Limbaugh Pounds U.S. House Phone Lines

This morning radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh took the rare step of giving out the phone number to congress and asked his listeners to call their representatives to share their displeasure over the intended government takeover of health care.

Then this afternoon we read this story from The Hill that the House phone system is near capacity

House phone lines were nearing capacity on Tuesday from thousands of calls on healthcare.

The House e-mail system was also deluged on Tuesday in what the House’s technology office called “a very significant spike” in traffic.

The office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) sent out a system-wide advisory to member offices at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, warning them of the dramatic increase in traffic.

“Our phone system is nearing capacity,” said Jeff Ventura, spokesman for the CAO. “It got critical enough whereby we notified all systems administrators throughout the House that the phone systems are overloading.”

And from Fox News:

House phone lines were frozen Tuesday afternoon following a barrage of calls on the health care reform debate, with congressional opponents of the legislation crediting talk radio host Rush Limbaugh for the flood of opposition while the bill’s supporters said they were getting calls of support.

“Phones and e-mails are going nuts on health care,” Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., wrote on his Twitter page Tuesday afternoon, advising people to “keep trying.”

Jeff Ventura, spokesman for the House’s Chief Administrative Officer, said Tuesday that the “the volume is clearly attributable to the significant interest in the health care bill.”

When the Great One speaks, even modern technology can seldom keep up with demand.  A month or two ago, Rush Limbaugh had an article from Dakota Voice in his “Stack of Stuff”…and it wasn’t long before our server crashed.  Dakota Voice received a record or near-record number of hits, even with the server down from the onslaught for an hour or more.

I heard Limbaugh earlier today call the Democrats’ health care bill “the longest suicide note in history,” because this monstrosity is thousands of pages long…and if Democrats are stupid enough to ram it down the throats of the American people, they will doom their political careers.

Rock on, America! Let freedom ring!

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