Chris Christie: An Example of What American Politics Needs

I don’t agree with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on everything, but by golly I love a political figure who will ditch the blah-blah-blah and pussy-footing around an issue and just tell you what the heck they think!

I’m referring to comments made by Christie during a press conference yesterday on a school voucher bill in the state legislature that Christie wants to see passed.

Perhaps used to the mealy-mouthed pap and atmosphere of “compromise” and “finding places where we can agree” blather spouted by most politicians, Star-Ledger columnist Tom Moran said he found Christie’s tone “confrontational.”

As reported by The Politico (and seen in the video below), Christie gave Moran a crash-course in the kind of plain straight-talk most Americans prefer.

“If you think that’s a confrontational tone than you should really see me when I’m p***ed,” he said. “That’s not confrontational. I love when people say they don’t want to have argument, that’s what we were sent here for.”

I catch a lot of flack for calling it like I see it. Some people think you’re being mean when you talk straight.  Some people think you’re in a rage when you call a spade a spade.  Maybe if you’re the kind of person who’s afraid to say what they think, or maybe if you’re kind of person who likes to smile as you’re stabbing someone in the back, straight-talk can seem a little brusque.   Average Americans, however, have enough respect for other people not to dance around what’s on their mind, and Christie seems like he’d fit in well in a room full of Joe Sixpacks.

The aforementioned quote also contains an important lesson. Average Americans elect representatives to get things done, to advance certain political goals, not to “compromise” or “seek consensus” or “get along.”  If you political opponent will come around and get his mind right, fine.  But if liberals won’t see the light, they are not to be compromised with–they are to be defeated.

Christie points out that the differences between liberals and conservatives is really pretty simple:

“They believe in certain things. They believe in bigger government, higher taxes and more spending,” the governor said. “I believe in less government, less taxes and in empowering local officials who were elected by their citizens. Now I can see where there could be a disagreement or two.”

I like how he points out that when liberals dig their heels in, that isn’t “combative” or “confrontational”…but when a conservative stands for their values, oh, that’s mean-spirited and hostile and combative and confrontational. Spare me.

He also makes it clear that getting re-elected and perpetuating his power isn’t his highest priority.  He says people aren’t going to wonder where he stands, because he isn’t going to play the usual “escape hatch” game politicians play with these mealy-mouthed answers.   He came to do a job and he means to do it; that is what taxpayers want.

Conservatives don’t vote for Republicans in the hopes they’ll compromise with big-government liberals.  Average Americans don’t vote for Republicans hoping they’ll “find consensus” with liberals. No, people vote for Republicans in the hopes they’ll get government out of their wallets and out of their lives–and defeat anyone who gets in the way.

We need more of this kind of forthrightness at all levels of government.

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his ‘confrontational tone’

4 Responses to “Chris Christie: An Example of What American Politics Needs”

  1. Hopefully, our next gov would govern like this man, with b**** of steel, and a titanium spine, however, only Howie might be similar. None of the others could hold a candle to cristy.

  2. Always good to see someone speak their mind like Christie. Saw him on Morning Joe Show and liked him. Also, I like the Governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer-D ,who was on Morning Joe and he's a small government , less taxes etc advocate also and has Montana in the black– only one of two states that are.Maybe there is hope—-naw—not as long as their are ' career politicians.'

  3. Christie even has the linebacker physique that adds significantly, if even subconsciously, to the intimidation factor. Wish we had more politicians with a physique that matched a tenacious conservatism, but these seem to be a dying breed. Now we have a House full of Monte Burnses.