Global Warming in Historical Perspective

By now virtually everyone on earth is aware of the hysteria being fostered by socialists over global warming.

Al Gore and his disciples claim that any planetary warming that is occurring must be caused by human beings.  After all, the West and America have been dominant for the last century or more, and that is when temperatures seem to have begun to rise (recently in history, that is), so it must be the evil capitalists and their SUVs and industry causing it.

But does that contention stand up to actual science and history?  Not even close. The only “science” that supports this silly theory consists of a lot of conjecture and some “fudged” computer models like the one left naked from the Climate Research Unit in the recent ClimateGate scandal.

History is also not a friend to the anthropogenic global warming religion.  At many times during human history, our planet has been much warmer…and much cooler.  For instance, around the year 1,000 AD, the Vikings colonized Greenland and had a thriving civilization there…only to be forced to abandon it as the climate cooled dramatically a few hundred years later.  There was also a “Little Ice Age” in the 1600’s and 1700’s where things were much cooler in Europe and America than they were a few decades before…and since.

In fact, multiple studies have found that our planet has been much warmer in many areas of the earth, at many periods throughout history.

This is a nice video which puts recent warming in perspective with temperatures of the last few hundred years…and the last few thousand years.  When we examine the historical record, any warming that may have been occurring recently (and appears to have leveled off) is pretty tame.

But somehow the socialists expect us to ignore science and common sense and believe that our evil addiction to freedom and capitalism is wrecking our planet.  We must ignore the solar activity which corresponds much better to warming and cooling trends.  We are supposed to ignore the fact that other planets such as are Mars and Jupiter have been warming up…even though there are no capitalists on these planets to wreck them with human activity.

Yes, we are supposed to ignore the mountain of real scientific data, along with where the trail of green money leads us, and accept their prophecies of doom purely on faith in their elitist omniscience.

Well, maybe you can turn off your brain like that, but I can’t.  I also can’t stand by and do nothing to counter this propaganda, nor can I be idle while my country’s sovereignty, freedom and prosperity are sacrificed on the altar of a socialist hoax.

So what do you think?  Isn’t it time we told these elitists where they can stick their global warming swindle?

13 Responses to “Global Warming in Historical Perspective”

  1. The problem is you haven't “averaged in” enough data series. If you'd just make up a data series or two that once averaged with this data flattens out the graph prior to 1850, then you'd see the hockey stick extend back for as far as you'd like. LOL.

  2. To all those who don't support G.W here are some unscientic facts: I have been living in this area for 50 years and in all these years our weather and climate has changed.We have had warmer winters and hotter summers Not only I have notriced this but all my older neighbors who lived in this area for up to 80 years Now I know that you want to continue to use oil and coal until it's too late ,or have our children and grandchildren worry about it when they become adults, this is a very selfish attitude or do you only care about your money Oh” it's all about greed”

  3. So, because I and countless other clear-thinking people don't buy the massive hoax of anthropogenic global warming, that must mean I'm greedy? You don't let facts and truth get in the way of your global warming religion, do you?

    The greed is not in the people who know that man-caused global warming is a wicked lie, it with those who are trying to push this hoax down our throats. They are greedy for power over the people and the money they stand to make, after all, man-caused global warming is the biggest of big businesses.

  4. Do you have stock in oil or coal?do you have stock in a power plants? The only once that dispute G.W are big oil and big coal who will loose billions off dollars if G.W is real dispute that fact so it's not about greed so what is it about?

  5. You didn't bother to read the article, did you, poljoe?

    You say things are warmer in your area over the last 50-80 years, and you believe for some reason that this warming was caused by the use of oil and coal.

    Tell me, then, how you explain the periods of even greater warming during the medieval period (when there were no automobiles or power plants), the Roman period, and other periods in history? Were there SUVs and power plants being used covertly during those periods…or could it be that the star in the middle of our solar system burning at 11,000 degrees and other natural factors cause warming and cooling on this planet?

    If you take the time to read the article and some of the links provided, I think you'll come up with a different answer the second time around. (I have faith in you)

  6. are you really that illiterate? “once” ones, “billions off” billions of

  7. Hello Poljoe……Oil companies make about 4% profit. It sounds like a lot, because you are not the person who has to reinvest that profit. Have you ever run a business? Where would that business be with out a profit? It is necessary to make as much profit as possible, because next time there may be nothing. Seems like you are against corporations and rich people. Have you ever gotten a job from a poor person? I doubt it. By the way, what addiction do we have to oil? Is it the truckers, who deliver food, or is it the person who has no other way to get to work except their car, or is it the airplane company flying food around the world to feed the poorest nations. I would liken oil, to the invention of the wheel. Without it, becoming Third World is not far behind. Don't think much progress is possible in that circumstance, is there?


  9. Joe, energy is needed, whether it is cold or hot. You are using some source of energy to communicate on the internet or by phone. The keyboard you are using is made out of plastic, which has oil in it. CO2 is what is said to be causing this Global Warming phenomenon today. Majority of the CO2 come from living beings, not industries. If you want to reduce the Co2 around you (since your so concerned), then stop breathing. Co2 doesn't really bother me, except when comes from another bodily function.
    Two years ago, Indiana (where I live) had the second coldest winter in it's history. Weather really has not bother me too much. (except when the price of Florida Oranges shoot up, due to cold weather).
    Joe, you are concerned with you elderly neighbors, as should be. Not because the temperatures are getting higher or lower, but because their (neighbors) costs to heat or cool their homes will increase due to cap and tax. Remember, the taxes will be past down to the consumer. The science is not completely settled, especially since the Earth has been cooling since 2002. This issue of Global warming will fizzle among scientists, but among the politicians and the global agencies, it will continue until we say “knock it off.”