Are the Rich Not Paying Their Fair Share of Taxes?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently said those evil rich people (you know, the ones who buy the products produced at the jobs held by average Americans; the ones who start and maintain businesses that create those products and hire the average Americans who collect a paycheck to make those products; the ones who stick their neck out and risk their capital to create those jobs held by average Americans; the ones who usually work 60, 80 or more hours a week to make that business productive…those rich people).

Anyway, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently said those evil rich people just aren’t paying “their fair share” of taxes in America.  She said this even though those evil rich people pay taxes at a higher rate than low and middle income Americas (with all the exemptions and poverty-programs, somewhere around 40-50% of Americans aren’t paying income taxes anyway).  Even though the top 50% of earners are paying over 96% of the country’s tax burden.

I don’t know about you, but I have friends who are far wealthier than I will ever be, and I have friends who are far poorer (in material things, at least) than I am; all are good people, or I wouldn’t value their friendship.  I know nasty rich people, and I know nasty poor people.  Wealth does not make the person, and wealth–when obtained legally–is not connected to a person’s moral standing.

My fellow Americans, why don’t we stop demonizing our fellow Americans who work hard and have become successful?  Why don’t we stop living on envy and greed for what we have not earned?   Why don’t we do away with this Marxist progressive tax system and adopt one that treats all Americans the same, rich or poor, and taxes everyone at the same rate.  If you insist on loathing and envying your fellow wealthy, successful American, he’ll still be paying more dollars into the revenue system.

But at least our government won’t be treating him like he did something wrong for working hard and doing well.

One Response to “Are the Rich Not Paying Their Fair Share of Taxes?”

  1. The question doesn't warrant a yes/no answer; it's on the level of “do you still beat your wife?” I refuse play on the Marxists' field in using their false terminology.

    “Fairness” is a tyrannical tool of the left that has been shoved down the unsuspecting throats of a vast majority of Americans and politicians – much like the much utilized leftist concoction “discrimination.” We give the meaningless term legitimacy by kowtowing to those who wield it. What is “fair?” Would a 95% top marginal tax rate be the definition? How about 100%, as some liberals demand? At what “income” level? $1 million? Half-million? $100k?

    There will always be people with less than even the poor by today's standards have. Rank envy is insatiable and will feeds voraciously on itself when the “rich” are reduced to nothing.