Rep Weiner Has Had Too Much Koolaid

Have you ever wanted to see a Democrat totally hammered on socialist Koolaid?  Well, you see liberals drunk on this stuff all the time on the news, you say.  No, I mean really hammered on the stuff.

Get a load of Bill O’Reilly trying to interview Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) about the unconstitutional government health care bill that recently passed.  We’ve known for months that this thousands-of-pages monstrosity is going to force people to buy health insurance, and if you don’t, you’re going to be penalized for it, and the IRS is going to be verifying this.

Weiner brazenly tries to deny that taxation is taxation, government intrusion in your medical records isn’t government intrusion in your medical records, fines aren’t fines, requirements aren’t requirements, mandatory isn’t mandatory, and so on.

Talk about snookered!

What is it with liberals?  This reminds me of when Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) twisted himself into a pretzel trying to maintain his outrageous claim that paying income taxes is “voluntary.”

Why can’t liberals, socialists, Marxists (they’re all inbred cousins) just admit what they’re up to?  Why can’t they just have the courage to spit it out and say, “We’re going to tax you until your eyeballs pop out!”  Why won’t they just say, “We think Karl Marx was da bomb and we’re going to make your ‘hood his ‘hood?”  Why can’t they just be up front and tell us, “The reason we haven’t gone to the bother of physically shredding the Constitution is because we’re holding onto it in case we run out of Kleenex.”

Ah, it’d be scary if liberals started making sense, though, wouldn’t it?

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