Audi Green Police Ads Downright Offensive

I’m sure some idiot at Audi thought these “Green Police” commercials for the Super Bowl would be funny. I found them downright offensive and not the least bit funny.

In the collection of ads below, you see a guy at the store pick “plastic” when the checkout gal asks “paper or plastic” and the Green Police immediately arrest the earth-destroyer for his intended assault on Mother Gaia. (Didn’t these enviro-idiots come up with the plastic bags some 20 years ago to save the earth from all the trees being killed for paper bags?) You also have Green Police digging through people’s trash for batteries, and shining a searchlight into a guy’s kitchen for putting (or not putting–not being a green wacko, I’m not sure which is “proper”) something down his drain. And (oh my) we have evil maniacs being busted for using incandescent light bulbs, plastic water bottles, and having the water too warm in the hot tub. Of course at the end of the commercial, you have the greenie driving an eco-friendly car who is blessed by the Green Police High Priests.

If Audi really meant to point out the idiocy of the “green” movement and its very real threats to freedom…they failed to deliver anything which clues the viewer in to a message that “We think this is nuts.” The commercial is presented with too much seriousness to be taken any other way than as approval of such Gestapo tactics. But if Audi wants to appeal to the real environmental wacko out there, they definitely hit the mark with these commercials. The ending tag line is “Green has never felt so right.”

Perhaps even more offensive is the next commercial where you have real police sitting in their patrol car drinking coffee as the limp-wristed, shorts-wearing Green Police rides up on his little green thingy to harass the police for drinking from styrofoam cups.

The next idiot lectures the public ala Sheryl Crow’s “use one square of toilet paper” nonsense to use one napkin per sandwich, etc. Another cop shows a power strip, calling it a “earth killer” or “mother nature hater” or “power suck.”  I have so many of these in my house…

These earth-worshipping morons might have thought they were being cute; maybe they’ve been drinking too much of their own Koolaid and have totally lost touch with reality.

But they’ve unintentionally done real people a service here.  They’ve given people an all-too-candid look at what these socialists envision for the land of the free and the home of the brave.  If we needed any evidence, we got it with the House version of the cap and trade global warming tax passed last summer, including freedom-quashing privacy-invading requirements for things like “shower nazis” and requiring enviro-inspections of our homes before the can be sold–to require enviro-retrofitting before you can sell your home.

In order for a commercial like this to be funny, it has to be absurd.  Woefully, the kind of fascism seen in these commercials is no longer absurd in that “it could not happen.”

No, when you have idiots like President Obama’s “science” advisor who wants to reverse Western development, believes children aren’t yet human beings,  and believes trees should be able to sue in court; when the president’s “regulatory czar” is an animal rights wacko; and the head of NASA’s Goddard Institute supports the end of industrial civilization; in a past year where we’ve seen perfectly good cars burned up and destroyed on the altar of environmental extremism…you have to take this crap seriously.

The kind of police state nonsense seen in these commercials could become all too real, and not just decades down the road, but tomorrow.  The intended assaults on freedom in the cap and trade global warming tax bill are Exhibit A.

So I’m left wondering which is the proper urge: to want to slap the enviro-idiots at Audi…or to thank them.

38 Responses to “Audi Green Police Ads Downright Offensive”

  1. I disagree — it makes the Environmental-nazis look look like idiots. They are all up in arms over this commercial, too.

  2. Interesting you mention the “Nazi” reference. As well as used by other organizations, the Green Police were a key part in the persecution and execution of the Jews during the Second World War:

    I was watching the Twitter stream last night, gauging reactions to the different ads, and the Audi one seemed to spark the most polarized views, although many shared yours on the fascist overtones and their dislike for it.

  3. I hope you're right, Bill. I'll settle for whatever best wakes people up to the threat of environmental extremism. I just hope stuff like this doesn't desensitize people to it and lead them to dismiss the threat as something silly and impotent–it IS silly, but it isn't impotent.

  4. “limp-wristed, shorts-wearing Green Police” Is this really necessary? That's like a 5th grader calling another kid gay when they disagree with them. How old are you?

  5. I take it you're in search of a recruiting station for the Green Police?

  6. Buzzing around town on trikes wearing shorts all day, sounds like my kind of work!

  7. Gestapo? Socialists? Is that what you really think? If America thinks as you do, we're in serious trouble. How about you stop harping on about your “Freedoms”, get off your self-satisfied behind and develop an environmental conscience. I've no doubt you could pull your weight by turning off a few lights or trading in your Suburban. The only “idiot” here is you.

  8. It doesn't really look like Audi bothered to test that commercial before they aired it. It p***** off the left, it p***** off the right. Spending $2.5 million to alienate a good majority of your potential customer base is a rather bizarre business practice. I'm still confused whether Audi wanted customers to be excited by the “green police” or scared mindless.

  9. I don't drive an SUV (though I believe in the right of anyone who wants to, though), but I see we have another eager recruit for the Green Police fascists.

