States Now Fight Federal Govt Over Abortion Funding

LifeSiteNews reports Tennessee and five other states are moving to protect their citizens from having to contribute tax dollars at a state level to pay for abortions under the new unconstitutional federal government health care plan.

The health care law contains massive abortion funding and promotion, but states have the ability to opt out of some of it.

Under the new health care law, states will be in charge of their own health care exchanges that are available for individuals and small businesses starting in 2014. In those exchanges, state’s can ensure tax dollars do no go towards plans or subsidies for plans that pay for abortions.

Lawmakers in Tennessee are voting today on a bill that has already cleared a legislative committee and would keep any insurance plans on the Tennessee exchange from offering abortion coverage at taxpayer expense.

Americans United for Life and other pro-life groups are assisting legislators in other states and dozens may ultimately wind up voting on similar provisions over the coming months and years.

Lawmakers in Oklahoma have introduced a similar bill and, in Mississippi, state Sen. Alan Nunnelee informed the Wall Street Journal he plans a similar bill later this month.

Missouri, Kansas and Arizona are also looking into these protections.

News of these protective actions by the states against the federal government comes on the heels of multi-state lawsuits against the federal government with regard to firearms, burdensome environmental regulations, and this unconstitutional health care legislation itself.

If those currently running our federal government had any decency at all, they would be shocked and stunned by the number of states who are moving to thwart runaway federal power in the last year, and the multitude of areas in which the resurgence of Tenth Amendment rights has manifested itself.

Had these federal overlords any virtue and sense of right and wrong, they would stop to ponder the meaning of the fact that the states are moving to protect themselves from the federal government the same way a home owner moves to protect their home in a bad neighborhood. They would stop and realize, “Maybe we’re doing something wrong, here. Maybe we’re overstepping our authority.”

But the arrogance of these socialists prevents them from any such encumbering thoughts.

The federal government is a creation of and servant to the states; the states were around before the federal government was, and before the U.S. Constitution was.

Yet like a “Frankenstein’s Monster,” or a tyrannical child who has grown more powerful than the parent it now terrorizes, our federal government as become a dictatorial lord and master over both the states and the people.

But those days are numbered.  As the states have had enough, so have the American people.   A political earthquake is coming in November. Those who despise freedom and hold contempt for the U.S. Constitution have sown the wind, and they are about to reap the whirlwind.

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