Global Warming Hysteria: Following the Green Money

We don’t hear so much about this now, but not too long ago in history it was common for nations to pay off annoying or threatening groups to leave them alone.  One of the more well-known and relatively recent example of this was when European nations and even the infant United States paid tribute to the Barbary (Muslim) pirates to protect their shipping from raids.

Many businesses and corporations today pay tribute, too.  They don’t pay tribute to foreign governments, rogue nations or pirates (in the traditional sense), but they definitely do pay tribute to liberal groups in an attempt to placate them and inoculate against even more rabid attacks.  We see companies pay tribute to the homosexual lobby all the time, but what is less-known is the tribute paid to environmental extremists.

If you are astute, you have probably noticed that even oil and other energy companies have “green” divisions and make large corporate contributions to “green” groups.  They are paying tribute to buy a minimum level of good will from environmental extremists and their perceived constituency in the public.

Environmental extremists love to demonize the oil industry, the power industry, and business in general for their profit motive.  When anyone criticizes the green movement, the assertions made by the environmental extremist movement, or their pet religion of global warming, greenies invariably attempt to brand critics as “pawns of big industry” or “on the payroll of the oil industry.”

But what they don’t want you to know is that their profit motive is every bit that of the business sector. The environmental extremists want cash, and they’ll take it in tribute from the business industry as well as from the taxpayers.

Australia’s ABC features an article today which cites the tribute paid out from companies like Exxon, as well as the big money that comes down from the taxpayers through government research grants.  There is lots of money–big money–to be made in the “science” industry, researching how human activity might affect global climate and might cause planetary doom. No real results are asked for or required; as we have been told ad nauseam, “we cannot wait for hard scientific conclusions because if we do, it will already be too late.”

More of this bogus money is already floating around in the laughable “carbon credit” and “carbon offset” industry. How silly it is that an entire industry has sprang up around a flimsy hypothesis about something that all hard science indicates is not a problem.  Imagine a company started to manufacture belly-button warmers; it’s hard to imagine a product less-needed than a belly-button warmer, but the carbon industry almost certainly qualify.

Al Gore is the typical environmental extremist, beating the faux drums of his own altruism…while behind the scenes he pockets big money in the faux $126 billion “green” industry.  The Washington Times points out that Gore has really cashed in on global warming hysteria with his books and movies, as well as his investments in the carbon industry, and his chairmanship of Generation Investment Management LLP.

Gore isn’t the only greenie who is bringing home the bacon, either. The Times article says Rajendra K. Pachauri, chair of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is also the general director of one of these green organizations, the Energy and Resources Institute.

The New Delhi-based research group has received substantial financial grants to examine the issue of the world’s vanishing glaciers, a purported crisis that was highlighted in the 2007 IPCC climate-change report. The glaciology unit is headed by Syed Hasnain, who in 1999 claimed that Himalayan glaciers would be gone by 2035, which became a noted scare quote in the IPCC report.

We might also reasonably wonder how seriously we should take these prophecies of doom from the green sector when one of their chief high priests, Dr. Pachauri, doesn’t seem to take them seriously at all himself.

As I have pointed out many times before, the real science points to natural and cyclic causes for climate change going back thousands of years–long before human industry came along. Yet we never cease to hear arrogant claims of “peer reviewed” science that supposedly backs up claims of anthropogenic global warming.  So is that actually the case?  Well, not really; not really at all.

The IPCC has been hit in the face with egg multiple times recently (not to mention the multiple times in recent years their data–including the broken “hockey stick”–has been exposed for its errors) for their use of, not hard scientific data, but essays written by environmental extremists.  Climate Depot points to this article citing economist Richard Tol’s finding that 42% of the documents cited in just one chapter of the 2007 IPCC report is comprised of “grey literature” rather than peer-reviewed (not that peer-reviewed literature means much anymore, given the widespread dubious practices in the scientific community).  Grey literature is essentially information which is often used in official reports, yet lacks the rigorous documentation required of official scientific reports. When you take more than a superficial look at the claims of AGW apostles, you find something considerably less than reliable.

Meanwhile, scientific groups like the Polish Academy of Sciences and others are making it known that they aren’t buying the AGW hypothesis, including over 30,000 scientists who have signed a petition disagreeing with this contention.

So much for all that “settled science,” eh?

Never forget (and if you haven’t read it, you need to) George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” when it comes to dealing with socialists: the pigs will always ensure they come out on top. In an open, free-market system, everyone has an equal opportunity to excel and accumulate wealth based on the amount of ingenuity and hard work they are willing to apply. Under the socialist system, the “pigs” will always make their own comfort Priority One–even if they have to “procure” some of your property to make it happen.

And like their predecessors in Russia, they aren’t afraid to use the help of and then step over some “useful idiots” among average Americans to slop their pig pen, either.

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  1. My God! Do you realize how big an idiot you are?

  2. Not nearly as big an idiot as someone who can be exposed to all this information and still believe the person who put it together is an idiot.

  3. Any green that is to do with Climate Change is about the Green Backs these Carbon Emission, Cap and Trade con-artist traders can evacuate from your pockets or bank account!

    Re: For your own defense watch: “Shadow Government”

  4. For your own defense watch: “Shadow Government”