  10. Have you never heard of sarcasm?! You're a tool! This was a funny ad showing the absurdity of the Green Police and really showing that if the masses are going to use green technologies they have to be comparable to the products we use now.

  11. At first I was disturbed by the ad, but I have since come to believe (realize) that this ad is actually mocking enviro-nuts.

  12. I thought it was VERY funny. It makes the enviro-nazis look foolish. And that's good!

  13. The commercial would have worked if it was about a car that could give a damn about “being green”. So, if the Dodge Charger commercial had the green police and touted 21 miles per gallon, top speed 170mph and made the whole commercial a sort of “to hell with all this green crap” – then it would have been smart and brave and unexpected. The audi commercial actually tauts the vehicles gree credentials and gives it a pass in the traffice stop. It is without irony. It is in your face. Epic FAIL.

  14. Talk about a knee-jerk, and utterly clueless, reading of the ad. You failed to decern its irony and internal contradictions.What is further 'right' than a fascist? It was a pure satirical slam of enviro-whackoism, except in its apparent acquiescence to Green Police rule suggesting the Audi is your response to the question, “show me your papers.”

  15. Bob:

    I thought the ad was cute the way it used “Dream Police” for “Green Police.” But I'm with you on this one. I don't need Enviro-Cops breaking into my house changing my light bulbs–which, if this is being monitored, I've already done and converted to the curly cue florescent kind.


  16. I could be wrong, but it seems like the point is that even if we, as a society, got idiotic and extreme about saving the planet, the Audi (sp?) car designs would fit right in because they are extremely green.

    I am not saying they couldn't have presented it better, but I don't think it's worth being upset by either. After all, it's just a car commercial, not a social commentary.

  17. I think they may just want to appeal to those on the right. I am far right, but quite green in my personal life by choice.. if it make sense. There are a few valid reasons I would never been caught in a Prius, but a shallow one is IMAGE. I do not ever want to be confused with being far left. This could be the Rebel.


    Hitler called his police during his time in power the “green police”
    Audi a german car manufacturer may have thought about this before they start showing some crazed liberal nut balls digging threw trash cans calling themselves green police…

  19. Best Commercial of the night. It showed the environmental Nazis who are trying to take away our civil liberties for the idiots they are. Showed that a car could be environmentally friendly, but be above all the 'green” hype. More than half of the country now thinks the global warming movement is a scam, and Audi positioned themselves to appeal to the general populous. Perfect.

    And that the environmentalist wackos are “offended” that their agenda is exposed as foolishness only makes it more delightful. I love it!

  20. . My freedom, which generations of American have laid down their life for is far more important than your hypocritical attempt to control the populous through scare tactics all in the name of global warming (which was recently proven to be a scam.) When you're ready to lay down your life for your precious environmental movement we can talk. Until then, maybe you should consult some veterans and figure out why people are so “caught up” in maintaining “freedom.”

  21. I agree that this advert was sarcasm, perhaps poorly done. Being the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, VW Group surely has to get frustrated with insane enviromentalism and the regulatory morass it engenders, which is much worse in Europe than here. I just don't see Audi promoting extremism that can only hurt business (not to mention mankind).

    I owned a Jetta TDI (Turbo, Direct Injection) Deisel and loved it. It was slow to warm up, made noises most Americans won't tolerate and produced an acrid aroma that closely resembled burnt licorice. BUT, it was reliable, it was low maintenance, it could keep up with most of the American and Japanese competition on the interstate and it got 50+ mpg consistently. The emissions from my TDI were much less than from any “hybrid” and it got better fuel economy and longer life, all using a relatively low-tech and proven engine design. I'm giving some thought to an Audi TDI for my next car.

  22. Clean Diesel,YEH!!!! Love it. Should have showed more of the car. The Q3, A3 diesels are not even here yet. I waited for almost 2 yrs to get a clean diesel. G was to tall, Q waited too long, X was a perfect fit and timing.

  23. I don't think you “GOT” the commercial…I thought it was great and was a jab at some of the wacko green policies that we are made to feel guilty about at times in our lives. In other words drving a TDI always feels good for you and for the green wackos.

  24. Bob,

    You are a smart and insightful man. If you really perceived this commercial not as sattire, but as not ” to be taken any other way than as approval of such Gestapo tactics”, then you might need to take you and family on a nice spring break and get away from things a while.

    I know when my thinking gets 'off' ', which is more often than I like, my wife grabs me by the arm and takes me for a nice long walk in the woods. Wouldn't be surprised if that happened today even !

  25. My first thought of the Audi Super Bowl ad was that it was disturbing, and I still think it is disturbing after a couple of viewings. I understand the intended humor and irony, but this type of command and control over our lives is the very goal of the environmental extremists and their cohorts in power on the left and even some on the right. I agree with Bob's assessment of these commercials. Those that are blowing off Bob's take, and saying how very funny they find the ads, apparently don't understand how close we are to these “humorous” commercials being reality.

  26. Gina

    Not everything has to have a gloom and doom color to it to be effective. Ronald Reagan was a master of exposing the idiocy of the behavior of others through cleverness and humor. This commercial ' jolts the brain ' that allows us to see the lunacy of some of the extreme environmentalists.

