Kopp vs. Zimmerman: Science Versus Hysteria

Rep. Don Kopp (Dist. 35)

Thanks to my internet colleague and polar opposite at Robbinsdale Radical I was alerted to a discussion on South Dakota Propaganda, er, Public Radio today between South Dakota state Rep. Don Kopp (R-Rapid City) and Dr. Pat Zimmerman from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.

The topic under discussion was a bill introduced by Kopp, HCR 1009, which calls for balanced instruction in public schools when anthropogenic global warming propaganda is presented to students. Some schools have been showing Al Gore’s propaganda film “An Inconvenient Truth” to school children as if it were something more than a sci-fi thriller, i.e. as if it were a factual documentary based on real science.

While this legislation has Leftists howling (they hate it when their religion is blasphemed), the state House of Representatives has already passed the bill a couple of days ago.

I found it interesting that the show host, when he gave Dr. Zimmerman’s biography, stated that Zimmerman had founded one of these bogus (bogus because the contention of AGW is bogus) “carbon credit” companies.  Environmental extremists like to hype a profit motive when demonizing the free market and the energy industry, but somehow they remain totally blind (on purpose?) to the profit motive of environmental extremists (Al Gore is one who is deeply invested financially in propping up this silly theory).

Zimmerman talked about the DUSEL lab and how this legislation might scare away the “real” scientists from our state.  This once again goes to prove the point I have made over and over and over that many “scientists” are really more concerned about running with the herd and being obedient to peer pressure than they are about following the evidence where it leads (or, in the case of the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming, where it doesn’t lead).

Zimmerman completely ignored the question of how much “greenhouse gases” the earth can absorb. Our planet was marvelously designed and acts very efficiently as a self-cleaning and maintaining system using mechanisms like wind, rain, and other factors that distribute and break down elements.

While Zimmerman seems to place a lot of faith in “fudged” computer models that can only project what might happen, he ignores the mountain of hard scientific evidence which points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that climate change is a natural and cyclic phenomenon that has been going on, with temperatures rising up and down in even greater variance than seen today, for thousands of years.

Consider just a few of these facts:

  • Data which points to solar activity affecting rises and falls in global temperature
  • Numerous studies that find natural and cyclic causes for temperature changes
  • Serious errors with temperature calculations, indicating the hottest year on record wasn’t even anytime recently–it was in 1934!
  • Compromised data from temperature stations once set up in rural areas, now years later surrounded by hot urban areas
  • 1,000 years ago, Greenland was warm enough for the primitive Vikings to colonize. They even grew vineyards there–something you can’t do in cool climates, much less frigid ones.  If human activity is cooking the planet now (and Greenland still hasn’t melted yet), what’s to blame for its much higher warmth 1,000 years ago before the Vikings had to abandon their colonies there due to the encroaching ice?  No SUVs to blame it on. No coal power plants to blame it on.
  • The Peruvian ice caps show similar temperature pattersn.  In the past, that area has been much warmer than it is today.
  • study of Lake Baikal in Siberia shows us that warming began there about 250 years ago–long before modern industrial activity.
  • Numerous studies showing much warmer temperatures in medieval periods in a variety of locations including Switzerland and Spain
  • Historical accounts going back to the Greek and Roman eras also paint a picture of natural and cyclic climate change.
  • The embarrassing revelations from ClimateGate which show sloppy disregard for sound science and contempt for honest inquiry
  • Why are MarsJupiter and other planets in our solar system warming up, too?  There are no SUVs or capitalists on these plants to cause anthropogenic global warming.  Could it be that solar activity is causing them to warm, just as it affects climate on Earth?

What’s more, the contention that the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming is “settled science” is pure bunk, total propaganda that appeals to the herd instinct.   The Polish Academy of Sciences and other scientists are speaking out about this farce, along with about 30,000 scientists who have signed a petition stating that there simply isn’t the scientific data to support the hypothesis of AGW.

We know from considerable experience that the modern world of “science” isn’t at all the pure field that it should be.  Even NASA has proved itself to be an overtly political organization.

It isn’t hard to realize that the contention of anthropogenic global warming isn’t about science; it is about a political agenda.  It is about subjugating America and the West, and about controlling the free market. It is also about financial gain for some who stand to profit financially in the bogus “carbon credit” and “green energy” markets as they peddle this hoax.

America must not fall for this garbage and damage the economic engine of our prosperity and security. We also should not perpetuate this scientific fraud by teaching our school children that it is real or even credible.  It is nothing more than the flimsiest of theories

Ultimately, that is what Rep. Kopp’s bill is about: protecting our public school children from socialist, anti-American propaganda masquerading as science.

5 Responses to “Kopp vs. Zimmerman: Science Versus Hysteria”

  1. Climategate Forecast…
    “What is the current scientific consensus on the conclusions reached by Drs. Mann, Bradley and Hughes? [Referring to the hockey stick propagated in UN IPCC 2001 by Michael Mann and debunked by McIntyre and McKitrick in 2003.]

    Ans: Based on the literature we have reviewed, there is no overarching consensus on MBH98/99. As analyzed in our social network, there is a tightly knit group of individuals who passionately believe in their thesis. However, our perception is that this group has a self-reinforcing feedback mechanism and, moreover, the work has been sufficiently politicized that they can hardly reassess their public positions without losing credibility.”

    AD HOC COMMITTEE REPORT ON THE ‘HOCKEY STICK’ GLOBAL CLIMATE RECONSTRUCTION, also known as The Wegman report was authored by Edward J. Wegman, George Mason University, David W. Scott, Rice University, and Yasmin H. Said, The Johns Hopkins University with the contributions of John T. Rigsby, III, Naval Surface Warfare Center, and Denise M. Reeves, MITRE Corporation.

  2. “When hopes and dreams are loose in the streets, it is well for the timid to lock doors , shutter windows and lie low until the wrath has passed. For there is often a monstrous incongruity between the hopes, however noble and tender, and the actions that follows them. It is as if ivied maidens and garlanded youths were to herald the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
    “People who see their lives as irremediably spoiled cannot find a worth-while purpose in self-advancement…Their innermost craving is for a new life – a rebirth – or failing this, a chance to acquire new elements of pride, confidence, hope, a sense of purpose and worth by an identification with a holy cause. An active mass movement offers them opportunities for both…” [ Is this Mr. Gore?]
    “ It is true that in the early adherents of a mass movement there are also adventurers who join in the hope that that the movement will give a spin to their wheel of fortune and whirl them to fame and power.”
    Eric Hoffer, 1951 – “The True Believer – Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements”

  3. I think Al Gore's film should be mandatory for all school children to see, so we can then explain to them how to recognize a demogogue

  4. As a former South Dakotan, I'm glad that I am.