Al Gore Buys New Mansion, Carbon Footprint Undetermined

According to the LA Times, Al Gore recently bought an $8,875,000 house in the Montecito-area in Santa Barbara, California which has a swimming pool, spa, fountains, six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

I’m very curious: what kind of carbon footprint does this house leave no our fragile planet that is a hair’s-breadth away from environmental apocalypse?

I understand that he is not giving up his huge mansion in Tennessee that uses more electricity in one month than most American homes use in a year–the one that has floodlights to highlight his trees.

If Gore buys multiple massive coal-energy-consuming homes like this, can he really believe the bilge he expects the rest of us to swallow?  Perhaps you think so, but I remain somewhat unconvinced.

Environmental hypocrisy aside, this brings up another interesting question. If Gore can buy another home in California for nearly $9 million, I would think that President Obama would be on his case for having too much money. I strongly suspect Gore is in desperate need for Obama to spread some of his wealth around for him and relieve him of this terrible burden.

Come on: it isn’t too much to ask that these socialists behave like the talk, is it?

Surely these people who run our country and drive our culture are not like the “more equal” pigs on the Animal Farm, are they?

5 Responses to “Al Gore Buys New Mansion, Carbon Footprint Undetermined”

  1. Bravo!

    I found your website very accidentally but I think I'll be your permanent reader!

  2. Heck, I bet Goracle is buying enough carbon credits from himself to compensate for his contribution to the oncoming environmental apocalypse. He may even buy a few credits extra to make up for the rest of us sinners.

    As far as The One's idea of who has too much money, Gore falls under the exemption titled “Liberal / Socialist”.

  3. The most amusing thing about the hypocrisy of the left is how they manage to fool themselves into thinking the rest of us are unaware of it.