    It actually triggered quite a conversation at my house on those who are too far out in left field concerning the environment. Humor and sattire can be quite effective, even on serious issues.

  27. Brian, I did understand the intended humor. What disturbed me was the fact that it was too “real,” so I didn't laugh. Keith and I just looked at each other with the same understanding. I had to re-watch the commercial today on the Internet, because it was too noisy at our neighbor's house where we watched the game, but when we saw the ad on television, we both thought the same thing of it: disturbing.

    By the way, WHO DAT?!! We're here in Saints territory, so we are pretty fired up over the Super Bowl win. That's why it was so noisy at our neighbor's house. Everyone was hollering the whole time, even during the commercials!

  28. YES ! WHO DAT ! What a great, hard fought,clean, athletic game and what a great shot in the arm for those in the gulf coast rooting for them. Shows how a little levity is good for the soul 🙂 . Bet a lot of New Orleanders and Gulf Coasters called in sick for work today.

  29. It was an amazing game. Everyone was predicting a higher-scoring game with the Colts favored by five. That onside kickoff for the second half blew my mind. We were all ecstatic that the Saints were able to recover, then take it in the endzone, but it looked like it might turn into a brawl before the referees got the pile of bodies under control! Overall, it was a very disciplined game with few penalties and errors, but the few errors were biggies. Bobby Hebert and the “Who Dat Nation” are certainly thrilled.

  30. My favorite moment was when the Saints defensive back intercepted Manning's pass and scored the game winning T.D.. He had been scorched by Manning's pinpoint passing most of the game, but like all good defensive backs, heeded his time and got a feel for them. . Patience. Then like a cobra, lulled Manning and the receiver into a false sense of security and bingo- made his move. Deadly, simply deadly for the Colts.

  31. In reading similar discussions at Free Republic, FrontPage Magazine, Michelle Malkin's website and others, I'm far from the only person who struggled to find a consistent message in this ad.

    I admit I tried looking at this from several angles because frankly it seems contradictory. Most of it appears to either (a) poke fun at enviro-wackos or (b) provide a vision of what they have in mind for us. But the last bit with the “Green has never felt so right” message, and especially the fact that Audi is trying to sell a “green” car, seems to indicate agreement with green nonsense.

    Therefore, (knowing how cloistered and aloof liberal thinking often is) the only logical assumption I could come up with (in a consistency-challenged ad) is that they actually believe the Green Police approach is wonderful and desirable. After all, we have a presidential science advisor and others in the presidential cabinet who are at least that nutty.

    I know that in this idiotic world filled with public school grads who don't have 1/20th of the intellectual capacity of a 9th grader of 100 years ago, it's asking a lot to see a logical, consistent presentation. Nevertheless, I refuse to acquiesce to the lowest common denominator.

  32. We were yelling our heads off, jumping up and down and hugging each other when Tracy Porter picked off that pass and took it in. Talk about icing on the king cake!

  33. Bob,

    Audi is a company that has one main goal in mind- SELL CARS and hopefully to Americans. The company is not in the business of advocating political or social issues. That is suicidal to sales. They are profit driven and capitalistic to the core.

    This commercial is a marketing ploy to get people to remember Audi's name. Maybe the board and shareholders or private owners of the company do have a green ' leaning'- I don't know. But like all the people who read too much into the Tebow commercial ( me included ), your reading to much into this one. I understand why and your objections to the extreme green movement are valid, but Audi's sole purpose on earth is to sell cars.Getting your name out there is the first step. It worked !

  34. Much of what you say is true. Nevertheless, the environmental lobby has pushed so hard and so loud–with the blessing of socialists in government–that most companies feel they must do obeisance to environmentalism to stay in the good graces of these extremists. I care little whether they actually believe it or not; either way, they're advancing a climate of acceptance of this nonsense, and I find that pathetic.

    As someone somewhere commented today, a much better commercial would have shown something like an Audi rolling over and crushing one of these enviro-thingy-mobiles.

  35. Didn't see the comment about ' Crushing a enviro-thingy-moblie ' but that is hilarious. I agree with your obeisance ( had to look the word up ) comment, but that is how capitalism mainly works in many, many arenas that deal with luxury items- Tell the customer what ever it takes to sell the product, splashed with a modicum of truth.Buyer beware.

  36. I loved the Audi ad! I think it was artfully done and the most memorable ad of the Superbowl! I'm fascinated by the post-Superbowl discussions of it, especially of those who were offended by it. First of all, the ad had many layers/levels to it, thereby greatly increasing its influence. Audi managed to poke fun at both the so-called eco-nazis and the unconscious slobs who dig in their heels defending their right to pollute. Interestingly, people in each end of the spectrum are both offended and pleased. Both sides say “See what those guys are doing? Terrible!”, and “My side is better!” In the end, Audi literally pulls away from the fray (in a white eco car), smugly satisfying both sides. Oh…did you know that the CURRENT environmental enforcement group in Israel is called the 'Green Police'?