Tea Partier Has Chris Matthews for Lunch

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews made the mistake recently of having Tea Partier and radio host Dana Loesch on his show to talk about the Tea Party movement.

Matthews played the usual “Tea Partiers are racistbigothomophobespittermilitiadangerouspeople” card, but Loesch wasn’t about to put up with that garbage.

She pointed out that if the “mainstream” media wants to play when it comes to boorish behavior on the fringe of the Tea Party, you need only look right down the middle of the Left to see the same thing–and much worse–in liberal circles.

When she easily smacked him on that, he quickly reached for the card liberals have been playing for the last 2-3 decades: a lot of Tea Partiers are from the South and “of course they are racists.”

Matthews didn’t find it funny when she pointed out similar charges apply to the Left.

When he tried playing the “birther” card, she easily raised with the 911 “truther” response, which is far more wacky.

Still getting no traction, Matthews called for reinforcements from a liberal professor who brought out the “big guns” that the Tea Party sentiment is, instead of akin to the fervor for freedom that led to the American Revolution, are really more like the slave-state secessionists  and race-haters of the Reconstruction era.

Loesch again smacked that down, correcting her that Tea Party people believe not in secession but in the Tenth Amendment which says those powers not delegated to the federal government belong to the states and the people (which President Obama has egregiously violated multiple times).

The professor tried to justify the contempt we’ve seen for the Constitution–and condemn Tea Party outrage over that–by stating we have a “duly elected government” that’s doing it…as if somehow that made it okay.  Loesch reminded the professor that Obama and his comrades are abusing the Commerce Clause to push this unconstitutional health care bill, and are forcing the (once free) American people to buy a product they may not want and may not need.

When Loesch pointed out that this monstrosity was opposed by most Americans consistently over the last year, predictably Matthews told us that all those evil racistbigothomophobe Americans opposed civil rights and voting rights for black Americans, too.

She then smacked Matthews down hard by setting the record straight that it was Democrats who opposed the Civil Rights Act, including former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Robert “KKK” Byrd (D-WV) .

This was like watching a young dog shaking an old rag in his mouth.  Matthews didn’t know what hit him.   He probably won’t have this Tea Party activist back on any time soon.

On a related note, the Second Annual Tax Day Tea Party nationwide is coming up again on April 15, folks.  Hundreds of cities are already planning their events with more to come.  Several in South Dakota are listed here, and I received a call yesterday from planners in Watertown, South Dakota who are getting the details gathered on theirs.  Look around and ask around in your area to find out if there’s a Tax Day Tea Party near you (I bet there is), then invite 5 of your friends and be there to stand up for freedom and American values on April 15!

3 Responses to “Tea Partier Has Chris Matthews for Lunch”

  1. If you take the view of the Democrats in stating that the “Tea Party” is “un-American and racist”, I guess they would also consider anyone that stands up for what is right also “un-American and racist”. I assume that they also considered the “Civil rights” movement of the blacks in the 60-70 also radical, “un-American and racists”.

    I find it incredible ironic that a group of people that followed Robert “KKK” Byrd (D-WV), a “Grand Dragon” of the “KKK” as the “Democrat Senate Majority Leader” calling anyone “racist” beyond any reasoning.

    I am a 64 year old black man and I have seen “President Obama and his Administration” do more to harm to the race relations in this country in the last 15 months, than the “KKK” has been able to do in the 30 years.

  2. You're absolutely right! I think these folks and their spin on things was described in the Bible in Isaiah 5:20.