Dem Congresswoman: New Law Doesn’t Require You to Buy Health Insurance

What is it about liberals? Are they allergic to the truth? Is it impossible to get a straight answer out of them? Is it beyond their control, that they just have an irresistible compulsion to lie?

This question asked of Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) is a perfect case in point.  At a town hall meeting, one of her serfs, er, constituents, asked her what gives her the right or the authority to determine whether or not he has to purchase health care [insurance].

Her amazing response?  She essentially made the claim that the unconstitutional bill the Democrat congress passed recently doesn’t require people to buy health insurance.

It’s going to put you in a different “tax category” or “tax status,” she claims.  As in, “one that takes money from you against your will if you don’t buy health insurance like a good little serf.”

Why can’t liberals just have the courage of their convictions to just own up to the ramifications of their Marxist policies?  Why can’t they just have the guts to come right out and say, “My office gives me the power to tell you what to do, you ungrateful wretch!  Now shut up and get back to work earning your next income tax contribution.”  You could respect them a little if they’d just be up front about their tyrannical bent, right?

This reminds me of when Bill O’Reilly recently tried to get a straight answer out of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), while Weiner adamantly insisted that a tax wasn’t a tax, that “mandatory” wasn’t mandatory, and requirements aren’t really requirements…until you don’t obey.

Or when Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) twisted himself into a pretzel trying to claim that paying your income tax is voluntary.

It is fast becoming axiomatic that one can recognize a lie coming from a liberal when their lips are moving (or when their fingers are typing).

Does she really think her serfs are that stupid?   Does she think these poor unwashed peasants are so in awe of her greatness that they will take anything she says as gospel?

Apparently not, given the bad reaction of the crowd in this video below.

I know liberals desperately want to believe that they can just think something and it will magically become reality. Maybe they really believe that whatever comes out of their mouth will–like God did when he spoke the universe into existence–will ex nihilo manufacture reality.

But the rest of us aren’t buying it.  And we’re going to throw a cold bucket of actual reality in their collective liberal faces come November 2010.

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