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Keith Olbermann: Surrounded by Faces Like His Own

Keith Olbermann: Surrounded by Faces Like His Own

Something tells me Keith Olbermann has never been to a Tea Party!

Florida School District Bans Prayer, Faces Lawsuit

A Christian legal group announced Saturday its intention to sue a Florida county school district in an attempt to restore the rights of faculty to pray. The decree bars school officials from “promoting, advancing, endorsing, participating in, or causing Prayers” and from “orally express[ing] personal religious beliefs to students during or in conjunction with instructional time or a School Event.”

Textbook in India Features Beer-Drinking, Smoking Jesus

An illustration of Jesus holding a can of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other has sparked outrage among India’s Christian community. What’s worse is that the image was published in a textbook for primary school children.