New Middle Class Health Care Tax

We knew it was coming. We tried to warn our fellow Americans. But they did it anyway.

They passed the unconstitutional government health care scheme, and while some people are waiting for their “Christmas” gift of “free” health care to begin, they will instead be receiving a bill.

From Newsmax:

Some 3 million middle-class Americans will be required to pay a penalty for not getting health insurance under the Obama administration’s new health care law, raising questions about the president's willingness to break a campaign promise by increasing taxes on some families earning less than $250,000.

A Congressional Budget Office analysis released Thursday said the average cost of the penalty will be slightly more than $1,000 apiece in 2016.

How’s that “free” health care working out for you now? About the same way that “hope and change” is working out for America.

But don’t worry too much. When that bill for $1,000 comes in the mailbox, or comes out of your paycheck, or comes out of the income tax return you thought you were going to get, just remember what Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) have told you: a tax isn’t a tax, a requirement isn’t a requirement, a penalty isn’t a penalty, mandatory isn’t mandatory, etc.

It’ll feel good to pretend, won’t it?

7 Responses to “New Middle Class Health Care Tax”

  1. Oh, yeah.

    This is just to be sure that EVERYONE will have access to “FREE” health care.

    Yeah, right. If you really believe that, well, maybe you should go ahead and move to Canada and see how it works for you there. It won't be any better here, when that evil legislation finally kicks in.

  2. Well by 2016 our dollar will be so devaluated and inflation so high that $1000 will be about the equivalent of $1.23 and it won't be that bad of a penalty

  3. That's funny, Brian. Well, it would be funny if this situation weren't so dire.

  4. When it gets that bad, we won't have to worry about penalties; the government will have ceased to be viable.

  5. Well there is nothing written in stone that we won't someday resemble Canada. Our government will be viable, but a tad more involved in your lives.Remember, for thousands and thousands of years before we got here, many other civilizations existed here before us. We are just the most recent and to my way of thinking, no one owns any of the earth