Poll: Tea Party More Trustworthy, Knowledgeable Than Congress

Tea Party marches down Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C., Sept. 12, 2009 (Photo credit: Patriot Room)

Tea Party marches down Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C., Sept. 12, 2009 (Photo credit: Patriot Room)

Rasmussen Reports released a very interesting report on public perceptions about the Tea Party movement and congress yesterday.

Among their findings:

  • 52% of voters believe the average Tea Party member understands the issues facing America today better than the average member of Congress; only 30% place more faith in Congress
  • 47% think their own views on the issues are closer to average Tea Party views than to the views of Congress; only 26% believe Congress better reflects their views
  • 46% say the average Tea Party member is more ethical than the average congressman; 27% believe the average congressman is more ethical

To me, this paints a pretty clear picture.  That picture indicates there are only about one-quarter to one-third of Americans who are still drinking the liberal Koolaid.  The remaining 2/3 to 3/4 of Americans seem to have realized the stuff they’ve been fed for decades by the “mainstream” media and the socialists in Washington is poison, and have decided to abstain.

Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports, makes a telling pronouncement about these developments:

“The gap between Americans who want to govern themselves and politicians who want to rule over them may be as big today as the gap between the colonies and England during the 18th century,” Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports, says in his new book, In Search of Self-Governance.

I have been making similar observations for about the last year.  Never in my lifetime have I seen Americans–and so many Americans–so fired up and ready to throw off the yolk of runaway government.  In fact, being an amateur student of history, I cannot think of another time in American history since the American revolution when so many people were so outraged about being over-taxed and having their lives micromanaged by elitist tyrants.

It isn’t looking pretty for incumbents–especially those who are on the wrong side of history in embracing the fossil of socialism that has been proved over and over and over throughout history around the world to be a dead-end street paved with broken promises.

The next congress will have its work cut out for it in repealing and dismantling the unconstitutional government health care bill.  My fellow Americans, lets invest the time to research which candidates are the best, most fiscally responsible and best reflect American values in the primary election. Let’s help get them elected through campaign contributions, volunteering for them and spreading the word.   Then let’s march with them onto victory in the general election so we can throw these socialist usurpers out on the street in November!

HT: American Spectator.

15 Responses to “Poll: Tea Party More Trustworthy, Knowledgeable Than Congress”

  1. Brian, I agree with you that hard questions need to be addressed while the public is looking for answers. When President G.W. Bush got the tax cuts at the beginning of his administration, we celebrated, but spending was not addressed and continued to increase. However, Bush tried to drive the privatization of Social Security, but could not get enough public support and not nearly enough support from his own party. And when Bush left office, he, Pulson, and most of the Republicans and Democrats supported the Tarp Bill (over 700 billion dollars). So, I have a hard time believing any politician in office on either side. I wonder if they are still more worried about getting elected than creating solutions.
    For years we have needed a third party; one that believes strongly in personal responsibility and less government, unlike the R’s and D’s, who traditionally have stood for the growth of government, impeding personal rights and maintaining office. A party that will gradually kill Social Security, Medicare, and Federal Education, but that takes more than one bulldog, it takes “revolutionary radicals”. A third party is too dangerous, now. And so we can only hope, that this Tea Party movement, inspires future leaders to find some solutions to federal social spending.

  2. Obviously, Pelosi, Reid, Obama & Pals don't have a clue!

  3. I like the Tea Party's mantra of smaller government. But we got a problem. A massive deficit but the Tea Party also doesn't want tax increases to pay for that deficit. That means cutting services like social security, medicare, education, military etc.

    Would someone in the Tea Party or one of the candidates they support, please tell me exactly how much we need to cut from these services or which ones to eliminate and show the savings on paper. Make it specific please with numbers to back it up.

    I haven't yet heard one from Sarah,Boehner, Rubio etc or any of these exact detailed plans at any Tea Party Rally.I want them to lay out the steak and not the sizzle. Would someone, a candidate or Tea Party leader or participant, give me a detailed plan that they should then go to their constitutents and tell they are honestly going to enact if elected.

