Christian Preacher Arrested for Saying Homosexual Behavior is a Sin

A Christian preacher in the UK was arrested recently for stating that homosexual behavior is a sin. This preacher must have failed to receive the memo that immoral behaviors are protected behaviors, and that he is not entitled to criticize them in any way.

From the Daily Mail:

Mr Mcalpine was talking to shoppers and handing out leaflets when he was allegedly warned he was committing an offence by PCSO Sam Adams – who introduced himself as his force’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender liaison officer.

When he continued preaching, Mr Mcalpine was arrested while debating his views with a passer-by.

‘I think justice will be served and this will be found to be a ridiculous charge,’ he said.

Mr Mcalpine is just the latest preacher prosecuted for speaking out against homosexuality, and his arrest comes days after a top judge was criticised for ruling that Christian beliefs are not entitled to special protection by the courts.

He was taken to a police station, had his pockets emptied and his mobile phone taken along with his belt and shoes, and was kept in the cells for seven hours where he sang hymns to keep his spirits up.

‘They treated me like a common criminal,’ he said.

He was later charged with using abusive or insulting words or behaviour contrary to the Public Order Act 1986 and released on bail, appearing before magistrates in the town last week.

The self-proclaimed born-again Christian, who is single, insists he has a right to express his views. ‘It’s not just my right I’m fighting for, it’s everyone’s’,’ he said.
‘We’re going down the route of a police state. Some people in the homosexual community may not like me after this. But it would be very intolerant of them to not allow me to have my say.

So apparently Christian beliefs (which are at the foundation of British laws and ethics) are not entitled to protection by the courts, but an unnatural, immoral and unhealthy sexual practice is–not only to be practiced, but to be immune from criticism.

Now some of you might say, “But Bob: this isn’t the United States where his God-given right to freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression are guaranteed by a constitution.” And you would be right.

But don’t ever forget that the socialists currently running our government desperately want the United States–the world leader in freedom for over 200 years–to be more like Europe.

Unless “we the people” remove record numbers of these socialists from the U.S. government in the coming election, America may very well go the way of Europe…down into the cespool of lost freedoms and depravity.

9 Responses to “Christian Preacher Arrested for Saying Homosexual Behavior is a Sin”

  1. Those who criticize Christianity — with no clear basis except for a dislike for how it (very wisely) opposes allowing people to do anything & everything they may feel like — show a tragic ignorance and disregard of how much they owe to it. They naively think they would like to live in a society with no Christian influence, but they fail to see what such an environment would be like. It's like a strong-willed 3-year-old who, angry with his parents, thinks he'd be better off without them.

  2. It's a tough issue…

    As another article you posted several days ago from the Christian Post stated, the vast majority of younger folks claiming to be Christian aren't truly Christian at all. They don't go to church, they haven't read the Bible, they certainly don't live by its words, and many of the self-proclaimed Christians polled don't even believe that the Bible is the word of God.

    And God knows we've seen more than a few preachers, priests, clergy, and evangelists themselves demonstrating that their own Christian values are doubtful. Televangelists in particular using religious claims to defraud their followers, and bona fide hate groups such as the Klan (which calls itself a Baptist organization) hiding behind freedom of religion.

    So where does freedom of religion end…???

    Does it really protect even the “false prophets” that the Bible warns of…???

    And does it really allow folks to engage in behaviors that are otherwise prohibited… if the man in this article wasn't a preacher and was simply a man standing in a shopping center confronting passers-by with his negative opinions about homosexuality, he would have been arrested.

    Should anyone and everyone caught breaking the law be allowed to say, “Wait! I've got a Bible…” and be excused?

  3. Thought provoking point there. My question would be this: Would his confronting passers-by with opinions be arrest-worthy specifically *because* those opinions were negative ones toward homosexuality? If the answer is “yes,” your point breaks down, because homosexuality does not merit protection from negative opinions.

  4. “Does it really protect even the “false prophets” that the Bible warns of…???” Generally speaking, probably so. It isn't the job of the state to police religious orthodoxy; it should be up to those within a religion or religious group to refute heresy and if applicable apply discipline.

    Of course, none of these considerations diminishes or negates the fact that this man was denied two of the most basic freedoms endowed to all people by their Creator: freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression.

  5. The arrest seems in order since it follows the dictates of The Public Order Act of 1986 which prohibits people from saying things in public that will 'insult' or 'distress' others. Passed originally to prevent riots at soccer games, it also applies to any public offensive language.

    The British have always put a premiun on respecting the other person and not offending him publicly and we have always put a premium on others respecting our right to offend them publicly( within bounds like not threatening them etc). They believe that personally offensive language and things like religion should be expressed in private–a long held belief which is why they had designated places like Speakers Corner where one could state their views.

    I suspect that may be why they are reserve by nature and we are more crass

  6. The arrest may be in order IAW the law, but the law is definitely out of order.

    You might as well make it illegal to speak ill of gambling, drinking, drug use, overeating, theft, vandalism, and watching “Dancing with the Stars.”

    In fact, I'm sure this arrest insulted and distressed Mcalpine, so accordingly those who arrested him should be arrested.

  7. Agree that the law seems out of order to us, but as you are aware the Brits have a long history and philosophy of putting a person's right not to be offended above another person's right to speak freely .