Health Care Bill Contains New Payroll Withholding Program

When you look at your pay statement from your employer and ponder how much money you made that you never saw, you probably notice things like your income tax withheld (you can’t be trusted to pay it in yourself), Social Security (which no one asked you about contributing to, and you may never see pay out), and Medicare (again, nobody asked you–they just took it out of your paycheck, and who knows if you’ll ever see your money back in service).

You might also recall that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told you several weeks ago that we’d have to pass the unconstitutional government health care bill so we could find out what was  in it.

Now that it has passed, we’re starting to find out about all those nasty freedom-robbing, property-confiscating things that were tucked away in it.  Like this one which automatically withdraws money automatically from your paycheck before you see it for long-term health care.


The coverage will be offered through employers, and employees will automatically be covered unless they opt out. Premiums will be paid through monthly salary deduction. That cost is presently estimated to be between $180 and $240 monthly. That cost can rise until the program is considered actuarially sound. As conceived, no public money will be involved, just premiums paid by covered persons.

Before one can become eligible for benefits, one must pay into the program for at least 60 months. Once an eligible person needs covered care, a benefit will be paid according to the degree of impairment. Benefit payments are expected to average $75 per day and can last a lifetime.

The self-employed and others who do not have access to the program though employers will be able to participate through some sort of government payment mechanism.

The program is expected to start in two years. Then the 60-month waiting period, described above, can begin for those who decide to start paying in.

Without even getting into the likelihood that, like all government “benefit” programs, this one is sure to cost a lot more and pay out a lot less than originally advertised, there is something even more offensive about the program.

This is like me walking up to another American and picking their pocket…and if they catch me, I’ll give it back.  But if they don’t catch me, I’ll just consider that I had permission to do it.  Nice, huh?

If you were counting on that $180 to $240 to buy groceries or help make the mortgage payment this week and BOOM, suddenly your paycheck is $240 less than you expected, that little exercise in pick-pocketing from the government elected to serve you is going to feel real nice, wont’ it?  You’ll be so grateful that your lords and masters in Washington were benevolent enough to give you the freedom to opt out…if you didn’t know it was coming out to begin with.  Now you’re short $240 to pay for groceries or the house payment that is due.

Isn’t socialism nice?  Isn’t it great not to be burdened by things like freedom, choice, decision-making, and personal responsibility? Those are all overrated anyway.

2 Responses to “Health Care Bill Contains New Payroll Withholding Program”

  1. Oh boy! The Awakening some are in for! You know, those people that blindly believed the sales pitch.