Global Warming Prof Makes Startling Admissions

Professor James Lovelock

The BBC has an interesting feature on Professor James Lovelock, one of the more extreme of the environmental extremists.

Lovelock is so extreme, he came up with the “Gaia” theory that planet earth is just one big organism.  Yet in this BBC interview, he sounds as if he must be falling back to earth and regaining his sanity.  In fact, he blows a lot of holes in the religion of anthropogenic global warming.

Lovelock even admits there hasn’t been any significant recent warming, and that we’ve just had one of the coldest winters in some time.

If human activity were really causing the kind of dangerous warming environmentalists claim, we couldn’t reasonably expect such cold snaps.

He also admits what many of us know but few global warming enthusiasts will admit: actual climate isn’t going to cooperate with these “fudged” climate models that are only as good as the biased data and assumptions that is plugged into them to start with.

Speaking of fudged data, Lovelock said that when he entered the field of science, most scientists would have considered it a “sin” to fudge data.   He said that when science became just a job for some people, when their career depended on producing the “right” results, they tended to “adjust the data to fit what your bosses wanted.”

Lovelock says all these inefficient renewable energy projects are not based on “good practical engineering,” but rather on ideology and business.  (In other words, they’re scamming people into believing these projects can actually produce something useful, and the lever to get people to buy it–literally–is the ideology of socialism and global warming hysteria.)

He even goes so far to say trying to save the planet “is a lot of nonsense” and that “we can’t do it.”

This is exactly what I and many other have been saying for years.  In fact, Lovelock says it’s “hubris” to think human beings can affect global climate.

It has long been established that virtually all the actual science points toward natural and cyclic causes for climate change, and that climate change in far greater extremes than those today have been going on for thousands of years.

Even though one couldn’t say Lovelock has totally renounced his environmental extremist views, it’s heartening to finally see one of the global warming “true believers” finally admit what so many of us have known for so long.  Perhaps at age 90, Lovelock doesn’t want the perpetuation of the greatest hoax in human history on his conscience when he meets his maker.

6 Responses to “Global Warming Prof Makes Startling Admissions”

  1. Koch oil 47million dollars to disprove global warming Exxon/Moble in the !00th off millions,but these companies are throwing away million for no reason at all .Oh! htey got billions off reasons!!!

  2. AGW has jumped the shark. It's now acceptable to be a skeptic, so we'll (finally) start hearing the other side.

  3. “He said that when science became just a job for some people, when their career depended on producing the 'right' results, they tended to 'adjust the data to fit what your bosses wanted.'”

    That neatly sums up why people need to be skeptical about what “scientists” say regarding anything controversial. The pure objectivity that scientist are supposed to have simply doesn't exist.