    I am waiting for details and not vagueness. I want them to tell America exactly what we need to cut and how much to make our government smaller. The steam has been blown-lets now see what's in the kettle

  4. Cutting taxes increases revenue the same way stores lower prices to make more sales.

    The proper way to get both smaller government and lower the deficit is, well, to reduce the size of government. About half of our budget goes to pay for things that have no constitutional authority, and a significant portion of the remaining 50% could also be reduced by minimizing government involvement.

    We can start with cutting relatively small programs like this stupid “Cash for Clunkers” and appliance rebate programs, all the way up to ones like the recently passed socialized health care bill.

    Most of the Republicans are stating they'll repeal the government health care bill; that'll be a huge savings. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has a great plan to begin moving us off the Social Security, Medicare, etc. programs toward a privatized system–again, hundreds of billions in savings every year.

    There are a multitude of good ideas out there, but if you rely on the “mainstream” media to hear them, you'll sit in silence because the “mainstream” media isn't interested in promoting anything other that costly socialist programs.

  5. I have read some of Paul Ryan's ideas and like them. I also watch a lot of Fox, even the Beckster, and they also do a poor job of reporting all these plans and ideas as well. Maybe I have just missed them, but my suspician is still that exact, detailed plans haven't been formulated.Will keep looking, but in the meantime, the steam and smoke coming out of the 'Palins of the world' is starting to bore me

  6. I have to admit Palin's performance has been disappointing, but there are a lot of good ideas out there that you have to dig for. Even Fox News is led by sensationalism over substance sometimes.

  7. Rian

    I would love to see major campaign finance reform where money and time for campaigning is greatly limited like the Brits do. Also think the Senate should be limited to four yaers and the House extended to four years for starters.

  8. Besides the campaign finance reform, I think there should be a law enacted such as false advertising. In other words, if a candidate is caught lying during the campaign — he/she immediately become ineligible for the position sought. If a candidate wins based on a lie, the minute the lie is proven and proven the candidate had to know it was a lie — they are removed from office. We can fire people for lying on the applications — so what is the difference? Why should politicians be exempt from accountability? Shouldn't they be required to win the job fairly?

  9. One way to start the reduction in the Social Security system is to remove everyone that should not be on it in the first place.
    Only people that have payed in are the only people that can draw out of it.Thats simple,that cuts it by one third.
    Stop Congress from stealing money out of the system every time they want it.
    Stop the teenage mothers from drawing Social Security on babies when they are born with a disability,make them responsible for their own babies.
    Stop giveing Social Security to people with alcohol problems,these people got there by themselves and its not the Taxpayers place to pull the out.It time we start Makeing people responsible for their own actions.
    Stop supporting people with so called learning disabilitys(I know a person thats on S.S. because he cant read,This is not a disability.This man is 27 years old.)
    Theres many, many more that should be taken off.

  10. I love this idea, Carrie. Of course , it would have to be grandfathered in, since we otherwise would have to fire all of the House and Senate

  11. Very true! Perhaps we could fire the House — replace them — and then start in on the Senate?

    Seriously though… It may be delusional to think my idea will become law, but it isn't delusional to think it ought to. There is no legit reason to over-look the lies told on the way to being elected or after they are in office.

  12. I am proud to be an American! I am looking forward to the future! That is what we do here in America. We find the problem and change it. Then we look forward to what the future holds. Now that we are fully aware of the problem, it is time for a change. I am looking forward to it! ( my son says “That 27% are the family members of the congressman.”) Obama promised change…well I can see he is getting it… we are going to shove it back down his throat like he did to us with the health care law!

    Social Services: Keep them within the states they are functioning in. Leave the fed out of it! We have been paying for this through our taxes and the gov sends it back to the states.Why not just leave the money in the state from the beginning?? If Americans want to help other states then they can elect to sponsor them from their state.