek festival I recently attended…

    Why is it that only non-white minorities are singled out and told to “Go back to _____ (Mexico, Africa, etc)” whenever they attempt to celebrate their family's heritage???

  2. I don't recall anyone who celebrated St. Patrick's Day (a Christian who brought Christianity to a new realm, not a green beer party) throwing down an American flag or otherwise showing disrespect to the American flag or America. I have no knowledge whatsoever of this Greek festival, but I'd be curious to know if those participants showed any disrespect toward America.

    I rather doubt any did, and if they did, then they deserve the same condemnation as the belligerent people in this post.

    There's been enough hyphenated-American crap. Let's show some loyalty to this country, or go find one that suits us better.

  3. It seems the ' white' guys at the very first, driving through an obvious neigborhood of people of probable Hispanic descent, were provoking them by holding the flag out the window. Now if you tell me that these guys sticking out the flag do this all the time in all neighborhoods then I wouldn't say their intent was to provoke, but I doubt that is the case.

    On the other hand, the ' Hispanic' guy who knocked the flag to the ground at the beginning, was wrong as well. But if these people are American citizens, don't they have the right to protest even if it seems unpatriotic or disloyal to us. Isn't that one of our most basic rights as Americans, to protest against the government ? I believe and have seen it written here that Thomas Jefferson even said a little rebellion now and then is good.

    It is un- American to tell another American to go back where they came from just because their views don't coincide with yours or mine. I understand the concern, but if these kids are Americans, it is the most un- American thing we can do to tell them to leave this country. That violates what this country stands for—their Freedom of Speech.

  4. …the only disrespect being shown to the American flag in this video was by those wielding it as a symbol of hate

  5. The American flag as a symbol of hate? I've heard plenty of “off your rocker” statements from liberals before, but this one is in the running for an all-time award.

    You might take a closer look for belligerence and disrespect at the ones who were acting in an un-American fashion and throwing the flag to the ground. That would be a good place to start a quest for reality.

  6. The last I knew, freedom of speech, property rights, and the American flag were still valid even in American neighborhoods where most residents are of Hispanic descent. But we can only guess as to what neighborhood this was and why the guys in the truck were driving through there.

    Yes, even ungrateful, unpatriotic people who loathe our way of life and eagerly bite the hand that feeds them have the right to spew their vile speech. But they don't have the right to take or damage another person's property.

    I maintain that it is completely American to expect that, at a minimum, other Americans respect our country, our Constitution and the flag that represents these. I can't make them leave (that would be un-American, provided they are here legally and have not done anything to merit deportation or forfeiture of citizenship–though this kind of despicable contempt for our country might actually qualify for consideration), but it is most reasonable to expect malcontents to either get with the program or go elsewhere.

    Most people are smart enough not to go up into the “home” bleachers and cheer against the home team. We wouldn't tolerate it at a sports event, and we are over-indulgent to tolerate it in an area of life far more important than a sporting event.

  7. Bob

    You mentioned that it is completely American, at least in the minimum, to respect the Constitution and I agree. But I thought the Founders and the Constitution made it perfectly clear that Americans are totally free to express themselves-Freedom of Speech.The Constitution puts no limits on that freedom what-so-ever, if I remember the Ist Amendment correctly. The right to Freedom of Speech can not be abridged. If these people are American, then them speaking freely would be quite respectful of the Constitution's 1st Amendment.

    The one guy throwing the flag down excluded, but the rest expressed the most basics of American rights and completely in line with, thus respectful of the !st Amendment.

  8. Yes, it is legal for these people to leech off the blessings of liberty provided by America, even as they demean and disrespect it.

    But I'm talking about what is right, both morally and by common sense. Ideally, what is right should be legal, and what is not right should be illegal, but it doesn't always work out that way. These malcontents can legally show disrespect and contempt for our country, our laws and values…but they are morally and practically wrong for displaying this petulant, ungrateful attitude–and should be condemned by the court of public opinion for it.

  9. This reminds me of the story of the Hatfield and McCoy; where both parties continue fighting and not knowing why their fighting. Cinco de mayo is not only a Mexican holiday, it's a freedom holiday. When Mexico finally won there independence by defeating Napoleon's appointed leader of Mexico, Maximilian, America celebrated the newly liberated Mexico into an exclusive club. So many times we celebrate holidays, just to celebrate them or be a part of something. St. Valentine's day is a holiday, why? Most people will say ” who cares?” and buy some candy for their sweeties, not ever learning about St. Valentine. Same goes for Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Christmas, Labor Day, Presidents Day. I personally don't like celebrating the Fourth of July, because I think our founders would roll in their graves if they could see us celebrate our so called “freedom”. Mexicans should question their own reasons for celebrating..
    So the white guy SHOULD have been waving the American Flag, BUT ONLY in celebrating Mexico's Independence and America's involvement. As Americans, we should celebrate all events that are important to Americans of all heritage. We don't have to make everything an American Holiday (just events pertaining to American heritage) in order to celebrate it. These are the things our kids should be learning in schools, to help bring our communities together.

