Obama’s Domestic Terrorist: From Bombs to Lawsuits

Bill Ayers mugshot

Bill Ayers mugshot

If you were awake during the 2008 presidential campaign and not depending on the “mainstream” media for your information, you probably heard about Barack Obama’s associate and supporter Bill Ayers.

Ayers is the Marxist terrorist whose group the Weather Underground was responsible for many bombings on American soil including police stations, post offices, the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol, and a firebombing at a family home.

Ayers also worked with Barack Obama on several projects and helped launch Obama’s political career with a meet-and-greet for Obama held in Ayers’ home.

With a few exceptions such as The Politico and a good expose by CNN, the “mainstream” media largely ignored Obama’s association with Ayers and other terrorists during the campaign, but Ayers is back in the news now after having been refused a speaking opportunity at the University of Wyoming.

From the Rapid City Journal:

The University of Wyoming has been threatened with a lawsuit if the school doesn’t allow 1960s radical-turned-academic Bill Ayers to speak on campus later this month.

The threat came after UW attorney Susan Weidel told student Meg Lanker that Ayers is banned from using a university venue to deliver a planned lecture on education theory on April 28. Lanker, who’s organizing Ayers’ visit, said Weidel didn’t give a reason for the ban.

Late last month, the UW Social Justice Research Center canceled plans for Ayers to visit campus on April 5-6, citing security concerns. University administrators were bombarded with angry phone calls and e-mails, some of which threatened to cut off funding to the university or even violence if Ayers showed up.

The article states that Wiedel made it clear Ayers was not welcome on campus and that his appearance there was not a possibility.

I commend the University of Wyoming for this principled stance. It would otherwise be unremarkable (any decent organization would distance itself from this unrepentant anti-American terrorist) were it not for the terrorist’s connection with the President of the United States. There is no legitimate reason someone with the reprehensible background of Bill Ayers should be considered to speak publicly anywhere.

Sadly, while many of us attempted to warn America about Barack Obama before the election, these early signs like the connection with Bill Ayers indicated what we could expect from President Barack Obama.  And as paradoxical as this sounds, disappointingly we have not been disappointed in our expectations.

We have seen President Obama populate our government with some of the most reprehensible people every to hold public position in this country. We have seen our own government brand patriotic, life-affirming Americans as people of suspicion.  We have seen our president embrace Marxist, America-hating thugs. We have seen the war on terrorism relegated to an “Overseas Contingency Operation” (or “an unpleasant afterthought”).We have seen our threat alert system downgraded.  We have seen terrorists become viewed as misunderstood persons. We have seen our government refuse to name our enemies.  We have seen our president launch an unprecedented “Apologizing for America Tour” where the American president apologizes for all the evils his country has perpetrated, including imaginary ones.

America, we knew or should have known what we were getting into when we considered electing Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States, and Bill Ayers was the canary in the coal mine.  We failed to heed the warning, and we have only begun to reap the consequences.

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  1. Good for the University! Billy is not welcome in alot of places and this is happening more and more. It would really help if he would go into any San Francisco Police Station and answer questions regarding the murder of Sgt Brian McDonnell. If he is innocent and had nothing to do with the death of this policeman, well, then you would think he would offer to answer questions so the Police can close the file on this case.
    I wish the University much success and my hats off to them for doing the right thing. Our young people deserve fine upstanding educators whose past doesn't include throwing bombs!