Obama Getting Tough on Tax Cheats (That Aren’t in His Administration)

The Wall Street Journal reports the Obama administration is getting tough on tax cheats:

President Barack Obama is directing the Office of Management and Budget and other federal agencies to keep contractors who are delinquent on their taxes from getting new contracts with the government.

The president intends to sign a directive on the issue at a White House ceremony Wednesday, a move the White House says is part of a broader effort to cut down on waste and ensure that tax cheats aren’t boosting their bottom lines at taxpayers’ expense.

But apparently it’s okay to give tax cheats highly placed federal jobs in our government. You know, like nominations for Secretary of Health (make that two Health Secretary nominees), Chief Performance Officer for the federal government, Chief of Protocol for the State Department, U.S. Trade Representative, Labor Secretary, Treasury Undersecretary of International Affairs (make that two Treasury undersecretary nominations), and the Treasury Secretary himself.

Mr. Obama continues in the article:

“All across this country, there are people who meet their obligations each and every day. You do your jobs. You support your families. You pay the taxes you owe—because it’s a fundamental responsibility of citizenship,” Mr. Obama said, according to prepared text released by the White House. “And yet, somehow, it’s become standard practice in Washington to give contracts to companies that don’t pay their taxes.”

Apparently, from Obama’s record of nominees, it has become standard practice in Washington to give powerful executive branch positions to people who don’t pay their taxes.

But that’s alright, because these are liberals.  They, we must understand, know what is best for average mindless Americans; we must therefore give them a pass on petty things like paying their taxes.  After all, the contributions they make in keeping the unwashed masses in line is worth far more than what they would give to the federal government in taxes.

You know, in all fairness, Obama did say “companies.”  Unlike individuals (who are always virtuous beyond measure–especially liberal individuals), companies are evil.  They are the diabolical constructs of capitalist fascism which exist solely for the purpose of oppressing the workers and feeding the greed of a few fat-cats at the top.

I apologize for missing this important distinction in taxpayer obligations earlier…

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