South Dakota Resisting Govt Health Care With Three Bills in Legislature

United States Constitution

United States Constitution

Socialists in congress and in the White House may be intent on forcing government health care on the people of America, but the states are no longer the door mats our despotic federal government has become accustomed to.

Fox News reports more than 2/3 of the 50 states are moving to protect citizens from federal health care mandates:

Lawmakers in 34 states now have filed or proposed amendments to their state constitutions or statutes rejecting health insurance mandates, according to the American Legislative Exchange Council, a nonprofit group that promotes limited government that is helping coordinate the efforts. Many of those proposals are targeted for the November ballot, assuring that health care remains a hot topic as hundreds of federal and state lawmakers face reelection.

Legislative committees in Idaho and Virginia endorsed their measures this past week. Supporters held a rally at the Pennsylvania Capitol. And hearings on the proposed constitutional amendments were held in Georgia and Missouri. The Missouri hearing drew overflow crowds the day after Obama urged federal lawmakers during his State of the Union address to keep pressing to pass a health care bill. The Nebraska Legislature plans a hearing on a measure this coming week.

Any sane person would realize there is something seriously wrong with a proposal when 68% of the states move to negate it!

The federal government is a creation of the sovereign states and exists to serve the states and the people; the states are not extensions of the federal government, put in place to implement federal edicts and take care of the “small stuff” the federal government couldn’t be bothered to deal with.

Some people don’t believe state efforts to assert their sovereignty under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments will succeed, for they are used to the states standing meekly by as the federal government runs roughshod over them.  But those days are over, Matilda!  A corrupt congress may pass such unconstitutional laws, and a tyrannical federal court system may cover its eyes and claim it is legal, but if the sovereign states tell the federal government to stick it, then they’re left to find a way to enforce their despotic “laws.”  The feds may find that much harder than they’ve become accustomed to; people are awake now.

South Dakota is definitely on the march for freedom.  In the South Dakota Legislature right now, there are no less than three bills on the table to preserve the freedom of the people and the states from federal imposition of a government health care system.

SB 137–sponsored by Senators HowieAbdallahAdelsteinBradfordBrownFryslieGantGrayHaverlyNelsonNovstrup (Al)Rhoden, and Schmidt and Representatives BrunnerKoppRussell, and Verchio–would

Pursuant to the ninth and tenth amendments to the United States Constitution, any law made by Congress which interferes with the right of any person or entity to choose private health care systems or private health care coverage, or which imposes any penalty, tax, fee, or fine, of any type, for declining to purchase health care coverage or participate in any particular health care system or plan, is null and void within the state of South Dakota.

SCR 1–sponsored by Senators BrownAdelsteinDempsterFryslieGantGarnosGrayHansen (Tom)HaverlyHowieMaherNovstrup (Al)Olson (Russell),RhodenSchmidtTieszen, and Vehle and Representatives SteeleCroninCurdGreenfieldKirkebyKoppLedermanLustMoserNovstrup (David)Olson (Betty)PetersPutnamRauschRoundsRussellSchlekewayVerchio, and Wink (that’s a LOT of sponsors, isn’t it?)–opposes the government takeover of health care, concluding:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Senate of the Eighty-fifth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, the House of Representatives concurring therein, that the South Dakota Legislature is opposed to the health care reform proposal passed in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, and strongly urges Congress not to adopt either measure or institute new federal review, oversight, or preemption of state health insurance laws.

Finally, HJR 1001 proposes to submit to the people at the next general election a new section to Article XXI of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to freedom of choice in health care.

Section 2. That Article XXI of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, be amended by adding a NEW SECTION to read as follows:
§ 10. The Legislature may not enact a law that restricts an individual’s freedom of choice of private health care systems or private plans of any type; a law that interferes with a person’s right to pay directly for lawful medical services; or a law that imposes a penalty or fine of any type
for choosing to obtain or decline health care coverage or for participation in any particular health care system or plan.

Putting this “line in the sand” against federal usurpation of health care freedom into the state constitution adds more strength and more teeth to South Dakota’s resolve not to be the lapdog of the central government.

The U.S. Constitution makes it abundantly clear in Article 1 Section 8 just what the few and enumerated powers of the federal government are, and the Tenth Amendment removes any doubt:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Our elected representatives may be ignorant the Constitution they have sworn to uphold, but the Founders made the issue of limited federal government so clear in our founding documents and in their writings, the only reasonable conclusion is that they are contemptuous of the Constitution and of the liberty of the American people.

A free people cannot and should not tolerate such assaults on their country and their freedom.  In 2010, the people have already begun the fight to return our nation to the right path and put our government back in the hands of trustworthy people.  In November, the people will begin to drive out the den of robbers (robbers of freedom, property and prosperity) we have allowed to corrupt our government, and we will press on till we drive them into the sea in 2012.

The American people are now awake, and the day of reckoning is almost upon us.  Let freedom ring!

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