  10. Bob

    I have learned quite a bit from Dakota Voice and I really hadn't thought much of the depth of the 1st Amendment and Freedom of Speech. I again reread the 1st Amendment and it doesn't reference things like what we might think is right or morally correct or common sense or that Freedom of speech is in anyway connected to such things. It isn't. It stands alone and is a right unto iteself with no strings attached. You and I may personally feel that what these 'malcontents' are doing is wrong, but the Constitution doesn't.It isn't just about what is legal.The Constitution says these people are in the 'right' to speak as they do

  11. It shouldn't be this hard to follow, Brian. Surely you can distinguish the unfortunate difference between what is legal and what is right.

    Example: about 150 years ago in Southern states, it was legal to own another human being so long as their skin was dark. It was legal, but was it right?

    Example: It may be legal for me to call you a jackass, but is it right?

    Example: It may be legal to sue a doctor (regardless of whether one wins or not) because a baby died under the doctor's care when the doctor had absolutely no control over that child's death, but is it right?

    It is legal for these ungrateful malcontents to show disrespect for our country, our values and our flag, but it is not right for them to do so.

  12. …it hasn't been that long ago that good ole boys in trucks and white hoods used to drive around waving confederate flags telling American citizens to “Go back to Africa” and burning crosses on their lawns

    The boys in this video were using our American flag to do essentially the same thing…

    This is not patriotism… it's hate.

  13. There hasn't been a Confederacy nearly 150 years. The American flag is still the standard of this nation.

    It's probably also safe to assume that the aforementioned black Americans were not showing contempt and disrespect for their country of residence as these people were.

    Is it just instinctive for you to excuse and condone bad behavior, preradstudent? It certainly seems so, in every comment you leave.

  14. Bob

    I understand the difference you are making between 'legal' and 'right' and your point is well made. I was just thinking only in terms of the strict wording of the Constitution where the 'right' of freedom of speech means that strictly from a constitutional viewpoint, these people are indeed, absolutely, 100% ' right' to express themselves as they did. Not only IS it a 'right' to speak freely, they ARE indeed in the 'right' to express themselves this way, since the 1st amendment does deal with what messages should or should not be considered more right than others.It is non-discriminatory on such things. Just trying to be a good, strict Constitutionalist which would look at freedom of speech and say it is not only a right, but it is an absolute right and independent of moral issues like slavery or if it is right for me to call someone a jackass.

    Freedom of speech, according to the strict Constitution, is all or nothing and any expression of speech is also therefore an absolute right and those that express themselves, even if we don't agree, are then absolutely right according to the strict constitution.Your speech is not less or more right than mine, even if I'm an anarchist or a slavery proponent. There are no degress of rightness or wrongness in strict, Constitutional free speech.

    You and I might disagree, but the Constitution doesn't take sides . Scalia move over? 🙂

  15. I don't know how I can explain it any differently. Government is restricted by the First Amendment; private individuals are not restricted by the Constitution and are free to acknowledge the inappropriateness of certain behavior, and to denounce its moral failure. If you cannot accept this, then you must think the people in this video are morally correct in their blatant disrespect for America, our flag and our values.

    I wonder if you would feel the same way if your children went on about what a great woman the neighbor next door is, and why she is so much better than their mother and the woman you married, and sang the neighbor-woman's praises despite all the love and care your wife/their mother provided to them, and they knocked pictures of your wife/their mother off the wall and to the floor.

    I wonder how “right” you would consider them to be in that scenario.

  16. I think we are saying the same thing actually. The Government, as you say, can not restrict free speech and acknowledges all free individual speech is a right, therefore it is inherently right for a person to say ' America stinks' as far as the Government is concerned. It is also right to say ' America doesn't stink' as far as the Government is concerned. The Government itself can never say that someone saying ' America stinks' is wrong.You and I can. If the Government gives us a right, then as far as the Government is concerned, whatever we say is right Constitutionally.

    Concerning your scenario, I would wonder why my children felt that way or possibly that I married the wrong woman 🙂

  17. Unless you had some good reason for believing you'd married a bad woman, I'd think you'd be pretty torqued at that kind of disrespectful and ungrateful behavior–like what these people displayed toward our country and all the blessings of liberty it provides.